Lost Your Safeway Card? (Get Club Card Number, Shop Without Card)

Lost Safeway Card: Safeway For U is a loyalty rewards program that offers Safeway customers the ability to save money on groceries and fuel.

Once signed up, customers used to receive a physical Safeway Club Card that is used for tracking and redeeming points.

However, Safeway has since replaced physical cards with the new Safeway app, which can be downloaded on any smartphone.

The new app uses a customer’s phone number to track and redeem points. Keep on reading to find out what you should do if you’ve lost your Safeway Club Card!

What To Do If Safeway Club Card Is Lost In 2022?

As of 2022, Safeway shoppers can get a new club card if they lose it. So, if you’re a Safeway shopper and have lost your card, don’t worry. You can get it replaced for free at the customer service desk or through the Safeway mobile app.

You will be able to update your club card account information by visiting the customer service desk or logging in to your Safeway online account.

From there, you can update your address and phone number, as well as your email preferences. So, if you want to change the way you receive your Safeway coupons, deals, and other promotional offers, you can do so online or in-store.

And moreover, it’s free to join Safeway For U (previously Just For U). So, you will not be charged even if you lose your card.

Read below for more information about the steps you need to follow if you don’t have your Safeway Club Card number.

And also, get to know whether you can shop in-store and online without a club card.

Getting Safeway Club Card Number

Forgot your Safeway Club Card number? Or lost the card somewhere? No worries! You can still trace back your Club Card number by either looking at your account details online on or by asking the cashier to use your phone number in order to obtain it.

So, the next time you forget your Safeway Club Card number, don’t panic!

Linking your phone number to your Safeway Club Card account is a great way to ensure that you always have access to your account, even if you forget your card at home.

On the app,

  1. Open your account information
  2. Look for the mobile number option
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Hit save

The next time you go to Safeway, you can either use your Club Card number or your phone number.

Even if you don’t have the card with you, the cashier can look up your account information by using your phone number.

Shopping At Safeway Without Club Card

As of 2022, Safeway allows customers to shop at its stores without a Club Card. So, a Safeway For U membership is not required in order to enter and shop in-store or online.

However, getting a Club Card will allow you to save more money with exclusive deals and coupons. You also get discounts on fuel at Safeway gas stations.

It’s free to sign up for a Safeway For U membership with which you’ll get personalized deals, birthday treats, digital coupons, meal plans, and up to $0.20 off per gallon at all participating fuel stations ($1 off per gallon at select Safeway pumps).

The Safeway points you earn on all your in-store & online purchases can be later used to purchase gas at the pump.

Update Safeway Membership Information

In case you need to change your phone number or address on the Safeway Club Card, you can:

  1. Open on your laptop
  2. Click on the Sign In/Sign Up button
  3. Enter your email address & Password
  4. Click on the “My Account” tab
  5. Click on the “Edit” button next to your profile information
  6. Update your phone number and address
  7. Click on the “Save Changes” button

This is how you can easily update your Club Card account information online. The same can be done using the Safeway official app on your mobile phone.

If you are confused or stuck, the best way to update your information is by calling Safeway customer service.

They will be more than happy to help you out and update your information for you.

Using A Safeway Club Card In-Store/Online

Using the Safeway Club Card is easy. You just need to remember to bring it with you every time you shop so that your rewards can be added to your purchase!

Customers also have the option of ordering their groceries online and picking them up in-store or having them delivered.

When shopping in-store, you just have to hold your club card up to the scanner at checkout. If you are shopping online, you automatically get club card rewards added to your purchase.

As of 2022, Safeway just requires your phone number to look up your club card rewards. So, even when you don’t show your card, you’ll still earn points!

Just provide your mobile number at the checkout (in-store and online) to get credit for your purchase. You can also sign up for text alerts to receive coupons and other special offers.

Using Safeway Grocery Rewards

If you have a Safeway For U card or membership, you can use your rewards for groceries at any time. Just make sure you have enough rewards to cover the cost of your purchase.

Even without a card, when you say your phone number to the cashier at checkout, your purchase will be linked to your account and the rewards will automatically be applied.

After you finish shopping, you can go online or use the app to check your account and see how many points you have.

Remember that your points will expire after a certain amount of time, so use them before they disappear.

Safeway Club Card holders can also get gas rewards at Safeway gas stations across the country. In order to redeem these points, you must have at least 100 points in your account.

Canceling Your Safeway Card Membership

Contacting your local Safeway supermarket and asking the customer service desk to cancel your Safeway For U membership is the best way to ensure that all of your data has been removed from Safeway’s database.

Remember that you keep earning points as long as your phone number is registered with your Safeway account, so it’s a good idea to unregister your number before you cancel.

Uninstall the Safeway app from your phone and ask the customer service desk to remove all of your contact information from their database.


Safeway For U members who lost their club cards need not worry as they can simply use their phone number in order to keep shopping and earning rewards as usual. In fact, Safeway doesn’t require you to show your card to enter its stores or order something online from Just ask the cashier to apply your Safeway rewards by providing your phone number linked to your Safeway membership account.