Macy’s Shoe Return Policy (Time Limit, Without Receipt, Worn Shoes)

Macy’s Shoe Return Policy: Bought a pair of shoes and realized they don’t fit? Department stores generally have a return policy for that as well.

In most cases, customers can return the shoes within a certain time frame and receive a refund as long as the shoes are in new condition and have the original receipt.

However, some stores may allow customers to exchange worn shoes for a different size or style, so it’s always best to check the store’s return policy before making a purchase.

A shoe return policy typically outlines important information such as the time period in which customers can return shoes, whether or not a receipt is necessary, and the conditions of the shoes.

At Macy’s, all your purchases will be covered by the store’s return policy but will it be the same for shoe purchases?

Keep on reading to find out if you can return Macy’s shoes without a receipt, return deadline, worn condition, refund policy, exchange policy of Macy’s, and more!

Macy’s Shoe Return Policy

As of 2022, Shoes sold at Macy’s are covered by the 90-day return policy. So, when you buy a pair of shoes from Macy’s, you can return them within 90 days of purchase.

To be able to return them, the shoes should be in original condition without any potential damage. Most importantly, they should be unworn to get a full refund.

However, the final say regarding returns, refunds, and exchanges at Macy’s will always be at the discretion of a store manager.

In-Store Return Policy

When bought in-store, the Macy’s shoe return policy is –

Return PolicyInformation
In-store ReturnsAllowed
Time Limit90 Days
Worn ShoesCan Be Returned
With ReceiptFull Refund
Without ReceiptStore Credit
Refunds IssuedOriginal Payment Method
Refund TimeInstant Credit
Macy’s Shoe Return Policy In-Store

As per the in-store return policy at Macy’s, customers can return shoes within 90 days from the date of purchase.

You are required to show the original receipt as it will be treated as proof and makes you eligible for a full refund depending on the condition of the shoes.

Macy’s allows you to return shoes at any other Macy’s store regardless of the store where you bought them.

So, basically, it’s not mandatory to return shoes to the same Macy’s store!

Online Return Policy

Macy’s shoe return policy for online purchases is that you must return shoes within 90 days by mail or to your nearest store.

So, when you bought Macy’s shoes online on, you can either take back shoes to a store near you or just send them back via mail.

Hence, the online return policy of Macy’s for shoes is the same as the in-store return policy except for the way you can make a return.

Read below to find out how you can make a return via mail!

Without Receipt Policy

At Macy’s, you can return shoes even without a receipt at any of its locations. All you have to make sure is that your return deadline of 90 days isn’t over!

When you fail to show the original receipt, a store associate will look up your purchase information by entering your debit card or credit card details.

A copy of your receipt will be available in Macy’s customer database which can be easily pulled out when you provide some basic details like the date of purchase, credit card number, product SKU, etc.

After verifying your shoe purchase, as per its No Receipt policy, Macy’s will issue you a refund in the form of store credit.

Worn Shoes

As per Macy’s Shoe Return Policy in 2022, customers cannot return worn shoes whatsoever. So, in short, Macy’s is really strict regarding shoe returns.

But how strict will it be highly depends on its store managers’ decisions. Because you can still manage to return shoes that are worn or used by explaining a sensible reason.

If a store associate rejects your Macy’s shoes right away as they are worn, try to speak with the store’s manager one-on-one.

If the shoes are too fit or loose, you may ask for an exchange and the store manager may allow you to do so! (Please note that this is totally an out-of-the policy statement)

In most cases, worn shoe returns will be declined as Macy’s has a strict policy regarding worn, used, damaged, and altered items!

The Return Process

In order to return shoes at your nearest Macy’s –

  1. Take back the shoes, your original receipt, and the credit card you used to make the purchase.
  2. If you do not have a receipt, Macy’s can use other forms of identification such as order or shipping confirmation emails, registry numbers, or your credit card information to process the return.
  3. You cannot return shoes at the curbside.

In order to return shoes via mail to Macy’s –

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Sign In to start your return
  4. Or type in the order number
  5. Select if the purchase was a gift
  6. Complete email verification
  7. Select the order and print the shipping label
  8. Box the shoes and attach the label to it
  9. Drop the return package at a UPS nearby

As soon as your return is received, Macy’s will notify the status by email or by sending an SMS to your registered phone number.

Macy’s Shoe Exchange Policy

Exchanging or returning shoes at a Macy’s store (within 90 days) is possible as long as the product was originally purchased from the store.

Shoes that were only purchased online can be exchanged or returned by mail, but a new order for the exchanged/returned item must be placed online.

So, if you’re looking to return or exchange an item, the best bet is to head to your nearest Macy’s store.

After going through the condition of the shoes, Macy’s will either exchange them or refund your money only if they are unused and in the original box.

Refund Processing Time

Wondering how long Macy’s takes to refund your money? Fortunately, Macy’s has a generous refund policy.

Refunds are issued immediately as soon as Macy’s receives your shoe return package and your order purchase verification is done!

  • Refund As A Store Credit: Instant
  • Refund Issued To Credit Card: Your card provider takes up to 7 business days to deposit the money in your account
  • Refund Issued To Debit Card: Your bank may take up to 1 week to credit the amount back in your checking account
  • Cash Purchases: Macy’s will hand over the cash as a refund

So, Macy’s will issue refunds to the original payment method immediately but your bank or card provider takes a few days to process the funds.

If it’s a gift you received from someone, just show the gift receipt along with your return package at a Macy’s near you to get the refund in the form of store credit.

Store Credit

If Macy’s issues your refund as store credit, the amount on the gift card will be equal to the lowest advertised price of the shoes you bought in the last 180 days.

Backstage Merchandise

Macy’s Backstage merchandise including shoes must be returned within 30 days of purchase in original & saleable condition with tags attached.

If worn, your return will be rejected!

Designer Merchandise

If the shoes you purchased at Macy’s come under the designer merchandise category, you will just have 14 days to return them.

Under this category, brands like Gucci, Burberry, Tous, and Longchamp are sold.

In the case of Alexandre London merchandise and Louis Vuitton merchandise, the time limit is 30 days. Most importantly, you can return these products only at Macy’s Herald Square!

Last Act Merchandise

Shoes bought during Macy’s Last Act clearance sales are not allowed to return or exchange and get a refund.

Finish Line Shoes

At Macy’s, Finish Line shoes can be returned within 45 days from the date of purchase only if they are in original condition (unworn or not damaged).

Showing your copy of the receipt is mandatory!


For accepting your shoe return with or without a receipt, Macy’s will ask you to show your driver’s license or any other valid government-issued photo ID card.


Currently, you can return shoes to Macy’s within 90 days of purchase and in new, unworn condition. Macy’s shoe return policy without receipt is that customers can only receive store credit for the lowest sale price in the last 180 days. So, if you have the original receipt, bring the shoes and the receipt back to Macy’s for a full refund.