Does Kroger Sell Cedar Point Tickets? (Discounted Pricing & Passes Sold)

Kroger Cedar Point Discounted Tickets: Cedar Point is an amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio. It is home to 16 roller coasters, including one of the world’s tallest and fastest coasters, as well as a water park and other attractions.

The park attracts over 3 million visitors each year. So, if you are looking for some serious thrills and spills, Cedar Point is the place to go!

Entry passes to Cedar Point can be purchased online or at the gate. However, you can get discounted tickets at a grocery store near you or other participating outlets.

Do you live next to a Kroger? Or Are you curious if Kroger offers discounted Cedar Point tickets?

Currently, Kroger carries admission tickets to popular amusement and water parks like Kings Island, Zoombezi Bay, etc. So, it’s very likely that Cedar Point tickets are offered at a discount.

However, it is best to check with your local Kroger store to see if they are participating in this promotion.

Keep on reading to find out whether or not Cedar Point passes are sold at a discounted pricing at Kroger, ticket availability, stores that offer Cedar Point tickets, and more.

Does Kroger Sell Cedar Point Tickets?

Yes, Kroger does sell Cedar Point discount tickets. So, if you’re looking to save a little money on your amusement park visit, be sure to swing by your local Kroger store before heading to the park.

As of 2022, Kroger stores in and around Sandusky, Ohio, sell Cedar Point regular single-day admission tickets at a discounted price of $54.99 per Adult.

The same ticket costs you $85 per person at the park’s gate. So, basically, you are saving $30 on each ticket by buying them at a Kroger near you!

In addition, Kroger offers a 2-day admission combo ticket for Cedar Point and Kings Island for $65. That’s a great deal if you’re looking to visit both parks.

However, the availability of these passes may vary from store to store, so be sure to call your nearest Kroger ahead before making the trip.

Kroger Discounted Tickets

Currently, Kroger offers discounts only on daily tickets at most of its locations in Ohio whereas a few sell season passes as well.

When you purchase a one-day admission ticket at Kroger, you will be paying about $54.99 the same as you will pay online.

However, you can avoid the online handling or processing fees that Cedar Point charges by buying discounted tickets at Kroger.

You will save around $14.99 (a processing fee of $6.99 + $8 Tax) when you buy Kroger Cedar Point tickets.

Regular Ticket Pricing

Types of Cedar Point admission tickets sold & their rates are as follows –

TicketCost Per AdultCost Per Child
Single Day Admission$54.99$45
2022 Funday Bundle$84.99$84.99
2022 Funday Bundle Max$119.99$119.99
Cedar Point Shores Admission$49.99$49.99
Cedar Point Summer Pass$105$105
Cedar Point Gold Pass$150$150
Cedar Point Platinum Pass$240$240
2022 Pre-K Pass$0
Discounted Cedar Point Tickets Pricing

The above discounted rates are available online whereas the at-the-gate pricing will be totally different (very high)!

You can buy a Funday Bundle online at a price of $84.99 per person in order to save around $40 on your Cedar Point admission.

This bundle comes included with 1-day general admission, parking, and even all-day dining. So, it’s best to purchase this ticket online or at a Kroger store (if available).

Discounted Season Passes

Most Kroger locations don’t have discounted Cedar Point season passes. But, however, you can buy them online on

As of 2022, 4 types of season passes are being offered at Cedar Point – 2022 Summer Pass, 2022 Gold Pass, 2022 Platinum Pass, and 2022 Pre-K Pass.

Except for the Pre-K Pass, all other season passes come with free parking and unlimited access to the park.

These season passes can be bought at a discounted price ranging between $105 and $240. You can also choose to make the whole payment in four installments.

Military Discount

Military members can save $10 per ticket at Cedar Point by buying single-day admission passes online or at the gate.

If you are a member of the US military, you can purchase a discounted admission ticket to Cedar Point at a cost of $45.

But, only up to six tickets can be purchased at this discounted rate per military member.

At the gate, the admission price is $70. So, purchasing the discounted admission ticket online is a savings of $25 per person.

You are required to show a valid US military ID in order to purchase this ticket.

Bring-A-Friend Discount

Cedar Point currently offers a “bring-a-friend” ticket that allows the Season Passholder to bring a guest for a discounted price of $45. The same ticket costs $85 at the gate.

So, you’ll save $40 by buying this ticket online.

With this ticket, the Season Passholder must accompany their guest and the ticket is not valid for early entry.

It is also limited to six tickets per day and cannot be used for separately ticketed events.

Group Discount

Cedar Point offers discounts on one-day admission and 2-day admission tickets on group visits (at least 15 persons).

Groups with 15 to 99 members can buy a 1-day entry pass to Cedar Point at $45 per adult online whereas a 2-day admission ticket can be bought at $75 per person.

When you purchase tickets as part of your group visit, you will be eligible to enter both Cedar Point and the waterpark.


A Cedar Point season pass holder can buy a standard cabana (8 people) at $159 whereas it is priced at $189 for the general public.

The poolside premium bronze cabanas can be bought at $259 per day whereas a silver cabana costs you $299.

In order to experience the luxury poolside gold cabana (16 people) at Cedar Point, you will have to pay a total of $329 online.

Early Entry

If you are a Cedar Point Resort guest, Platinum Passholder, or Cedar Point Gold Passholder, you can enter the park one hour before the posted public opening time.

So, if the park opens at 10 am, Resort guests, Platinum Passholders, and Gold Passholders can enter at 9 am. You will need to have your Early Entry pass and park admission ticket to enter.

The gate for Resort guests, Platinum Passholders, and Gold Passholders is located at Magnum XL-200 (underneath Magnum XL-200 near Cedar Point Shores) and the WindSeeker Gate (on the east side of the Cedar Point Boardwalk underneath Windseeker).

Parking Ticket

Unfortunately, the daily passes that you buy at Kroger don’t include parking. However, if it’s a season pass, free parking can be availed.

Cedar Point currently sells 2 types of parking tickets –

  1. Single Day Parking
  2. Preferred Parking

When bought online, a single-day parking ticket costs you $25 whereas a preferred parking pass costs you $35.

In order to avoid the parking fee, you can buy a Funday Bundle or any season pass that offers free parking!


You can buy Cedar Point tickets at a discounted price at Kroger stores located in Ohio. One-day tickets cost $54.99 per Adult when bought at Kroger, compared to the regular price of $85 per person at the park’s gate.

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Yeah. It depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Some passes include entry to Water Park while some may not. So, it’s better check the terms and conditions whie buying a ticket either online or in-store.

A single-day admission ticket that costs you around $54 doesn’t come included with Cedar Point Shores admission which means you won’t be able to enter the water park with that ticket.

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