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Does Food Lion do money orders? (Policy Explained)

Money Orders at Food Lion: Some grocery stores sell money orders, and others do not. The best way to find out if your local grocery store sells money orders is to call and ask. Every grocery store has its own policy for money orders, so it’s important to check with the specific store before you buy. Food Lion, for example, has a limit of $500 on its money orders and charges very less compared to other stores.

Food Lion Money Order Policy

As per Food Lion’s money order policy 2022, only Western Union money orders are sold at its grocery stores.

The maximum value for a money order is $500, and the fee is less than $1 at almost all locations.

However, it is important to contact the individual store before visiting to verify that they offer this service and to inquire about the specific fee.

Because the fee amount may vary by location, it is also important to ask about any other associated costs and requirements, such as an ID.

Does Food Lion Sell Money Orders?

Yes, you can buy WesternUnion money orders up to a value of $500 at Food Lion stores. But, MoneyGram money orders aren’t sold at Food Lion.

So, if you require a Western Union money order, simply visit a Food Lion nearby to purchase one. Locating a Food Lion near you is easy when you use this store finder tool.

Steps to purchase a money order

  1. Take your government-issued photo ID card
  2. Visit any Food Lion in the neighborhood
  3. Go to the customer service desk
  4. Ask for a WU money order
  5. Provide the details & verify identity
  6. Pay the money order fees
  7. Fill the money order ASAP

That’s it! This is how you can buy a money order at Food Lion. All that is required is a government-issued ID card such as your driver’s license or passport.

How much does Food Lion charge?

Expect to pay a fee of $1 per money order at Food Lion. This is what most Food Lion stores charge at several locations.

However, some stores may charge way less while some may ask for $1 or more. The fee typically depends on the location and specific store policies.

Does Food Lion Cash Money Orders?

Unfortunately, Food Lion doesn’t cash money orders. So, you will have to look for any other grocery store or place that cashes money orders.

It’s important to note that only a few grocery stores cash money orders. Walmart is one such popular option available.

Walmart cashes only MoneyGram money orders. But, the supermarket chain is looking forward to cashing WU money orders very soon at all its locations.

Does Food Lion Accept Cash?

Yes, you can pay with cash at Food Lion.

At Food Lion stores, you can also use credit cards and debit cards to pay for purchasing a money order or groceries.

However, some debit cards & credit cards may not be accepted depending on the store you visit.

At what time Food Lion starts selling money orders?

Food Lion sells money orders between 7 AM and 9 PM.

These are the usual business hours of most Food Lion stores and so, you can visit a Food Lion nearby during these operational hours to buy a money order.

It’s best to go at around 8 AM or 9 AM in order to avoid the rush at the counter.


Food Lion does money orders worth $500 at a flat fee of $1 or less. But, the grocery chain doesn’t cash money orders. Also, only WesternUnion money orders can be bought at Food Lion. So, if you want a MoneyGram money order, visit Walmart or any other store or place that sells or cash MoneyGram money orders.