Asda’s SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats)

SWOT analysis of Asda helps identify the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The analysis can help Asda strategize better in order to capitalize on the strengths while minimizing the impact of the weaknesses.

Additionally, it can help identify potential areas for growth (opportunities) as well as possible threats from Asda’s competitors.

Asda SWOT Analysis 2022

Asda is a UK-based supermarket chain that offers a wide range of products and services.

The company is facing competition from other supermarkets, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

As per the SWOT analysis, Asda has its strength in offering a wide range of products and services while maintaining a solid brand name in the UK.

However, the company faces threats from other supermarkets that are expanding their global presence.

The opportunities that Asda has in 2022 include expanding its global presence and entering new markets, while the threats it faces include competition from other retailers.

What strengths does Asda have?

The strengths of Asda are –

  1. Its distribution network
  2. Its wide product range & quality
  3. Its brand image
  4. Its marketing techniques

According to the SWOT analysis, Asda has several strengths that give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

These strengths include its wide product range and its high quality, as well as its strong brand name.

Additionally, Asda has a large distribution network that helps it reach more consumers.

Lastly, the company is constantly engaged with customers through various channels, which allows it to collect feedback and improve its products and services.

Asda Distribution Network

The large supermarket chains in the UK, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, have a very strong presence in the market.

However, Asda is one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, and it has a number of strengths that give it a competitive advantage in the market.

These strengths include its large store network, its extensive distribution network, and its low prices.

Asda’s distribution network is especially impressive, as it has 25 distribution centers across the UK.

This allows the company to serve its stores effectively and efficiently.

And so, while Tesco and Sainsbury’s are strong competitors, Asda should not be underestimated.

Asda Product Range & Quality

In order to attract its customers, Asda offers a lot of products and services.

The company is known for offering high-quality items, which has resulted in it receiving several awards.

The extensive range of products and services offered by Asda makes it a preferred choice for many shoppers.

Services including pharmacies, petrol filling stations, and optical tests are offered in some of the retailer’s store locations.

This allows customers to complete all their shopping in one place.

Awards received by Asda for its products and services demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality.

In 2019, Asda was named Retailer of the Year, Bakery Retailer of the Year, Chilled Retailer of the Year, and Drinks Retailer of the Year.

These accolades are a testament to the high-quality items offered by Asda.

Asda Brand Image

With over 630 stores, Asda is one of the largest retailers in the UK.

Its brand name is considered strong due to its good management, which has been known to hire talented individuals from other big brands.

The brand image of a company can be extremely important, as it can influence consumer behavior.

In the case of Asda, its strong brand name has helped it become one of the leading retailers in the UK.

As of 2021, the market share of Asda was estimated to be 14.4%.

So, clearly, the company is doing something right and its brand image is a big part of that.

Asda Marketing

Another great strength of Asda is its marketing strategy with a focus on social media, which helps it keep in touch with customers.

It also uses a variety of sales promotion techniques to keep customers interested, as well as using TV and other media outlets.

This has helped Asda become one of the leading supermarkets in the UK.

The company even sponsors various events to promote its brand.

For example, the competitions it runs on social media help it connect with customers and understand their needs.

Buy one Get One free is a common sales promotion technique used by Asda.

It also reduces prices on various items during special occasions.

What’s really great about Asda is its feedback system that encourages customers to give their opinions about the store and its products.

This helps the company improve its services and products to better meet customer needs.

What are the weaknesses of Asda?

The weaknesses of Asda are –

  1. Criticism
  2. False & Misleading Advertising
  3. Global Expansion Plans


One of the weaknesses of Asda is the criticism it has received about the quality of its products when compared to those of Waitrose and other similar brands.

Asda has faced a number of allegations of price-fixing.

In December 2007, the retailer admitted to price-fixing between 2002 and 2003 for dairy products.

The company is also said to be more expensive than discounters like Lidl and Aldi, which could be another weakness.

However, Asda has recently announced that it will be stocking its full Smart Price and Farm Stores ranges in all of its food stores from 1 March 2022.

Tesco is another major UK supermarket and it has come up with new Clubcard offers by which the customers can get 30 percent off on fruits and vegetables.

So, Asda has to compete with Tesco in this area now.

As a response to the criticism and the competition, it seems that Asda is trying to focus more on its lower-priced ranges.

False & Misleading Advertising

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) is responsible for regulating the content of advertisements in the UK.

If an advertisement is found to be misleading, the ASA can take action against the advertiser.

As per the 2006 European Court of Justice ruling, advertising claims need to be verifiable in order to be considered compliant with the Advertising Codes.

Asda was said to be in breach of these codes for not setting out how the general price claims made in their ads could be verified by consumers.

In an ad, it is important to make sure that all information is transparent and easy for consumers to check, in order to avoid any potential violations.

Asda made a press ad in 2009 claiming that their products were cheaper than those of competitors.

The large green arrow was bearing down on a smaller yellow arrow with a crumpled tip, and the text stated “Asda 2955 products cheaper”.

In order to compare prices between different stores, consumers can use websites like

However, Asda did not make it clear how the prices used in their comparison were sourced, nor did they provide a way for consumers and competitors to check that information for themselves.

False advertising is a very serious issue and can be misleading for consumers.

So, Asda has to be careful in the future while advertising its products.

Global Expansion Plans

The stiff competition in the retail sector has forced Asda to focus on its strengths and weaknesses.

The company’s limited global presence is a major weakness that could hurt its competitive position in the future.

Asda has to focus on expanding its global presence if it wants to remain competitive in the future.

As of now, the company’s competitors have a significant advantage in terms of geographical reach.

What opportunities does Asda have?

Asda’s opportunities include –

  1. Improving Online Presence
  2. Expanding Globally
  3. Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

As per the SWOT analysis, Asda should explore opportunities that are present externally.

These include the rise in consumption by the aging population, increase in disposable income, and growing demand for organic food products.

The opportunities that Asda faces illustrate the various external factors that can drive the company’s growth.

For example, the company’s global expansion could help it capitalize on new markets and increase its revenue.

Additionally, Asda’s increasing online presence could allow it to reach more consumers and boost its sales.

Enhancing employee satisfaction could lead to improved productivity and reduced turnover rates.

Finally, pursuing strategic acquisitions could help the company expand its product offerings and strengthen its competitive positioning.

What are the threats to Asda?

As per the SWOT analysis, Asda faces a number of threats in the retail industry.

These include –

  • Currency fluctuations that could affect sales
  • Competition from rivals
  • Rules, regulations, and lawsuits

For example, the increase in the value of the British pound against the US dollar could lead to a decline in sales for Asda as its products become more expensive for foreign consumers.

The tough competition from rivals could also squeeze Asda’s market share and profitability.

So, it is important for the firm to stay vigilant and continually adapt its business strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Summary of the Asda SWOT Analysis

Asda is a large retailer in the UK with strengths in its size and scale.

However, it faces weaknesses in its limited retail locations, which may constrain its growth potential.

The company should focus on opportunities such as expanding its retail locations and using its size to compete more effectively against rivals.

The SWOT analysis provides a comprehensive overview of Asda’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that it faces.