Meijer Michigan’s Adventure Tickets: Does it Sell? Discounted Pricing?

Discounted Michigan’s Adventure Tickets At Meijer: Looking for a fun day trip? Why not visit Michigan’s Adventure! This amusement park has something for everyone, with rides, games, and food options galore.

Plus, it’s the largest amusement park in Michigan – so there’s plenty to explore!

Buying tickets in advance can save you money, and be sure to check the park’s website or social media pages for updates on ride closures and other information. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen and water bottle!

Discounted admission tickets are sold at several retailers in and around Muskegon County. If you reside in other states, it’s best to purchase tickets online.

However, you can check with your local grocery store if it sells tickets to the park.

Do you live near a Meijer? Wondering if Meijer sells Michigan’s Adventure tickets?

Keep on reading to find out if Meijer sells admission tickets to Michigan’s Adventure at a discounted price, their availability, and a lot more.

Does Meijer sells Michigan’s Adventure Tickets?

As of 2022, Meijer sells Michigan’s Adventure tickets at all its stores. So, if you are looking to get cheap tickets to Michigan’s Adventure, Meijer is the place to go.

When you go shopping at Meijer, make sure to ask the customer service desk about Michigan’s Adventure tickets.

They usually have a few leftovers and you can get them for $36 each. That’s a pretty good deal, especially since the gate price for tickets is $39.

Head to the gift card section of the store to find Michigan’s Adventure tickets. Or, you can just walk to the customer service desk and ask for them directly.

Discounted Pricing

Discounted tickets (day passes) to Michigan’s Adventure can be purchased at Meijer for $36 per adult.

The rates are the same as online prices, but you avoid service fees by buying tickets at Meijer.

Rather than buying an admission ticket at the gate, you can purchase a ticket from Meijer with which you’ll be able to save money and enjoy access to Michigan’s Adventure, Wild Water Adventures, and Funland Farm.

When purchasing online tickets, you’ll end up paying service fees of $6 to $10 per transaction.

This service fee will be charged as per the total value of your order.

So, in order to avoid these additional costs, purchase your tickets from Meijer. It’s better to buy them ahead of time to avoid the lines at the park.

Season passes are not sold at Meijer, but day passes are. It’s free to enter for those 2 and under whereas adults (ages 3 & above) should pay $39 to enter.

If you are looking to buy a season pass, I would recommend visiting Michigan’s Adventure website directly.

Although, if you are just looking for tickets to the park for a day, Meijer is your best bet!

Parking Ticket

Unfortunately, the day pass you buy at Meijer doesn’t include the parking fee.

So, if you’re planning on spending a whole day at the amusement park, it’s best to factor in an additional $20 for parking.

You can purchase the parking ticket online on the park’s website, or you can buy it when you arrive at the park.

When you buy it online, the price is $20 per vehicle. If it’s an oversized vehicle, you should pay $30 for parking.

Remember that these are online-only prices and the actual cost varies if you purchase the parking ticket at the park’s gate.

Generally, it will cost you more at the gate.

General Ticket Rates

These are the general ticket rates of Michigan’s Adventure –

TicketCost Per Adult
Single Day Admission$39.99
Good Any Day Admission$49.99
Two Day Admission$65
Military Admission$37
Fast Lane$45
All Day Dining$29.99
Premium All-Day Dining$39.99
Single Day Photos Pass$30.99
Single Day Meal$14.99
Regular Season Pass$79
Platinum Season Pass$230
Online Ticket Pricing Of Michigan’s Adventure

This is the pricing you see online on Michigan’s Adventure ticketing portal. Buying tickets online is another best way to save a few bucks besides shopping at Meijer.

The above rates are not inclusive of the parking fee and the processing service fee and so, you can expect to pay about $26.50 or $27 ($20 parking fee + $6.50 online processing fee) more than the actual price.

At Meijer, you can’t buy parking tickets but you can avoid the service fee that is charged when tickets are bought online.

Remember that Meijer sells only day passes and not season passes. However, ask the store associate if there are any combo ticket packages like 2-day admission + all-day dining, 1-day admission + dining + beverages, etc.

Military Discount

Michigan’s Adventure sells special discounted tickets for military personnel. So, if you are in the army or retired, you can purchase admission tickets at a low rate.

As of 2022, members working in the U.S military and their families can get Michigan’s Adventure tickets at $37 per adult.

Note that this military discount can be availed only online and not at the gate. And also, you may have to show your government-issued photo ID in order to get the discount.

For more information regarding special promotions, offers, and deals, you can check out this FAQ page or contact the park authorities.


You can buy Michigan’s Adventure amusement park admission tickets at a Meijer near you at a rate of $36 per person. This is a discounted rate that you generally find online on the official ticketing platform but you will be not paying the additional service fee of $6.50 at Meijer. The day passes available at Meijer don’t come included with the parking fee. Currently, a single-day admission ticket costs you $39.99 on the MIAdventure website, and you also need to purchase the parking ticket for $20 per vehicle ($30 for oversized/heavy vehicles).

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