Check Cashing

Check ‘n Go Check Cashing Policy (Fees, limits, & more)

The check-cashing process at Check ‘n Go is relatively simple. All you need to do is present an unsigned check and your government-issued ID.

There may be a small fee associated with this service, but it’s typically lower than what you would pay at a traditional bank.

For first-time customers, it’s also worth noting that some locations require you to purchase a Check ‘n Go membership for $2 that lasts for one year.

So, if you plan on cashing checks at Check ‘n Go frequently, this may be a worthwhile investment.

Check ‘n Go Check Cashing Policy

As per its check cashing policy, Check ‘n Go lets you cash checks at most of its locations, but the specifics may vary depending on the state.

Government checks, payroll checks, personal checks, and money orders are among the types of checks that can generally be cashed.

However, it’s best to check with your nearest Check ‘n Go location to confirm whether or not they will cash a specific type of check.

As far as money orders are concerned, some Check ‘n Go stores may not allow you to cash them. But again, it’s best to check with your nearest location before heading in.

The states in which Check ‘n Go operates vary, so it’s important that you check the website or call customer service to verify whether or not a specific location will cash your check.

Generally speaking, most of the locations will cash checks, but there may be some exceptions depending on the state.

If you are living in a state where Check ‘n Go does not operate, you can try looking for a store or business that offers check cashing services.

These are some states in which Check ‘n Go operates and cash checks: Rhode Island, Alabama, Wisconsin, Delaware, Texas, Idaho, California, Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, etc.


Check ‘n Go charges different rates for different types of checks.

  • Personal checks have a rate of 5.99%
  • Payroll checks have rates that vary from 2.25% to 4%
  • Government checks have rates that vary from 1.99% to 2.49%.
  • Money orders have a rate of 5.99%.

The fee for cashing a check at a Check ‘n Go location generally falls in the range of 1.99% to 5.99% of the dollar amount of the check

So, the type of check being cashed and the location where it is cashed both play a role in determining how much money will be taken out of the check’s value.

In the case of a handwritten payroll check, Check ‘n Go charges 4% and in the case of a computer-printed payroll check, it charges 2.25% to 2.5%.

For a government check, the company charges 1.99% to 2.49%.

Let’s calculate the fee of Check ‘n Go with an example. For example, if someone has a personal check for $100, the fee at Check ‘n Go would be $5.99.

If that’s a little too confusing, just remember that the fee for cashing a check at Check ‘n Go generally falls in the range of 1.99% to 5.99%.


Check ‘n Go determines the cashable limit by the type of check you submit. So, in order to know the exact check-cashing limit, you will have to contact your nearby Check ‘n Go location.

However, most check cashing places typically have a limit of $5,000 and it could be the same for Check ‘n Go as well.

The fees that are charged will also be determined based on the type of check and its total dollar value.

Personal Checks

Check ‘n Go accepts personal checks for cashing at select locations, but fees vary by location. At most locations, you’ll be asked to pay a fee of 5.99% of the total dollar amount.

So, for example, if you are cashing a personal check of $500, you will have to pay a fee of $29.95 to Check ‘n Go.

As per its check-cashing policy, the company does not cash personal checks written to oneself or made out to cash.

And also, in order to cash a personal check, a photo ID must be presented for verification. It’s important to be aware of the policies and procedures of a check-cashing business before attempting to cash a personal check.

This can help to avoid any surprises or disappointments, such as being told that a particular location does not offer this service.

You can make a call to Check ‘n Go’s customer support team at (800) 561-2274 for more information on check cashing availability and fees in your area.

Payroll Checks

You can cash payroll checks at Check ‘n Go by paying a fee of 2.25% of the check amount. This fee is determined by the type of check & your location.

So, if you try to cash a payroll check worth $1,000, you may have to pay a fee of $22.50. However, the chargeable amount may go as high as $40 per check.

Again, carrying a government-issued ID is required!

Insurance Checks

You can cash insurance checks at most Check ‘n Go stores in the United States. Expect to pay a fee that’s generally above 2.49% of the total check amount.

Cashier’s Checks

According to the check-cashing policy on the Check ‘n Go website, the company assesses a case-by-case fee for cashing a cashier’s check.

Therefore, it is not possible to provide a general estimate of the cost.

So, if you need to cash a cashier’s check, it is best to call your local Check ‘n Go store in advance to get an estimate of the fees that will apply.

Government Checks

You can cash government checks at Check ‘n Go stores in almost all the states it operates including Oklahoma, Delaware, Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio, Utah, California, and New Mexico.

You will be charged around 1.99% to 2.49% of the dollar amount as a fee. However, the fee may vary based on the location.

It’s best to take with you a government Identification card like your driver’s license or passport.

Traveler’s Checks

A traveler’s check is a type of negotiable instrument that allows the holder to spend money without having to carry cash.

The checks are usually issued by banks and can be used at any business that accepts them as payment.

These types of checks are not cashed at Check ‘n Go. However, if you have one, you can visit a nearby bank branch to cash it.

Most banks allow you to cash traveler’s checks unlike third-party check-cashing places like Check ‘n Go and Food Lion.

You can also cash traveler’s checks at Walmart.


Check ‘n Go does cash personal checks, payroll checks, government checks, insurance checks, business checks, and cashier’s checks. It charges a check-cashing fee that ranges from 1.99% to 5.99% of the check amount. The check cashing limit at Check ‘n Go is determined by the type of check and the location.