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Does Food Lion sell Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets?

If you’re looking for a beautiful and well-themed park to explore, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is definitely worth your time.

The park is constantly voted as the most beautiful in the world, and with good reason – it’s absolutely stunning!

You will be able to explore different European villages and learn about the culture of each one.

As of 2022, there are 4 types of Busch Gardens tickets on sale. They are –

Ticket TypeCost
1Date-Specific Ticket$75.99
22-Day Ticket$77.99
33-Day Ticket$89.99
42022 Fun Cards$110.99
Types of Busch Gardens Tickets and their cost per person

You can buy these tickets online at and at some other retail stores. But, are these discounted tickets available at Food Lion? Scroll down to know!

Can You Buy Busch Gardens Williamsburg Discount Tickets At Food Lion?

Unfortunately, Food Lion does not sell Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets.

It’s worth checking with other nearby grocery stores, however, as some may have discounted tickets available.

Or you can just buy tickets online.

I recommend looking for discounts on the official website rather than on any other third-party ticket-selling platform or physical store or grocery store.

Which places sell Busch Gardens discounted tickets?

You can buy Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets at –

  2. Groupon
  3. RetailMeNot

These 3 are online platforms out of which is the official store. Groupon and RetailMeNot are two trust-worthy coupon & deal sites that you can rely on to find the best deals & discounts.

How much discount can be availed on Busch Gardens tickets?

The discount you get depends on the type of ticket you purchase. For example, a 3-day ticket costs you way less than a 2-day ticket in terms of the price per person.

And also, you can cut down on the ticket cost by not choosing the All-day dining option while buying Busch gardens, Virginia tickets.


You cannot buy Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia tickets at Food Lion stores. As there is no partnership between these two companies, Food Lion doesn’t sell the theme park or its Water Country tickets in-store or online. So, it’s best to look for any discounts on the official website and purchase the tickets on that platform.