Does Meijer Make Keys? (Copy of Keys, Cost,Types,Availability, Locations)

Meijer Key Copying Services: A key-making service offered at grocery stores is a service that allows customers to have keys made while they are shopping.

The customer brings in a key blank, and the store employee cuts the key to the correct size and then attaches the appropriate key ring.

This service is often available for free or at a reduced cost. A copy of a key can also be made at some retail stores.

The customer brings in the original key and the store employee makes a copy of it using a key-making machine.

This service is typically available for a small fee. If you are living near a Meijer, you might be wondering if they offer key-making services.

Keep on reading to find out the store policy of Meijer regarding key-making services, locations that offer this service, the cost of making a key at Meijer, types of keys that can be made or copied to make a new one, and a lot more information!

Does Meijer Make Keys?

As per current Meijer policies, you can get a duplicate key made at any store that offers traditional key-cutting services.

So, if you want to get a duplicate key made for your house, you can visit any Meijer store near you.

However, if you need an office key duplication or a high-security home key duplication, you need to visit one of the stores that offer Minute Key self-service kiosks.

As of 2022, Meijer key copying services are typically provided at stores equipped with Minute Key self-service kiosks.

These kiosks use computer technology to create duplicate keys, and they are available for most types of office keys and home security keys.

If you need a traditional key duplication service, you can visit any Meijer store with a locksmith who can provide this service.

For example, if you want to get a copy of a door key, you can go to any local Meijer store and request a key copy from the locksmith.

In addition, Meijer stores offer a variety of other key-related services. For example, you can get your key duplicated, rekeyed, or even replaced at Meijer.

The prices for these services vary depending on the type of key you need and the store location.

So, be sure to ask your local Meijer for more information on the services they offer.


In order to find a nearby Meijer with key-making service –

  • Dial 1-877-363-4537
  • Talk to a Meijer Customer Support Agent
  • Ask about Key Copying Services offered
  • Take the contact details of your nearest Meijer
  • Call that Meijer which has a key making kiosk
  • Ask about the pricing & types of keys they make
  • Visit the store

Follow these steps to find out a Meijer near you that offers key copying services. You can also make use of the store locator to locate the nearest Meijer.

Remember that not all Meijer locations make keys. And so, it’s best to contact Meijer using that phone number I mentioned above.


In order to make a key at a Meijer store, you can either go through the locksmith or use one of the Minute Key kiosks.


  1. If you are using the Minute Key kiosk, make sure that you insert the key properly and follow the prompts on the screen. If the machine rejects it, your credit card will not be charged.
  2. The Minute Key machines will generally create a new key that’s almost as good as the original. However, if the key is miscut due to some error, you don’t have to worry because Minute Key offers a 30-day refund guarantee.
  3. If you are going through the locksmith at a Meijer, the person should be able to make a new key for you after taking a look at the old one.

Types Of Keys Meijer Make

Wondering if your key can be copied by a Minute Key kiosk at Meijer? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

If your key belongs to one of these brands – Titan, Weiser, Kwikset, & Baldwin – it can be copied by a Minute Key kiosk.

BrandKey Model
KwiksetKW1, KW10 Schlage, K-Cut
WeiserSC1, WR3, WR5
Key Types Meijer Makes or Duplicates

To be specific, the KW1 model key of Kwikset, SC1 model of Weiser, and KW10 Schlage model of Kwikset are some common keys that Meijer makes/duplicates.

If your key is from another brand, it’s best to inquire with a Meijer locksmith about whether they can duplicate it.

However, not all key types manufactured by these brands can be copied by Minute Key kiosks – some might require special equipment that not all kiosks have.

So, it’s always best to inquire with a Meijer store about whether they can make your specific key type.

Car Keys

As per its policies in 2022, Meijer currently doesn’t make or copy car keys. So, the key copying kiosk at a Meijer near you doesn’t work if you try to insert your car key.

No matter what type of car key it is – transponder or a regular remote fob, you can’t get a duplicate for it at any Meijer location.

So, it’s best to look for an automobile locksmith near you. I’d like to recommend AutoZone as the company makes all types of car keys no matter who the manufacturer is.

Or else, visit your car dealership to get a new one!

Minute Key Kiosks

As of 2022, Meijer is offering advanced key-making services through Minute Key – a company that is specialized in key copy and locksmith services.

With a Minute Key Kiosk, you can cut a new key for your padlock, office, car, and home. Yes, you can even get duplicate car keys!

But, the Minute Key Kiosks located at Meijer stores are not equipped with the car key duplicating technology.

For example, in my case, I’ve used the Minute Key Kiosk locator to find a kiosk near me in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I found that none of the Meijer stores equipped with a Minute Key Kiosk offer car key duplication. In my area, Lowe’s which is located at Plainfield Avenue is offering the service.

You Can’t Make/Copy

At Meijer, you cannot duplicate these keys –

  • Keys having a Do Not Copy print
  • Keys with Do Not Duplicate print
  • Financial Institutions’ Keys
  • School Building Keys
  • Key of public buildings
  • Car Keys
  • Key you are not authorized to copy

These are a few restricted keys to be used at a Minute Key kiosk near Meijer. Even Meijer locksmiths will not allow you to copy one of these.


Here’s what you’ll be charged at Meijer –

Key TypeCost per key
Home$1.49 to $2.00
Office$1.49 to $2.00
Meijer charges at least $1.49 per key

Note that the above rates are generalized and the actual cost to copy your key at Meijer will vary with the type of key, its size, brand, and other factors like the programming involved.

However, in general, the pricing will be low if you duplicate more keys at the kiosk. So, the overall cost will also depend on the number of keys involved.

Minute Key kiosks that are capable of cutting car keys will charge anywhere between $22.99 and $329.99 depending on the make and technology required.

Time To Copy

It takes about 7 minutes to get a copy of your key at Meijer Minute Key kiosks. However, the time it takes can be more or less depending on the size and other factors.

As Minute Key kiosks run on robotic technology, you will be able to duplicate your home or office or padlock keys within 7 minutes, or else it will take hours.

Accepted Payment Methods

At the Meijer key copying kiosk, you can pay using –

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

Accepted debit/credit cards include – Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. You can also pay with cash but remember that the machine doesn’t provide change.


Meijer key-copying machines or kiosks don’t provide a paper receipt after duplicating your key and you make the payment.

However, you will receive an e-receipt on your email address for the service offered & payment made.

In case you didn’t receive the receipt, you can ask for a duplicate one by sending a message to Minute Key using this contact form.

Extra Information

You might want to know that –

  • Minute Key or Meijer doesn’t store your key profile or information
  • Minute Key kiosks don’t store your payment information
  • Customers must provide a physical key to get a duplicate one
  • Customers can get a full refund if they are not satisfied
  • Your credit card won’t be charged until a new key is made
  • You can contact Minute Key at (800) 539-7571 (Toll-Free Number)


Meijer does make keys at a cost starting from $1.49 per key. As of 2022, Meijer is providing key copying services through Minute Key. So, you’ll find Minute Key kiosks at select Meijer stores across the United States. These Meijer kiosks use robotic technology to copy & cut most types of home keys, office keys and padlock keys but not key fobs and car keys.