What is the difference between Tailor and Fashion Designer?

Key Difference: The main difference between a tailor and a fashion designer is that a tailor typically makes alterations to clothing, while a fashion designer creates original garments.

A fashion designer may also work on the styling and presentation of clothing, whereas a tailor does not usually have any involvement in these aspects.

The career paths of the two professions also differ, with fashion designers often working in design houses or as self-employed entrepreneurs, while tailors typically work in a workshop environment.

Who is called a tailor?

A tailor is someone who makes or repairs clothing.

They usually have a lot of experience with different fabrics and materials, and they know how to sew.

Tailors often work in their own business, but they can also be employed by a clothing company.

Their profession is considered to be a skilled trade.

The career can be quite demanding, as it often involves long hours and a lot of hard work.

So, it is important that a tailor enjoys their work and takes pride in their craft.

Who is a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is a person who creates new clothing designs.

They may work for a specific company, designing clothes that will be sold by that company, or they may freelance, creating designs for anyone who wants to buy them.

A fashion designer must have an eye for color and style, as well as a knowledge of fabrics and how they can be used.

They must also be able to sketch their designs so that they can communicate them to others.

Their career may involve traveling to fashion shows and meeting with clients.

Tailor vs Fashion Designer

One of the biggest differences between a tailor and a fashion designer is the level of creativity involved.

A tailor typically has more training in making clothes that fit well and look good, while a fashion designer may have more training in coming up with new designs.

Fashion designers also often work with other people in the fashion industry, such as buyers and merchandisers, to bring their designs to market.

This is not typically the case with tailors.

However, there is some overlap between the two professions, and many fashion designers also do some tailoring.

Main Differences

Key differences between tailors and fashion designers include –


One of the major differences between a tailor and a fashion designer is their profession.

The profession of a tailor is to make or repair clothing, while the profession of a fashion designer is to create new clothing designs.

The two professions require different skills and knowledge.

It’s important to note that a tailor can also be a fashion designer, but not all fashion designers are tailors.


Another difference between these two professions is the level of education required.

A fashion designer typically needs to have a degree in design, while a tailor does not necessarily need to have any formal education.

However, a tailor may have taken classes or workshops in order to learn more about clothing construction and design.


The workplace of a fashion designer is typically a studio or an office, while the workplace of a tailor is usually a workshop or store.

A fashion designer may also travel to different places in order to meet with clients or attend fashion shows.


The responsibilities of a fashion designer vary depending on their position but may include designing clothes, selecting fabrics and colors, communicating with clients, and attending fashion shows.

The responsibilities of a tailor usually involve making or repairing clothes but may also include selecting fabrics and colors.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for a fashion designer are much wider than those of a tailor.

A fashion designer may work for a specific company, be self-employed, or work in the advertising or marketing field.

A tailor’s career opportunities are more limited to working in their own business or being employed by a clothing company.


The salary for a fashion designer may vary depending on their position and experience, but can be quite high.

The salary for a tailor is typically lower than that of a fashion designer.

This is because the skills required for these two professions are different, and a fashion designer typically has more experience and training.


Despite the many differences between these two professions, there are some similarities.

Both a fashion designer and a tailor must have an eye for color and style, as well as knowledge of fabrics.

They must also be able to sketch their designs. And finally, both careers can be quite demanding and involve long hours.


Does fashion designing include tailoring?

While fashion design does not always involve tailoring, it often does. Tailoring is the process of altering or fitting a garment to a particular body shape.

It is an important part of fashion design because it allows designers to create clothes that fit well and look good on different people.

Some fashion designers do not have any tailoring experience, but they often work with tailors to create their garments.

What is tailoring in fashion?

Tailoring in fashion is the process of altering or shaping clothing to fit a specific body type.

This can include taking in or letting out seams, adding or removing the fabric, and adjusting the overall shape of the garment.

Tailoring is often used to make clothes look better on the person wearing them, and it can be used to create a more flattering silhouette.

Is tailoring a good profession compared to fashion designing?

Tailoring is a good profession if the person enjoys working with fabrics and has good sewing skills.

Fashion designing is a great profession if the person enjoys creating new designs, has strong marketing skills, and is able to work well under pressure.

So, which is a better profession? It depends on the person’s skills and interests.