Does Safeway Do Cash Back? (Limit, Debit Card, Check, Credit Card)

Safeway Cash Back Policy: Cash back at the register policy is a store’s policy on how much cash back a customer can receive when they use their debit card for purchases.

Getting cash back at the register can be a convenient way to get access to extra cash, but it’s important to know the policy of the store you’re shopping at before attempting to do so.

Some stores may have a limit on how much cash back you can receive, while others may not offer it as an option at all.

Do you frequently shop at Safeway stores? If yes, you might probably be wondering if Safeway offers cash back at the register.

Keep on reading to find out whether you can get cash back at Safeway, how much cash back you can receive, are checks and credit cards accepted, and more!

Does Safeway Do Cash Back In 2022?

As of 2022, Safeway does offer cash back of up to $200 at the register. So, if you’re looking to avoid paying an ATM fee to withdraw cash, you can go to Safeway and get cash back on your purchase.

At Safeway locations, customers can use their debit, credit, and Discover cards at the register to get cash back on their in-store purchases.

However, you cannot use a personal check or make digital transactions at Safeway to get cash back.

It’s also important to note that not all Safeway stores offer the same amount of cash back as other locations, so it’s best if you call your local Safeway store before making an in-store purchase to see how much cash back they offer.

So, now that you know Safeway does offer cash back for certain payment types, let’s talk about what payment methods you can use to get cash back and how much you can withdraw from Safeway stores every time you shop.

Payment Methods

Safeway currently accepts 3 types of payment methods with which you can get cash back at the checkout counter.

At Safeway, you can get cash back with –

  1. Debit Cards
  2. Discover Credit Cards
  3. Checks

Remember that Safeway only accepts major PIN-based debit cards like Visa and Mastercard for cash back. So, you may not use other types like American Express cards.

Only Discover credit cards are allowed if you want to make a cash back transaction in-store.

In the case of check payments, you cannot write a personal check at Safeway for cash back or just for making an in-store payment.

Safeway only cashes payroll checks and government checks at its stores as of now! So, you might be able to get cash back with those accepted check types!!

How To Get Cash Back At Safeway?

It’s an easy and convenient way to get cash back right at Safeway. It’s basically a 4-step process:

  1. When you are at the register, simply swipe or insert your debit/ credit card to pay for your purchase
  2. Enter your card PIN
  3. When prompted, select the option for cash back
  4. Now, choose an amount that you would like to get as cash back and confirm the transaction

That’s it! All you have to do is type in your PIN and select the option for cash back. You will be able to get some cash back from Safeway.

The best thing about this method is that it does not incur any additional fees as an ATM transaction would.

If you are confused or stuck, you can always ask the cashier for help.

Please note that your cash back transaction will be declined if you do not have enough funds in your bank account or if you swipe/insert a non-acceptable card like an American Express credit card.

Safeway Cash Back Limit

At Safeway stores, there is a maximum cash back limit of $200 per day. However, the limit may be low depending on the type of payment method you use.

Here’s a table showing Safeway Cash Back Limits –

Payment MethodCash Back Limit
Debit Card$200
Discover Credit Card$120
Cash Back Limit At Safeway Stores

So, basically, the amount you can withdraw at Safeway varies with the card you pay at the counter. Use a debit card to be able to get the most cash back i.e. $200.

If you are using a Discover credit card, the maximum you can get is restricted to $120. However, some stores may have a lower limit of $100.

Personal checks cannot be written for cash back but Safeway may issue a max. cash back of $25 on other types of checks when you pay with them.

Safeway Fast Forward Program

Previously, Safeway used to offer cash back of $100 to all its members who’ve registered with its Fast Forward program.

As of 2022, it looks like Safeway has discontinued this Fast Forward program and merged it with its all-new Safeway For U loyalty rewards program.

Safeway For U doesn’t require you to have a card to participate as it just needs your phone number so that you can earn reward points on every $1 you spend.

To know more about Safeway’s Fast Forward for cash back or Safeway For U rewards, try to contact a store associate at your nearest Safeway.

Cash Back At Safeway Gas Stations

As of 2022, you can get cash back at 288 Safeway gas station locations in the United States.

After you fill up your vehicle’s tank with fuel, head to the convenience store next to it and buy a snack or anything you want in order to be eligible to get cash back.

Cash Back With Chime Card At Safeway

Safeway accepts Chime debit cards as a form of payment method and allows you to get cash back.

So, you can swipe your Chime card like as you would do with any other debit card and select a cash back amount on the POS machine screen.

Enter your Chime card PIN and complete the purchase transaction successfully. Then, the cashier at Safeway will hand over the cash you withdraw.

Don’t forget to take your receipt! And also, remember that you may not use your Chime credit builder card (credit card) in order to get cash back at Safeway.

Safeway Cash Back With Gift Cards

Unfortunately, you cannot use a Safeway gift card to pay and get cash back. In fact, there are many such restrictions on Safeway GCs.

With Safeway gift cards, you cannot get cash back, exchange/redeem for cash, pay for buying other gift cards, and reload.

Apple Pay For Cash Back At Safeway

As per Safeway’s Cash Back Policy, Apple Pay transactions don’t make you eligible for getting cash back at Safeway stores.

So, even when you use your debit card via Apple Pay on your iPhone, you are not allowed to withdraw money at Safeway locations.

This applies not only to Apple Pay but to all digital transactions made with either Google Pay or Samsung Pay or Apple Watch.


Safeway is one of the places that offer the most cash back. You can get a maximum of $200 from your checking account when you use your debit card to pay at a Safeway register. Safeway doesn’t allow you to get cash back with credit cards but the only exception is Discover cards with which you will be able to withdraw $120 at most locations. You may also use cashable check types at the checkout counter and get up to $25 in cash back.