Does Costco sell Wild Water Adventure Park Tickets? (Discounted Pricing)

Costco Wild Water Adventure Park Discounted Tickets: If you are looking for a fun day out with the family, Wild Water Adventure Park in Clovis, California is a great option.

You can buy admission tickets to this park online or at your nearest grocery store at a discounted price.

The park has a variety of fun activities for all ages, including fishing, swimming, and playing in the park’s many green areas.

You can also bring your own food and drinks into the park, making it a perfect place to spend a hot day.

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Fresno, Wild Water Adventure Park is a great place to visit all year round.

Especially during the summer season, the park is always a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

If you live near a Costco, you might be probably wondering if the store sells discounted tickets to the park.

Keep on reading to find out whether or not you can purchase Wild Water Adventure Park passes at Costco, and if yes, what the discounted price is, learn about parking, and find out some tips on how to have the best day at this attraction while saving money all through!

Does Costco sell Wild Water Adventure Park Tickets?

Yes, Costco does sell discounted tickets to Wild Water Adventure Park as of 2022. So, if you’re looking for a fun day out at the water park and don’t want to break the bank, consider getting tickets from Costco at discounted pricing!

Currently, tickets are not available for online purchase on, but you can head to your local warehouse store and inquire about discounted tickets for Wild Water Adventure Park.

However, if you want to buy admission tickets online, you can make use of the official website of the park, which is

You can also get tickets through Groupon, where you can find deals on admission and season passes.

Costco Discounted Tickets

Costco Wild Water Adventure Park tickets are sold at a discounted price of $28/Adult at select warehouse locations.

These discounted tickets can be found at Costco stores that are located near the park in California. To find a Costco where you can get the park’s passes, use this store finder.

At the gate, the cost of one admission ticket is $49.99 whereas, at a Costco warehouse, you can get the same pass at about $28.

So, you’ll be saving anywhere between $15 to $20 when you purchase Wild Water Adventure Park tickets at Costco.

Regular Ticket Pricing

The regular ticket rates of Wild Water Adventure Park are as follows –

TicketCost Per Adult
At The Gate Day Pass$49.99
Online Day Pass$34.99
Gold Season Pass$99.99
Picnic Table$15.00/table
BBQ Alley$25/Area
Cabana Rental$55
Groups & PartiesCall 559-297-2740 For Pricing
Wild Water Adventure Park Ticket Prices

The day passes at Wild Water Adventure Park cost you more when you buy them at the park’s gate and so, to save some bucks, you will have to get them online or at a Costco near you!

A single-day admission ticket at the gate is priced at $49.99 whereas it costs you just $34.99 when you purchase it online and just around $28 at Costco.

However, remember that the cost of a ticket varies from store to store depending on the season. And also the online prices vary from date to date.

For example, on June 12th, 2022, a day pass is being sold at $39.99/adult online whereas the price of the same ticket is just $29.99 on 28th June 2022.

So, be ahead of time and plan your visit to make some cost-cutting & avoid paying hefty prices!

Season Passes Discount

Currently, your nearest Costco might be selling season passes to Wild Water Adventure Park at a discounted price of around $99 per person.

This is the same pricing you’ll find for a Gold Season Pass on the official online ticketing portal as well. You can buy this pass online at Quantix.

This Online – SPass Gold season pass gives you unlimited access to the park during the summer season. However, it cannot be used on the 4th of July or during holidays.

With a season pass, you will be given entry to all the special events like DJ Day, Mermaid Mondays, Star Spangled Revue, World’s Largest Swimming Lesson, etc.

This season pass comes included with parking. So, you don’t need to purchase a general parking ticket separately if you have this pass.

Avoiding Handling Fee

Wild Water Adventure Park charges a handling fee of $4 when you buy general admission tickets online through its ticketing portal.

So, let’s say that you are purchasing a Gold Season Pass, then the total price you’ll have to pay using your credit card or debit card will be $99.99 + $4.00 = $103.99.

This handling fee can be avoided by purchasing discounted tickets at Costco as the store doesn’t charge any extra fees.

Group Discounts

If you want to plan a group activity, Wild Water Adventure Park is a great place to do it! Groups of 30 or more get discounted rates, and groups of 50 or more can enjoy meal options.

There are plenty of rides and attractions to keep everyone entertained, as well as fishing and reserved picnic sites.

The group discounted pricing is not transparent on the park’s website. So, in order to book a group discounted event, you will need to call the park directly at 559-297-2740.

The group sales team of the park can help you plan a day that is perfect for your budget and will give you and your group the most fun.

Corporate Discounts

As of 2022, Wild Water Adventure Park Fresno, CA offers a corporate discount club that allows employees of participating companies to purchase discounted tickets online.

The program is free to employers and all they have to do is sign a contract that they will not share the discounted deals with the general public.

After signing up, employees will be able to purchase tickets at a discounted rate which is usually cheaper than the gate price or normal online pricing.

The program is only valid on summer days that the park is open to the public and is not valid on the 4th of July.

So, take advantage of this program if you’re an employee of a participating company and get discounted tickets to one of the best water parks in California!

Other Amusement Park Tickets Sold By Costco

Currently, Costco sells discounted admission tickets to –

  1. Cedar Point
  2. Walt Disney World Resort
  3. Universal Orlando Resort
  4. Disneyland Resort Vacations
  5. African Safaris

These discounted tickets are sold by Costco Travel and you can also find them at your nearest Costco warehouse.

As of now, Costco doesn’t carry low-price passes to Gilroy Gardens, Medieval Times, and some other attractions & amusement parks.


Costco Wild Water Adventure Park day passes come at a discounted rate of around $28 per person (Above 3 years of age). You can even get to buy season passes to the park at some Costco warehouses in California at about $99.99 which is almost the same as the online price. However, when you purchase at Costco, you will be saving around $4 as you don’t pay the additional handling fee that will be charged for buying tickets online. At-the-gate pricing of the park is very high ($49.99/Adult) when compared to the cost of a day pass sold online or at Coscto.