Does Kroger Accepts Returns Without A Receipt? (Policy, Refund, Lookup)

Kroger Return Policy Without Receipt: Generally, grocery stores will not accept a return without a receipt. However, stores may have exceptions for items that are defective or that were bought in error.

If the store does not allow returns without receipts, customers can ask to speak with a manager to see if an exception can be made.

A return policy without a receipt at grocery stores may vary by store. Customers should ask the store manager for more information on the specific store’s return policy.

Do you live near a Kroger? Purchased something and don’t have your receipt? Don’t worry! Kroger has a return policy without a receipt.

Keep on reading to find out whether Kroger allows customers to return items without a receipt, items that can be returned, the timeframe for returns, and will the store find a copy of the receipt for you.

Kroger Return Policy Without A Receipt

Kroger does accept returns without a receipt. So, if you do not have your receipt, Kroger will accept the item for a return as long as you have some form of identification, the credit card or debit card you used to purchase the item, or the order number.

Even if you do not have any of those, Kroger may be able to look up your purchase in its system. The store’s no receipt policy does have some exceptions, however.

Kroger does not allow you to return tobacco products, beer, alcohol, and Winer. It also does not accept returns for customized or personalized items, such as engraved gifts.

dditionally, the store may refuse a return if it believes that you are attempting to take advantage of its policy.

Refunds Without A Receipt

Without a receipt, at Kroger, you’ll still get a full refund but in the form of a merchandise gift card as per the store’s return policy in 2022.

Kroger Return Policy states that refunds worth over $10 will be processed in the form of a balance on a Kroger merchandise gift card.

So, for example, let’s say that you bought a perfume bottle for $45 at a Kroger near you and now you want to return it as you didn’t just like it.

In such a case, Kroger will give back your money as a store credit even if you fail to present the original receipt subject to the store manager’s final decision (he/she will check if the item is in its original condition without any damage, unopened, and unused).

This Kroger gift card can be later used to make payments for buying merchandise at any Kroger store in the U.S.

If the total refund value is less than or equal to $10, Kroger will issue your refund in the form of cash right away.

Receipt Lookup At Kroger

Kroger will help you to find your original receipt by locating your purchase in its storage system provided that you tell your card details.

Kroger Receipt Lookup Policy in 2022 is that payments that are made using a Kroger Plus Card or a Kroger Rewards debit/credit card can be easily looked up in the database.

So, if you are a Kroger Plus Cardholder who used the card recently within the last 30 days, then Kroger will track down your order receipt in-store.

In-store receipt lookup at Kroger is also easy when any credit card or debit card was used during the checkout.

A store associate will go through a list of orders in the system to pull out your transaction details which include your digital receipt, your address, item bought, and your phone number.

Refunds Processing Time

Kroger instantly refunds your order amount to your original payment method i.e your credit card or debit card or EBT/SNAP card.

However, your card provider or bank will take around 7 to 10 business days in order to process the funds involved and credit them back to your account.

In the case of a gift card refund, you can start using the balance on your Kroger gift card right away for making transactions at your nearest Kroger.

In the case of a cash refund, Kroger will hand over the cash to you then and there itself as a full refund.


No-receipt returns are acceptable for most items except –

  1. Baby Formula
  2. Alcohol
  3. Tobacco Products
  4. Wine
  5. Beer

These are some products you cannot return at Kroger without a receipt. In the case of Baby Formula, Kroger wants you to show the original receipt to initiate a return & refund.

In the case of Alcohol, beer, wine, tobacco, etc., Kroger accepts returns where state laws allow and doesn’t accept where state laws don’t allow. So, it totally depends on the state you reside in!

WIC Returns

With or without a receipt, Kroger doesn’t allow returns on WIC items at any of its locations. Currently, WIC participants can only get an exchange for an identical product.


At Kroger, no-receipt returns are acceptable on most products except baby formula, WIC items, Alcohol, wine, beer, and tobacco products. However, without a receipt, a Kroger customer can still get a full refund as a store credit in the form of a merchandise gift card. It’s best to contact your local Kroger store in order to know about items you can return & their return, refund, and exchange policies.