How Can You Transfer Money From MetaMask To PayPal? (Withdrawal)

MetaMask To PayPal: Do you use MetaMask for your cryptocurrency transactions? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to transfer your cryptocurrency to PayPal?

Nowadays, PayPal is one of the most popular payment platforms worldwide.

So, it’s only natural that many people would want to know how to transfer their cryptocurrency earnings to their PayPal accounts.

On the other hand, MetaMask is highly becoming popular as a cryptocurrency wallet because it supports not only Ethereum but also other ERC20 tokens.

So, in case you’re one of those people who are looking for a way to cash out their cryptocurrency earnings from MetaMask to PayPal, this guide is for you.

Can You Transfer MetaMask to PayPal In 2022?

Unfortunately, NO. As of 2022, it’s not possible to make crypto transfers between MetaMask and PayPal.

Since Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet and PayPal is a popular money transfer platform, many people are interested in how to transfer money between the two.

While MetaMask does not currently have the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies like USD, it is possible to send cryptocurrency from MetaMask to an exchange platform like Coinbase where it can then be sold for USD.

From there, the USD can be transferred to a PayPal account. This process is not as straightforward as transferring fiat currency from one bank account to another, but it is possible.

For those who are interested in doing so, it is important to first understand the basics of how both MetaMask and PayPal work.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive Ethereum (ETH) and other ERC20 tokens.

In order to use MetaMask, users must first create an account and then add ETH or other tokens to their wallets.

Once funds are added to the wallet, they can be used to send payments or to make purchases on decentralized applications (dapps) that are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

PayPal, on the other hand, is a popular online money transfer platform that allows users to send and receive money from others.

PayPal also has the ability to hold and exchange a variety of different fiat currencies.

In order to use PayPal, users must first create an account and then link their bank account or debit/credit card.

Once this is done, they will be able to send and receive money with other PayPal users.

MetaMask To Coinbase To PayPal

As there is no direct way to do MetaMask to PayPal, you can follow an indirect method where you first send your crypto balance to Coinbase and then, exchange the funds into dollars to be able to withdraw from PayPal.

MetaMask To Coinbase

Both MetaMask and Coinbase support a variety of different assets, so you can transfer any type of cryptocurrency between the two wallets.

In terms of security, both platforms are extremely secure and use industry-leading encryption to protect your funds.

When it comes to transferring money between MetaMask and Coinbase, the process is relatively simple.

However, it’s important to note that you should only send funds to cryptocurrency addresses that you trust.

The steps to transferring money from MetaMask to Coinbase are as follows:

Step 1: Using Coinbase Wallet Extension

The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the Coinbase Wallet extension and tap on “Show Wallet address.”

This will display your unique Coinbase wallet address.

Step 2: Accessing Your MetaMask Wallet

Next, you’ll need to open up the MetaMask app on your iPhone or Android phone in order to access your wallet.

Once you’re in, enter your password in order to gain access to your funds.

Step 3: Sending the Funds

Once you’re in your MetaMask wallet, you will have the option to send your funds to any cryptocurrency address.

Simply click on “Send” and then select the QR code scanner button in the MetaMask app.

Step 4: Entering the Amount and Asset

After you’ve scanned the QR code, you will be prompted to enter an amount as well as the asset type that you’re transferring.

Make sure that everything is correct before hitting “Send.”

Step 5: The Crypto Has Been Transferred!

Once you hit “Send,” the funds will be transferred from your MetaMask wallet to your Coinbase Wallet extension.

That’s it! Your Coinbase Wallet extension is now funded with cryptocurrency.

Coinbase To PayPal

There are a few things to keep in mind when transferring money between Coinbase and PayPal.

First, users will have to convert their crypto into fiat currency in order to send funds to PayPal. Second, there is a conversion fee of 5% that will be charged for this transaction.

Finally, Coinbase charges an instant withdrawal fee of 3.75% for PayPal withdrawals. Follow these steps to withdraw from Coinbase to PayPal –

Step 1: Link PayPal To Coinbase

The first thing you need to do is link your PayPal account to Coinbase. To do this, log into your Coinbase account and go to the ‘Settings’ page.

From there, click on the ‘Linked Accounts’ tab and then select PayPal from the list of options.

Step 2: Convert Crypto Into USD

In order to send funds to PayPal, you will first need to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency. To do this, go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ page on Coinbase and select the ‘Sell’ option.

Step 3: Select Your Wallet

Next, you will need to select the wallet that you will be using to send the funds. For this example, we will be using the EUR/USD wallet.

Step 4: Conversion Fee

As mentioned earlier, there is a conversion fee of 5% that will be charged for this transaction. So, let’s say you are looking to transfer $100 worth of cryptocurrency to PayPal.

The conversion fee would be $5, meaning that you would actually be sending $105 to PayPal.

Step 5: Withdraw Funds To PayPal

Once the conversion is complete, you will need to go to your EUR/USD wallet and click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.

From there, select PayPal as your withdrawal method and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw.

Step 6: Check Your PayPal Account

As soon as the withdrawal is complete, you should see the funds in your PayPal account. Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes for the transaction to appear in your account.

So, these are the simple steps you will need to follow in order to withdraw money from MetaMask to PayPal instantly.

Other Crypto Exchange Platforms

There are a few different ways to transfer money between MetaMask and PayPal. The most common way is to simply use an exchange platform that supports both currencies.

For example, Coinbase allows users to buy and sell both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can then be sent to a PayPal account.

As we’ve already seen how Coinbase works, let’s take a look at how this would work with Binance.

Binance is another cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell a variety of different currencies.

They also have their own native currency, called Binance Coin (BNB). If you wanted to use Binance to convert your Ethereum into USD and then send it to your PayPal account, you would first need to buy BNB with Ethereum.

You can do this by going to the “Exchange” tab and selecting the “Basic” option. From there, you would select ETH/BNB as your trading pair and enter how much ETH you want to spend.

Once you’ve placed your order, it will show up in the “Open Orders” section until it’s filled. Once your order is filled, you will now have BNB in your Binance wallet.

From there, you can go to the “Withdraw” tab and select PayPal as your withdrawal method. Enter how much USD you want to withdraw and your PayPal email address, then submit the withdrawal.

The funds should appear in your PayPal account within a few minutes. This is just one example of how you can transfer money between MetaMask and PayPal.

There are many different exchange platforms out there that support both currencies, so you can use any of them to do this.

Other major platforms like Kraken, UpHold, and Voyager also offer this service. Even though the process may be slightly different on each platform, the overall concept is the same.

Simply find an exchange that supports both currencies, buy one with the other, and then withdraw it to your PayPal account.


Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency. It also allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network.

However, Metamask does not work with PayPal. So, if you want to use Metamask with PayPal, you have to go through a few extra steps.

First, you need to exchange your cryptocurrency for money on an exchange platform. Then, you can add the money to your PayPal account.

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly transfer cryptocurrency or money from Metamask to PayPal.