Does Kroger Sell Dollywood Tickets? (Discounted Pricing & Availability)

Discounted Dollywood Tickets At Kroger: Looking for a fun-filled day trip? Head to Dollywood, an amusement park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The park offers rides and attractions for all ages, along with live entertainment and dining options. If you’re looking for a place to stay overnight, the park also has a hotel on-site.

However, admission to Dollywood is not cheap – expect to pay around $80 per person – but the park offers a variety of discounts and deals throughout the year.

So, if you’re looking for a fun getaway, be sure to check out Dollywood’s website for current pricing information.

If you are living near a Kroger, you might be wondering if you can get a Dollywood discount ticket from there.

Because Kroger is known for selling discounted day passes to several different amusement parks & Zoos, it’s worth checking to see if Dollywood is one of them.

Keep on reading to find out whether you can purchase discounted tickets to Dollywood from Kroger, discounted pricing, ticket availability, and more!

Does Kroger Sell Dollywood Tickets?

Unfortunately, NO. Kroger doesn’t sell Dollywood tickets at any of its stores in and around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

So, buying entry passes to the theme park & water park online is the best way to save some money on admission.

Dollywood theme park daily tickets are currently on sale and are being sold online at a discounted rate of $74 per person.

Where To Buy

As Kroger stores don’t carry Dollywood discount tickets, you can buy them at –

  2. At The Gate
  3. Groupon
  4. RetailMeNot

These are the four best ways to get Dollywood tickets as grocery stores like Kroger don’t sell them. Remember that you won’t get a discount when you purchase tickets at the gate!

Groupon and RetailMeNot are two deals & coupon websites where you can find discounted pricing on general admission.

Discounted Pricing

Dollywood discount tickets can be found only online and not at the gate. So, basically, Dollywood tickets are cheaper online.

For example, the park’s at-the-gate pricing will be around $100 per adult (ages 4+) whereas the same pass will be available online at $74.

However, when buying online, the park’s official online ticketing portal will charge you a tax of $9.15 per order and a processing fee of $1.

So, even with discounted pricing online, you’ll need to pay around $84 per adult.

Regular Ticket Rates

Here’s a table listing all the Dollywood ticket types sold at the gate & online –

TicketCost Per AdultCost Per Child
One-Day Theme Park Admission$84$74
Two-Day Theme Park Admission$104$94
3-Day Theme Park Admission$114$104
1-Day Water Park Ticket$54.95$44.95
2-Day Water Park Tickets$74.95$64.95
3-Day Water Park Tickets$84.95$74.95
Dollywood Silver Season Pass$159$159
Dollywood Gold Season Pass$214$214
Two-Park Gold Season Pass$269$269
Dollywood General Admission Ticket Pricing

These are the different types of Dollywood passes that are available for purchase online with a cost ranging from $44.95 to $269 per person.

How To Save Money On Dollywood Admission?

Money-saving hacks at Dollywood Theme Park –

  • Buy a single-day theme park admission ticket along with a water park ticket to save $44.95 per person.
  • Purchase 2-day or 3-day passes in advance if you are going to visit the park again and again.
  • Buy a silver pass@$159 in order to get unlimited access to the park and a flat $5 discount for family members.
  • A Dollywood Gold pass can save you a lot of money in the long run if you wish to visit the park two or more times a year.
  • Always purchase Dollywood tickets online to get them at a cheaper rate.
  • Explore the Special Offers section or page on the official website every time before buying a ticket.

Who gets discounts at Dollywood?

At Dollywood, discounts are offered to –

  1. Military Families
  2. Senior Citizens
  3. Groups of 15+
  4. First Responders
  5. Corporate Companies

The discount you can get online may vary from what you can get at the gate. However, Dollywood ticket prices are cheaper online.

In order to be eligible for any of these discounts, you will have to go through the verification process of

Simply create or sign in to your account to get your ID verified by Dollywood in order to get qualified for the discounted price.

Military Discount

Dollywood offers special discounts to members of the military and their families to explore its theme park and water park.

As of 2022, active and retired military personnel can get a one-day multi-park ticket (Dollywood Theme Park + Dollywood Water Park) at a discounted rate of $68.80 per adult.

A 2-day multi-park admission pass is priced at $88.80/per person whereas a 3-day multi-park entry pass costs $98.80 per person for military families.

You can also buy admission tickets to both the parks separately but it will save you money if bought combined.

Also, as a member of the military, you can save a flat $20 on season passes!

Groups & Corporate Discounts

Specially curated discounted tickets are available for general groups of 15+ persons, school groups having at least 15+ students, and corporate groups with 100+ employees.

General groups qualify to pay $64 per adult for a one-day theme park ticket whereas a 2-day admission costs $84.

School group discount at Dollywood lets schools buy tickets at just $39 per student wherein each student also gets free lunch.

If you are a company planning to visit Dollywood with at least 100 of your employees, contact the corporate sales team at (865) 428-9893 to get a corporate discount on admission.


As of 2022, Kroger doesn’t carry admission tickets to Dollywood Theme Park & Water Park which is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. However, you can take advantage of the special discounts, offers, promo codes, and deals present on the official portal – But, the store charges an additional fee of $10 in the name of tax and processing. But, still, you can save up to $20 when you buy tickets online compared to what you pay at the gate.