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Does Aquatica Orlando Give Military or Veteran discounts In 2022?

Aquatica Orlando Military Discount: Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to enjoy some time with your family or friends? If so, then you should definitely check out Aquatica Orlando!

This water park is not only a great place to cool off and have some fun, but they also offer an Active Duty Military discount that can save you 50% off of your 1-park 1-day ticket! That means that you can bring up to 4 people with you and still get a great deal.

So whether you are looking for a place to take a break from the heat or just want to have some fun, be sure to check out Aquatica Orlando!

Even normal citizens can get tickets to the park at a discounted rate by purchasing them online or from authorized retailers like AAA, Undercover Tourist, Groupon, aRes Travel, RetailMeNot, etc.

Keep on reading to find out how much an admission ticket to Aquatica Orlando is for military personnel and veterans, and also get to know whether the park offers a first responder discount!

Aquatica Orlando Military Discount 2022

As of 2022, Aquatica Orlando offers a military discount of 50% off on single-day tickets to active duty service members and veterans. This discount can be used once per year and is available for up to four people. To redeem this offer, military personnel must present their military ID at the front gate.

All active & ready reservists and members of the National Guard are also eligible for these 50% discounted military passes.

When purchasing online, military personnel must use to verify their eligibility. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions.

3 direct dependents of the service member also receive 50% off their 1-day ticket purchase.

However, DOD (Department of Defense) civilian employees and contractors do not qualify for this discount.

Military Ticket Discounted Price

A single-day discounted ticket to Aquatica Orlando for military personnel and veterans costs just $35.99 when bought online.

The actual price of a one-park one-day ticket is $58.99 (including tax & fees) whereas members of the military get a flat discount of $23 per ticket.

So, if you are a military family of 4 members, the budget you would need to visit Aquatica Orlando is $143.96 with a total savings of $92.

Please note that this discount applies to online purchases only and is valid once per annum. So, in case you availed the deal in 2022 already, you can get the discount again in 2023 only.

Veterans Discount

Even military veterans and their 3 dependents get a flat 50% off on their ticket purchases at the park’s gate or online on

To qualify for this offer, you will need to verify your identity as a person who served in the U.S military, navy, or air force.

In order to buy tickets, just click on the link mentioned above and verify your veteran status by going through the verification process.

If you don’t already have an account, you may need to sign up for during the verification process to get the discount online.

At the gate, you can simply show your ID card to get tickets at cheap rates!

Department Of Defense Discount

Unfortunately, Aquatica Orlando doesn’t give any discounts to the Department Of Defense (DOD) personnel as of 2022.

So, if you are an active duty office or an enlisted member, or a civilian employee of the armed forces, you can rely on regular deals, offers, and discounts.

For instance, you can get a single-park weekday ticket from Undercover Tourist at just $47.91 and a one-day ticket plus an all-day dining pass for $79.86 only.

First Responder Discount

Unfortunately, as of 2022, Aquatica Orlando has no discounts for first responders like fire fighters, nurses, emergency medical technicians, police officers, paramedics, and law enforcement officers.

However, you can find several discounted tickets available on coupon sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, etc.

You may also look for cheap tickets at your nearest grocery stores like Kroger, Costco, Publix, Food Lion, etc.

If you are an AAA member, you can get low priced admission passes online.

What Is The Waves Of Honor Program?

SeaWorld’s Waves of Honor program is a great way for active duty military personnel to enjoy some of the country’s best theme parks.

This program is a way for SeaWorld to show its appreciation for the men and women of the armed forces, and it includes complimentary admission to either SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, or Sesame Place.

The program also offers discounts on two-visit admissions to any of SeaWorld’s Florida theme parks, making it a great way for military families to save on their vacation.

Aquatica Orlando participates in the Waves of Honor program, which offers complimentary admission to active duty military personnel and up to three direct dependents.

This is a great way for military families to enjoy all that Aquatica has to offer, from the park’s Australian and New Zealand themed attractions to its unique mascots.

Eligible members include active duty military, activated or drilling reservists, and National Guardsmen.

Veterans are also eligible for complimentary admission, as are their spouses and dependent children.

The program is a great way for military families to save on their vacation.