Check Cashing Walgreens

Does Walgreens Cash Checks? (Policy, Types Of Checks, Limits, & more)

Walgreen Check-Cashing Policy: A check cashing policy at grocery stores and convenience stores is a set of rules that dictate how customers can cash checks at those businesses.

The policy usually states what types of checks are accepted, the maximum amount that can be cashed, and the fees that will be charged for the service.

Generally, this policy varies from store to store and also depends on the state in which the store is located.

However, many stores will only cash checks from customers who have a bank account with that store or from customers who have been regular customers at the store for a certain period of time.

In addition, most stores charge a fee for cashing checks, which can range from a few dollars to a percentage of the check’s value.

Have a Walgreens in your neighborhood? Wondering what the Walgreens’ check cashing policy is? Read below to find out!

Does Walgreens Cash Checks in 2022?

As of 2022, you cannot cash a check at Walgreens. The store doesn’t offer this service, and neither does its sister store, Duane Reade.

However, you can use a check to pay for your purchase at either store.

So, if you’re looking to cash a check, you’ll need to go elsewhere. Options include your bank or a check-cashing place near you.

If you have already written a check to Walgreens or Duane Reade, don’t worry – you can still use it to pay for your purchase.

With your personal check or payroll check or WIC check, you can buy almost everything that Walgreens sells including prescriptions.

Check Cashing Policy

As per Walgreens’ check cashing policy in 2022, its stores don’t offer cash checking services. So, customers will not be able to cash any type of check including –

  • Personal Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Stimulus Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Traveler’s Checks
  • Government Checks

All these check types are not cashable at any Walgreens location. However, personal checks are considered an accepted payment method at all stores.

Cash Back

As of 2022, Walgreens does offer cash back to its customers. Getting cash back at Walgreens is one way to avoid ATM withdrawal fees.

However, as per the store policies, payments made with checks are not eligible for cash back. So, basically, you cannot get cash back with checks at Walgreens.

When you use your debit card to pay for the items you wanna buy, you can ask for a maximum of $20 cash back at the register.

Simply swipe your card at the POS terminal and choose a cash back amount of your choice to get the cash.

Money Services

Walgreens doesn’t cash checks but it offers a wide range of other financial services including money transfers, prepaid debit cards, gift cards, and transportation passes.

At your local Walgreens store, you may not be able to cash a check but you can make use of its Western Union service to send or pick up the money.

So, if you are looking for a convenient and cheap place for money services, Walgreens is a great option.

Its wide selection of gift cards may come in handy for last-minute presents, and you can always purchase public transportation tickets for your city at Walgreens.

These are some of the other services Walgreens offers.

However, if check cashing is the only service you currently need, you may want to check out other places that specifically offer this service.

Cheap Places To Cash Checks

To cash your check, visit one of these cheapest places –

  1. Kmart
  2. Walmart
  3. Food Lion
  4. Publix
  5. Giant Food
  6. PNC Bank
  7. Bank Of America
  8. Kroger
  9. Chase
  10. PLS Check Cashing
  11. Wegmans
  12. Winn-Dixie
  13. Meijer

These are some stores, banks, and check-cashing places that charge you anywhere between $1 to $10 to cash a $500 check.

The cashing fee typically varies with the type of check you want to cash, the check’s worth, and the state you reside.


As of 2022, Walgreens doesn’t cash checks of any type at any of its locations in the country. However, the store’s policies allow its customers to pay using checks. So, you can purchase prescription products, groceries, home goods, nutrition items, and anything you want and pay for them by writing your personal check to Walgreens. However, as per the payment policy of Walgreens, you cannot use checks for online orders.