What is the difference between Spring and Autumn Season?

Key Difference: The main difference between Spring and Autumn seasons is the weather.

Spring is warmer with more flowers blooming, while Autumn has cooler temperatures and many trees losing their leaves.

This also means that Spring is a more active season with people spending more time outdoors, while Autumn is a quieter season where people may spend more time inside.

However, there are many other small differences between the two seasons, such as what foods are eaten and which holidays are celebrated.

What is the Spring season?

Spring is the season that comes after winter and before summer.

It typically lasts from late March to late May or early June in the Northern Hemisphere, and from September to November in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring is a time of renewal, as plants begin to grow and flowers bloom.

It is also a time for outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping.

The weather is usually mild and pleasant, making it a popular season for travel.

In the United States, the first day of spring is celebrated on March 20th.

What is the Autumn season?

The Autumn season is the period of the year that typically occurs between September and November in the Northern Hemisphere. In the US, the Autumnal Equinox is on September 23.

It is characterized by falling temperatures and changes in leaf color as trees lose their leaves.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn falls between March and May.

During Autumn, many people enjoy pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks, as well as seasonal activities such as hayrides and corn mazes.

This season is also a popular time to go on vacation.

Spring vs Autumn

One of the biggest differences between Spring and Autumn is that the weather is cooler during Autumn.

In Spring, the weather is warmer and flowers begin to bloom.

Another difference between these two seasons is that people tend to do different things during each one.

For example, in Autumn people often go on hikes or go to pumpkin patches, while in Spring people might go out to eat or go for walks.

Main Differences

Important differences between the Spring season and the Autumn season include –


One of the major differences between Spring and Autumn is the climate.

The weather conditions in Spring are mild and pleasant, while the weather in Autumn is typically colder with falling temperatures.

This happens because the days grow shorter and the sun shines less in Autumn than in Spring.


Another difference between these seasons is the colors of nature.

In Spring, plants, and flowers are starting to grow and blossom, so they are often brightly colored.

In Autumn, trees lose their leaves and they usually have less colorful foliage.

The leaves may turn yellow, orange, or red, depending on the type of tree.


People also enjoy different activities during Spring and Autumn.

In Spring, many people like to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather by hiking, camping, or participating in other outdoor activities.

In Autumn, people often prefer to stay inside and eat pumpkin-flavored food and drinks or participate in other indoor activities.


There are also scientific distinctions between Spring and Autumn.

In Spring, the days get longer and the sun shines more. This causes plants to grow and flowers to bloom.

In Autumn, the days get shorter and the sun shines less.

This makes the leaves on trees change color as they begin to lose their chlorophyll.


The temperature is another important difference between Spring and Autumn.

The average temperature in Spring is usually warmer than the average temperature in Autumn.

This happens because in Autumn, the days get colder and the nights also get colder whereas, in Spring, the days and nights stay warmer compared to Autumn.


The length of the days is also different between Spring and Autumn.

In Spring, the days get longer and in Autumn, the days get shorter.

This means that in Spring there are more hours of daylight than in Autumn.

Animal activity

In the Spring, animals such as bears and deer come out of hibernation and start to look for food.

In Autumn, many animals such as squirrels gather food for winter.

This is because the weather is colder in Autumn and food is harder to find.


In Spring, plants such as flowers and trees start to grow.

In Autumn, the leaves on trees change color and fall off.


Overall, there are several major distinctions between Spring and Autumn.

The climate is different, with warmer weather in Spring and colder weather in Autumn.

The colors of nature are also different, with plants blooming in Spring and trees losing their leaves in Autumn.

People tend to enjoy different activities during these seasons as well.