Does Kmart use TeleCheck? (Check Verification Policy)

Kmart Check Verification Policy: Third-party verification systems are used by check-cashing places to ensure that the person trying to cash a check is in fact the rightful owner of the check.

These systems use databases of information about people’s identities to compare the information on a check with what is in the database.

This helps to prevent fraud and protects the check-cashing place from being scammed.

TeleCheck is one of the most commonly used third-party verification systems.

It is a database of information about people’s identities that is used by businesses to verify the legitimacy of checks.

Keep on reading to find out whether Kmart uses TeleCheck in order to verify its customers’ checks!

Does Kmart use TeleCheck?

As of 2022, TeleCheck does not process personal checks for Kmart. As per the check-cashing policy on Kmart’s website, the company uses Certegy instead.

Certegy is a check verification company that helps retailers and other businesses reduce the risk of accepting bad checks.

The company also offers services such as online check acceptance and returned check processing.

So, if you’re looking to cash your personal check at Kmart, you’ll need to have your check verified by Certegy.

Kmart Check Verification Process

Before cashing a check at Kmart, you must present a valid form of identification and be a rewards member.

First-time members are free to sign up for Kmart’s Shop Your Way Rewards program.

Carry a government-issued photo ID card like your driver’s license or passport to get your identity verified at Kmart.

Only then can you cash your check at the store.

Kmart verifies your check this way –

  1. Your check will be scanned & run through Certegy to find out any potential risks.
  2. Certegy will send an instant acceptance recommendation.
  3. If it’s a high-risk check, Kmart might not accept it.
  4. If it’s a low-risk check, Kmart will most likely accept it.

Credit Score

You don’t have to worry about your credit score as Kmart doesn’t do a background check or consider your score for cashing a check.

This is because Certegry – the check verification system used by Kmart stores – works without taking into account the customer’s credit score.

However, having a good credit score will always be beneficial in all financial matters including bank loans, cashing checks, etc.

Declined Transactions

If Kmart declines your check cashing transaction, it means that Certegy has pointed out a risk either about the check you presented or about your profile.

In that case, you can do nothing about cashing that particular check but it may be worth checking out your profile on Certegy to get to know what went wrong.

If it’s the check, you can ask your employer or payroll provider about its validity. In the case of government checks like tax refund checks, you may need to know the exact cashing process.

If it’s your Certegy profile that was bad, you can request a file of your details registered in Certegy’s database by calling (800) 237-3826 or sending a mail to this address –

Certegy Payment Solutions, LLC
Attn: CFDR Request
P.O. Box 30046
Tampa, FL 33630-3046


Kmart doesn’t use TeleCheck to verify checks. It makes use of another third-party verification system called Certegy.