What is the difference between Bull and Buffalo?

Key Difference: The main difference between a bull and a buffalo is that bulls are used for breeding, while buffaloes are used for meat and milk.

Bulls also have a larger hump on their back, while buffaloes have smaller humps.

And, most importantly, bulls weigh more than buffaloes. The average weight of a bull is 1,500 pounds, while the average weight of a buffalo is only 900 pounds.

Another difference is that bulls have a wider horn spread than buffaloes.

What is a buffalo?

Buffalo is a type of large, hoofed mammal that is related to the cow. They live in North America and Asia and can weigh up to two thousand pounds.

Buffalos are grazers and eat grasses, so they are often used for cattle farming.

They are the female of the species and are called cows when they are used for farming. The male of the species is called a bull.

Buffalos are different from cows in a few ways. They are larger, have horns, and live in different parts of the world. Buffalo also eat different things than cows.

Cows typically eat grasses while buffalo eat mostly leaves, twigs, and bark from trees and bushes.

What is a bull?

A bull is a male bovine. He is the one who mates with the cows to produce calves. Males of the bovine family are called bulls because of their prominent horns.

These horns are used for fighting other males and for defending their territory. The horns are also a valuable commodity and are often used for making jewelry, furniture, or other decorative items.

The male cattle in general are called bulls, regardless of their breed. Female cattle are called cows, regardless of their breeding.

Bulls are used for their meat and leather. They are often raised on ranches and farms. There are different breeds of bulls, and each has its own characteristics.

The most common breed is the Angus which is used for beef. Other popular bull breeds include Hereford, Simmental, and Charolais. These breeds can be seen in rodeos and bull-riding competitions.

Bull vs Buffalo

One of the biggest differences between bulls and buffaloes is that bulls are used for meat, while buffaloes are used for milk.

Bulls also tend to be bigger and stockier than buffaloes. Another major difference is that bulls are used for breeding, while buffaloes are not.

It’s important to note that there are also many similarities between bulls and buffaloes, such as their horns and hooves. However, the most notable difference is the use of each animal.

Main Differences

Key differences between Buffalo and Bull include –


One of the main differences between bull and buffalo is that bulls are male while buffaloes are female.

Bulls are used for breeding purposes, while buffaloes can be milked or used for meat.

However, the species are very closely related and it can be difficult to tell them apart. Bulls belong to the genus Bos while buffaloes belong to the genus Bubalus.

So, bull and buffalo are both animals in the Bovidae family, but there are some key distinctions.


Bulls tend to be larger in size than buffaloes. They can weigh more than 1,500 pounds, while buffaloes usually weigh around 900 pounds.

This is because bulls typically eat more and grow larger than buffaloes.

The breed of bull also impacts its size – some breeds are larger than others. In the same way, the breed of buffalo can also affect its size.

For example, the water buffalo is typically much larger than the African buffalo. Hence, size is one key difference between bulls and buffaloes.


The horns of a bull are significantly larger than those of a buffalo.

Bulls use their horns to battle each other for dominance, while buffalo use theirs for defense against predators.

The breeds that are typically considered bulls, such as Angus and Hereford, have larger horns than the breeds that are typically considered buffalo, such as bison and water buffalo.

Texas longhorns, a type of beef cattle, are an example of a bull breed with especially large horns.


The appearance of a bull and a buffalo is quite different.

A bull has a large, muscular body and a tapered head with horns. On the other hand, a buffalo has a stocky build and a broad head with horns that curve outwards.

However, the breed of buffalo used for beef is quite muscular and has a similar appearance to bulls.

It’s the breed of buffalo used for dairy that is smaller and has a more rounded appearance.

American Bison, which is a type of buffalo, have very shaggy fur that hangs down over their eyes.

Aberdeen Angus is a breed of cattle that is often used for beef. They are usually red or black in color and have a very muscular body. This breed is one of the most popular in the world.


A buffalo grazes on grass while a bull prefers to eat leaves, twigs, and fruits.

The difference in diet is the reason why buffaloes are better at converting food into muscle, while bulls are better at converting food into energy.

Diet also affects the flavor of meat. Buffalo meat is said to be less gamey than beef, making it a more popular choice for consumers.

However, the meat of a bull is considered to be more tender and juicy than buffalo meat. It’s important to note that the diet of a bull also affects its reproductive capabilities.