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Purchase Safeway Cakes: Looking for a great place to get a cake in 2022? Safeway is a great option! They have several locations across the country, and each one has an amazing bakery.

You can order custom cakes or choose from their wide selection of premade cakes. Either way, you’re sure to be happy with your cake from Safeway.

Safeway bakeries are known for their delicious cakes, but they also offer other treats like cookies and cupcakes. Even donuts! So if you’re in the mood for something sweet, stop by Safeway and check out their bakery.

You won’t be disappointed. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the bakery you want to visit is open before making the trip.

You can also check their website for more information about custom cakes, premade cakes, and other treats.

Keep on reading to find out how you can order a cake from Safeway bakery, does Safeway deliver cakes when you order them online, can you order custom cakes from Safeway, is it possible to order Safeway cakes through Instacart, what’s the pricing of Safeway cakes, and a lot more!

Buy Safeway Cakes In 2022

Safeway bakery is open all weekdays and even during the weekend. So, you can purchase Safeway cakes whenever you want. As of 2022, there are 5 different ways to buy cakes from Safeway –

  1. In-store
  2. Online
  3. Safeway App
  4. Instacart
  5. By phone

Steps To Buy In-store

To purchase a cake in-store, simply go to the bakery department and have a look at the premade cakes available.

Choose the cake you would like to buy and ask the bakery associate to ring it up for you. In case you need a custom cake, you can ask the associate to place an order for you.

To find a Safeway bakery near you –

  1. Open the web browser on your mobile phone
  2. Go to
  3. Tap on the location symbol/icon
  4. Now, type in your city in the search bar
  5. Tap on the additional services toggle
  6. Browse and select the Bakery & Deli Order-Ahead option
  7. Tap on the Apply button
  8. Then, select a Safeway store that’s nearest to you
  9. View the directions and phone number

Use the directions on the map shown to reach your local Safeway bakery where you can shop for a wide variety of cakes.

Ordering Safeway Cakes Online

As of 2022, Safeway offers home delivery and pickup services to its customers who order cakes online via its official website or using the app.

Either way, the steps to order a cake from Safeway online are almost the same. You need to simply follow these steps –

  1. Go to or open the Safeway app
  2. Log into your Safeway account
  3. Add your exact location & address in the profile
  4. Go back to the shopping page
  5. Select the Bread & Bakery category
  6. Now, choose the cakes & cupcakes sub-category
  7. Go through all available cake types in the catalog
  8. Add your favorite cake to the shopping cart
  9. Go to the checkout page
  10. Make the payment using your card debit/credit card

That’s it! After a successful transaction, your online order will be delivered to your home within the prescribed time.

Currently, you cannot pay using Safeway gift cards for online orders!

Using Instacart To Buy Safeway Cakes

Safeway delivers a variety of its cake types through Instacart. So, you can either use your Instacart app or website in order to buy cakes from Safeway and get them delivered to your door.

To purchase Safeway cakes on Instacart –

  1. Download/Install the Instacart App or open its website
  2. Sign in to your Instacart account or sign up if you didn’t already
  3. Choose Safeway as the retailer you want to shop
  4. Tap on or select the Bakery category
  5. Now, choose the Cakes & Pies subcategory to view cakes
  6. You can also select your dietary preference and brand
  7. Add a cake you wish to purchase
  8. Tap on the Cart icon to checkout
  9. Choose your delivery window
  10. Complete the payment process to order

That’s it! This is how you can easily order a Safeway cake via Instacart and get the cake of your choice delivered within 2 hours.

In some locations, Instacart offers priority delivery where your order can be delivered in 60 minutes or less.

However, you will be charged a delivery fee of at least $3.99 or more depending on your delivery window preference.

You can expect a delivery charge of anywhere between $3.99 and $7.99!

Ordering Safeway Cakes By Phone

Safeway also lets customers order cakes by phone. So, you can just make a call to 877-505-4040 to speak to a grocery delivery & pickup service agent.

Just ask the representative to connect you to a Safeway bakery associate or let him/her place a cake order on your behalf.

Provide your address information so that a Safeway delivery person can reach you within the scheduled delivery time.

Most Popular Safeway Cakes To Buy

The best Safeway cakes you should try in 2022 are –

Bakery Sliced Carrot Cake$2.99970 Calories
Fresh Baked White Iced Cake Slice$2.99950 Calories
German Chocolate Slice Cake$2.99920 Calories
Slice Artisan Chocolate Colossal Cake$4.99880 Calories
Cafe Valley Lemon Ring 7Up Cake$5.99310 Calories
Signature Select Cake Chocolate Decadent Gluten Free$11.99270 Calories
Bakery Cake Slice Marble$2.99960 Calories
Bakery Cake Slice Red Velvet$2.99750 Calories
Bakery Carrot Cake 8 Inch 1 Layer$12.992700 Calories
Signature SELECT Shortcake Strawberry White Chocolate Glutenfree$11.991570 Calories
Best Safeway Cakes

Safeway Cake Types

There are several cake types that can be ordered from Safeway, including the following:

  1. Sheet Cakes: These are large rectangular cakes that are often served at parties. They come in a variety of flavors and can be iced or left un-iced.
  2. Round Cakes: Round cakes are classic cakes that can be found at most bakeries. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and can be iced or left un-iced.
  3. Cupcakes: Cupcakes are small individual cakes that come in a variety of flavors. They can be iced or left un-iced and are often served at parties.
  4. Specialty Cakes: Specialty cakes are custom-made cakes that are often made for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and can be decorated with a variety of icing designs.

The flavors you can choose from will depend on the type of cake you order. For example, sheet cakes usually come in classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, while specialty cakes can be made in any flavor you choose.

Cake flavors and fillings can be mixed and matched to create a custom cake that’s perfect for your event.

Safeway Cakes Brands Available For Purchase

As of 2022, Safeway bakery sells cakes & cupcakes from these brands –

  • Ann Maries
  • Safeway
  • Signature SELECT
  • Cafe Valley
  • Hostess
  • Just Desserts
  • Father’s Table
  • Rubicon Bakers
  • Charter Reserve
  • Smart & Final
  • Market 32
  • Ticklebelly
  • Valentino

Out of these 14 brands, the most popular ones that most Safeway customers prefer to buy are Signature SELECT, Cafe Valley, Ann Maries, and Hostess.

Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes?

If you’re looking for a custom cake from Safeway, you’ll be happy to know that the grocery store does make them.

You can place your order in-store or over the phone and work with one of their talented decorators to create a unique cake just for you.

Expect to pay a bit more for a custom cake as Safeway will charge you based on the difficulty of the design, the time it takes to decorate, and other factors.

Typically, custom cakes from Safeway start at around $35.99 for a 1/4 sheet cake.

So, if you have a specific cake idea in mind for your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, Safeway is likely able to make it for you.

In addition to custom cakes, Safeway also offers ready-made cakes that are already decorated and can be purchased without placing an order in advance.

These cakes are a bit cheaper and start at around $9 for a small 8″ cake.

Safeway Custom Cake Flavors

There are many reasons why people might choose to order a custom cake from Safeway. Perhaps they are celebrating a special occasion and want a cake that is truly unique, or maybe they have dietary restrictions that require a specific type of cake.

Whatever the reason, Safeway offers a wide variety of cake flavours to suit any need.

Chocolate and raspberry is a classic combination that is sure to please any sweet tooth. The rich chocolate cake pairs perfectly with the tart raspberry filling, creating a delicious contrast of flavours. This cake would be perfect for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

For those who prefer something a little lighter, the white cake with lemon filling is a refreshing option.

The sweetness of the cake is balanced by the tartness of the lemon, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

There are many other flavours available at Safeway, so there is sure to be something to please everyone.

Whether you are looking for a classic flavour or something a little more unique, Safeway has you covered.

A Safeway red velvet cake is perfect for a special event like a birthday, anniversary or engagement party.

It has a deep red colour that adds an elegant touch to any occasion. The rich flavour of the cake is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

A Safeway Marble cake is perfect for those who can’t decide on just one flavour. The cake is half chocolate and half vanilla, with a swirl of the two flavours running through the middle. This cake is sure to please everyone at your next event.

No matter what your occasion or preference, Safeway has a custom cake to suit your needs. With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect cake for your next event.

Safeway Custom Cake Fillings

Safeway offers a wide variety of cake fillings to choose from, whether you’re looking for something traditional or something more unique.

Bavarian cream is a rich and creamy filling that pairs well with lighter cakes, while chocolate whipped icing is perfect for chocolate lovers.

If you’re looking for something fruity, try the strawberry or raspberry fillings. For a richer cake, German chocolate or caramel whipped icing would be delicious choices.

And if you’re undecided, vanilla or cookies & cream whipped icing are both classic flavors that are sure to please everyone.

No matter what filling you choose, your cake will be sure to be delicious!

How To Order A Custom Cake From Safeway?

The best way to order a custom cake at Safeway is to visit the store in person. This will allow you to discuss your needs with a bakery employee and get an accurate quote for your cake.

If you are unable to visit the store, you can call up the local Safeway store’s phone number and ask to speak with the bakery department.

Then, you can share your cake plans and get a quote over the phone. Custom cakes may cost more than standard cakes, so be sure to ask for a price quote before you place your order.

And also, be aware that some Safeway stores may not be able to accommodate very specific or detailed requests.

However, if you have a simple custom cake in mind, such as adding an inscription or change of color scheme, then most Safeway stores should be able to fulfill your request.

Some Safeway stores may have a cake catalog or brochure available. However, these are usually located in the bakery area of the store, so you will need to visit your local Safeway in order to view it.

The cake catalog is a good place to look for ideas if you’re not sure what kind of cake you want, or if you need some inspiration for a custom order.

How long does it take for Safeway to make a cake?

Safeway requires at least 24 hours notice for cake orders. So, your custom cake will be ready for pick up within 24 hours of placing your order. Just be sure to specify when you’ll need the cake when ordering.

If it’s a last-minute cake emergency, Safeway also offers a large selection of pre-made cakes that can be ready for pick up within two hours.

Safeway’s pre-made cakes can be ordered right away either online or you can visit your local Safeway store.

How Much Is A Sheet Cake At Safeway?

The price of Safeway sheet cakes typically ranges between $10.99 and $72.99 depending on the design & size. If it’s a custom sheet cake, its cost will be even more.

Here’s the Safeway pricing table –

SizeStarting Price
1/8 Sheet$10.99
1/4 Sheet$29.99
1/2 Sheet$45.99
Full Sheet$72.99
Safeway Sheet Cake Cost

So, basically, the starting price of a 1/8 sheet cake will be around $10.99 whereas 1/4 sheet cakes cost you anywhere around $29.99.

If it’s a 1/2 sheet cake, Safeway will charge you at least $45.99. In case you need a full sheet, expect to pay up to $72.99.

The online pricing and the in-store pricing will almost be the same but you may find special deals, offers, and discounts when you go shopping at a Safeway bakery.

If you are ordering a sheet cake online on, there will be a delivery charge of up to $12.99 depending on your location.

FUN FACT: A Safeway sheet cake is 18”x24” big. Some sheet cakes can be as big as 18”x26”.

How Much Does Safeway Charge On Wedding Cakes?

Safeway wedding cakes can cost you as high as $119.99. However, the price you need to pay depends on the number of tiers.

For example, a 2-tier wedding cake will be priced at around $92 whereas a 3-tier wedding cake costs you up to $119.99.

You can buy custom wedding cakes at Safeway at a discounted rate during holidays and special occasions.

Even with discounted pricing, the overall cost of a Safeway custom-made wedding cake can be very high as it varies with the size, complexity of the design, and ingredients used.

Please note that you need to order ahead in order to purchase a wedding cake from Safeway!

Does Safeway Sell Round Cakes?

Yes, Safeway bakery does sell round cakes at a starting price of $8.99. The pricing of these cakes depends on the number of layers and the size.

So, a single-layer 8-inch round cake will cost you around $8.99 whereas you can expect to get charged up to $15.99 for an 8″ round cake with 2 layers.

As of now, you can order an 8 Inch 2-layer white seasonal round cake online on On the Instacart app, Signature Kitchens 8″ 2 Layer Decorated Chocolate Cake can be ordered for home delivery.

Does Safeway Sell Cupcakes?

Yes, you can buy cupcakes at a Safeway near you for as low as $1.99. The cost of Safeway cupcakes can go as high as $39.99 depending on the type and count.

For example, a Hostess Limited Edition Strawberry Flavored Pack of 2 cupcakes is priced at just $1.99 online whereas a 1/2 sheet chocolate cupcake will cost you $39.99.

Here’s a pricing table you need to check out to get an idea about the cost –

CupcakesStarting Cost
2 Count$1.99
4 Count$5.99
10 Count$12.99
24 Count$14.99
Safeway Cupcakes Starting Price

The pricing of these cupcakes varies with the flavor. For example, a pack of 24 assorted Christmas cupcakes costs you just $7.99 whereas a 24-pack of red velvet cupcakes is priced at $14.99.

Brands Available: SIGNATURE BANNER, Just Desserts, Two-Bite, SIGNATURE SELECT, Rubicon Bakers, Hostess, and Safeway.

Does Safeway Have Pound Cake?

Yes, Safeway does sell pound cakes made by its in-house bakery and other baking brands like Entenmann’s and Sweet Sams.

As of now, you can buy –

Pound CakeCost
In-store Bakery Pound Cake$4.99
Entenmann’s Minis Pound Snack Cakes$5.29
Bakery Cake Pound 1/2 Ring$5.00
Bakery Cake Pound Ring$8.99
Sweet Sams Cake Pound Iced Lemon$7.49
Sweet Sams Cake Pound Marble$7.49
Sweet Sams Cake Pound Carrot Walnut$7.49
Safeway Pound Cake Pricing

At Safeway, the cost of a pound cake generally ranges between $4.99 and $7.49 depending on the size, flavor, and brand.

Fun Fact: Many people believe that pound cake and sponge cake are the same. However, there are some key differences between the two cakes. Sponge cake is typically made with flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. The batter is then beaten until it forms a light and airy mixture. Pound cake, on the other hand, is made with a pound of each ingredient. This results in a much denser cake. So, while they may look similar, pound cake and sponge cake are not the same.

Does Safeway Sell Ice Cream Cakes?

Yes, Safeway carries ice cream cakes from brands such as Oreo, Signature SELECT, Carvel, SIGNATURE BANNER, Uncle Harry’s, etc.

The lowest-priced you can find is Mochi Ice Cream Ripe Strawberry which costs you $1.69 each whereas the costliest one is Signature Select Ice Cream Cake White Cake Van Ic 1/4 Sheet – 66 Oz which can be bought for $35.99.

So, you can buy an ice cream cake at Safeway for as low as $1.69!

Safeway Cakes Staple Flavours

Safeway offers a wide variety of staple cake flavors to choose from, whether you’re looking for something fruity, chocolatey, or even carrot-based.

Pound cake, fruit cake, coconut cake, and strawberry bar cake are all excellent options that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the tiramisu cube cake is a wonderfully rich and indulgent choice. And for those who prefer something a little lighter, the carrot cake or carrot mini bundt cake are both excellent options.

No matter what your flavor preference may be, Safeway has a delicious option to suit your needs. A Strawberry Bar Cake from Safeway is the perfect dessert for any occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, baby shower, or just want to have a delicious treat on hand, a strawberry bar cake from Safeway is always a good choice.

This moist and flavorful cake is covered in rich cream cheese frosting and adorned with fresh strawberries, making it a truly show-stopping dessert.

A Tiramisu Cube Cake from Safeway is the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth.

This decadent cake is made with layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso, marsala-infused mascarpone cream, and chocolate shavings.

It’s then finished with a dusting of cocoa powder, making it a truly indulgent treat.

Safeway cake Decoration

When it comes to decorating a Safeway cake, the sky’s the limit! Whether you want to keep it simple with a message written in icing or go all out with an elaborate design, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Safeway bakery staff will be more than happy to provide you with some tips and ideas. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and make your next cake a true work of art!

For example, If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your Safeway cake, fondant is the way to go.

This sugar-based paste can be used to create smooth, flawless finishes and can be molded into just about any shape or design you can imagine.

Fondant is also ideal for covering imperfections, such as cracks or uneven surfaces. Another option for decorating your Safeway cake is to use fresh fruit.

This is a great way to add color and flavor to your cake and can be used in a variety of ways. Fresh fruit can be simply arranged on top of the cake or used to create fun and festive designs.

If you’re not sure how to get started, the Safeway bakery staff will be more than happy to provide you with some tips and ideas.

No matter what your decorating preferences may be, Safeway has a cake decoration option that’s perfect for you. So go ahead and let your creativity run wild!

Does Safeway make good cake?

Safeway has a good selection of cakes for any occasion, as well as some pretty delicious cupcakes. The prices are reasonable and the quality is just fine.

Safeway also offers special order options if you want something they don’t have on hand but that they can make easily enough.

How good Safeway makes its cakes totally depends on the bakery. Some Safeway bakeries make good cakes and some don’t. You really just have to try them out for yourself.

The best cake at Safeway would be their Carrot Cake, which has a moist and delicious cake with cream cheese frosting.

However, the best part about Safeway is that they offer special order options, so if you don’t like one of their cakes, you can always order something else.

The texture of Safeway’s cakes is really good. Even the flavors are also very nice. However, there is one downside to Safeway’s cakes and that is the price.

They are a bit more expensive than other grocery stores. But, overall, Safeway’s cakes are good and some are worth the money.

How long do Safeway cakes last?

Safeway cakes are best consumed within 3-5 days of purchase. They will last up to 7 days if stored in a cool, dry place.

In order to extend the shelf life of your Safeway cake, you can store it in the fridge.

Most Safeway cakes do not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as cream cheese frosted cakes, which should be stored in the fridge.

So, it really depends on the type of cake and filling you have. If you are unsure, it is always best to err on the side of caution and store your cake in the fridge.

Can I buy a cake 2 days in advance?

Yes, Safeway allows you to order a cake well in advance. It may be 2 days or 3 days, you can either schedule your cake delivery through Instacart or by visiting the bakery in person.

If you don’t want to place an order online, simply head to your nearest Safeway store with a bakery department and talk to a store associate to create a special order.

Safeway Cakes Nutrition

Besides selling regular cakes, Safeway also provides options for those who are concerned about their sodium, gluten, fat, sugar, or peanut intake.

For example, they offer a line of kosher cakes that are perfect for religious celebrations. They also have a selection of cakes that are suitable for vegans or those with peanut allergies.

And if you’re on a diet, you’ll be happy to know that Safeway offers a variety of low-fat and sugar-free cakes. Whatever your dietary needs, Safeway has a cake for you!

The Kosher cakes that Safeway offers are specially made to meet the requirements of the Jewish religion.

These cakes are free of any leavening, which means they don’t contain any yeast or baking soda. This makes them perfect for Passover celebrations.

The ingredients in these cakes are also carefully selected to avoid mixing meat and dairy products, as required by kosher law.

If you have a peanut allergy, you’ll be glad to know that Safeway offers a selection of peanut-free cakes.

These cakes are made with alternative ingredients such as soy butter or margarine, so you can enjoy them without worrying about your allergies.

For those on a diet, Safeway offers a variety of low-fat and sugar-free cakes.

These desserts are just as delicious as regular cakes, but they’re made with healthier ingredients such as whole wheat flour and Splenda.

So you can indulge in your sweet tooth without the guilt! Whatever your dietary needs, Safeway has a cake for you.

Whether you’re looking for a Kosher cake for a religious celebration, a peanut-free cake for those with allergies, or a low-fat and sugar-free cake for dieters, Safeway has what you’re looking for.


As of 2022, Safeway sells a wide variety of pre-made cakes and custom cakes made by experienced bakers in its in-house bakery. The pre-made cakes & cupcakes at Safeway typically cost you anywhere between $2.99 and $99.99 whereas the pricing of custom-crafted cakes such as wedding cakes can be as high as $119.99. Currently, you can book a cake from Safeway online on or using the Safeway deals & delivery app, or through Instacart to get home delivery.