Check Cashing

Does Hannaford cash checks?

Check cashing policies vary by location, so it’s important to contact your nearest Hannaford store in advance to learn about specific requirements.

Generally, Hannaford will cash personal, payroll, and government checks, but the store may require certain documentation or have a limit on the amount of money that can be cashed.

Remember that at most Hannaford stores, handwritten checks are not accepted.

Hannaford Check-cashing Policy

As per Hannaford’s check-cashing policy, you don’t need to be a member or make a purchase to get your check cashed.

You will, however, need to present a state-issued photo ID and SSN (Social Security Number) at the customer service counter.

The fee is usually $1, although it may vary depending on the location.

There are also limits on how much you can cash in one or two checks.

The minimum cashing amount is $1, while the maximum amount is $1,000 (1 check) or $1,200 (2 checks).

Does Hannaford cash personal checks?

Yes, you can cash personal checks at Hannaford stores.

The cashing limit on personal checks is $1,000. If you have two personal checks, you are allowed to get up to $1,200.

In order to cash a personal check,

  • Simply find a Hannaford near you using this store locator
  • Go to the counter/register
  • Ask if the store cash checks
  • Provide the check and your ID
  • Provide any additional information if asked
  • Take the cash

That’s it! This is how you can cash a check at Hannaford. Make sure to carry your SSN compulsorily as most stores ask for it.

Does Hannaford cash payroll checks?

Yes, you can cash your paycheck at Hannaford. Just make sure that it’s a printed check.

If your employer or company has given you a handwritten check, then it won’t be cashed at Hannaford.

Only printed payroll checks are accepted at Hannaford and there’s a maximum cashing limit of $1,000.

A paycheck having a dollar value above $1,000 cannot be cashed at Hannaford stores due to its policies.

However, you can contact the nearby store and get all the required information.

These are some places at which you can cash checks other than Hannaford.

Hannaford Check-cashing Fees

Hannaford charges a check-cashing fee of $1 for all check types.

Please note that this fee varies from store to store and so, it’s best to carry some more cash.

$1 is what is commonly charged at Hannaford but stores may charge high depending on the type of check and the cashing amount.

Hannaford Check-cashing Hours

You can cash a check at Hannaford between 7 AM and 10 PM on the weekdays.

During the weekend, most Hannaford stores will be closed by 9 PM.

So, it’s best to visit a store near you right during business hours to get your check cashed.

You can also find the exact timings of the Hannaford in your neighborhood using this store finder.

After entering your ZIP or area, the tool will show you the phone number, store hours, pharmacy hours, and even holidays.

Hannaford Check Writing Policy

As per the check-writing policy at Hannaford, you can write checks by using the electronic system to scan and sign them.

You don’t have to manually fill in the blank checks.

This in-store check-writing policy is designed to make the process easier for Hannaford customers.