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Trader Joe’s Return Policy (No Receipt, Opened/Used Items, & Time Limit)

Trader Joe’s Return Policy: Purchasing items from Trader Joe’s can be a great experience, but it is important to be familiar with the store’s return policy before making any purchases.

Grocery stores often have a return policy for items that are unopened and in the original packaging.

The policy may vary depending on the store, but it is usually a few days after the purchase.

Some stores may also allow customers to return produce and meat if they are not satisfied with them.

Return policies for grocery stores are usually very lenient. Customers may be able to return items even if they have been opened and used.

However, it is important to check the store’s policy before making a purchase to make sure that you are aware of the return deadline.

An original receipt is always required for a return. This is to ensure that the store can track the purchase and refund the customer properly.

If a customer does not have the original receipt, the store may be able to look up the purchase in their system or give them store credit.

Wondering if Trader Joe’s accepts your item for a return? Check out their policy below.

Keep on reading to find out the return policy for Trader Joe’s including the time limit, the items that are accepted, and the items that are ineligible for returns.

Trader Joe’s Return Policy

As of 2022, Trader Joe’s has a return policy that allows you to return certain items. This policy makes it possible for customers to return products with or without a receipt.

So, if you have recently bought something from Trader Joe’s that you are not happy with, don’t worry! You may be able to return it and get your money back.

Customer satisfaction is important to Trader Joe’s and this is highly reflected in its highly generous return policy.

Because the grocery chain wants customers to be happy with their purchases, it allows for refunds on certain items – even if they have been opened.

This article will help you get a basic idea of Trader Joe’s return policy.

However, it is always a good idea to check the store’s website or contact customer service to get specific information about your purchase and initiate a return.

Returning Process

In order to return an item to Trader Joe’s –

  1. Visit the store where the item was purchased.
  2. Go to the checkout counter.
  3. Ask the cashier to process the return.
  4. The cashier will ask for your name, address, and phone number.
  5. If you have a receipt, the cashier will process the return as a refund.
  6. If you do not have a receipt, you will be given store credit in the form of a gift card.
  7. Or, you will be allowed to exchange the item for another product.

That’s it! This is how easy it is to return an item to Trader Joe’s. The returning process typically goes smoothly as long as you have your receipt or proof of purchase.

With no receipt in your hand, you can still ask the cashier to process the return and get a store credit.

The cashier will run a search for the purchase using your payment information and if it is found, you will get a store credit.

Time Limit

There is a time limit of 30 days for you to return items to Trader Joe’s. This is the deadline Trader Joe’s has in its return policy.

So, if you want to get your money back, return the purchased item within 30 days of purchase!

Make sure to return items ASAP to avoid any potential rejection from the store manager due to some reason.

And, of course, returns will be declined if you reach out to a Trader Joe’s after the deadline period or the 30-day time frame.

No Receipt Policy

If you want to return something to Trader Joe’s, you don’t need a receipt. However, if you have your receipt, the process will be much smoother.

Additionally, any item with Trader Joe’s branding on it is eligible for a return. Because of this, it’s easy to return items without any hassle even without a receipt.

As per its return policy, Trader Joe’s offers a full refund, in the form of cash or store credit, for any item that is returned within its designated time frame.

However, without a receipt, you may only receive the lowest advertised price for your item. Or else, a Trader Joe’s gift card will be issued in place of cash.

Store credits that are on the gift card can be used at any time at any Trader Joe’s location.

If you don’t want a store credit or gift card, you can always ask for a cash refund. But, you will need to have your receipt.

Opened/Used Items

Have you opened or used an item you just bought from Trader Joe’s and found out that you don’t like it?

Don’t worry, because TJ’s is totally okay with you exchanging or returning the product for something else that you might prefer.

Trader Joe’s has a generous policy when it comes to accepting returns and exchanges, so you can feel free to try out any of their products without any fear of getting stuck with something you don’t want.

Used items must be in new condition with all packaging and tags still attached in order to qualify for a return or exchange.

In the case of food and beverage items, Trader Joe’s will not discourage you from returning them even if they’ve been opened and partially consumed.

So, the next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, shop with confidence, and don’t be afraid to try out new products – you can always exchange them if you don’t like them!

This No Questions Asked policy of Trader Joe’s is a great way to allow customers to try new products without any fear.

Damaged Items

Bought something at Trader Joe’s? Did the thing you purchased got damaged? Don’t worry, you can always return it!

At Trader Joe’s, customers are allowed to return products that are either damaged or have been used, as long as they have a valid reason to be able to convince the employees at the store.

However, it’s highly important that you need to be careful not to take advantage of Trader Joe’s great return policy.

Because if the store manager thinks that you’re abusing the system, he/she might just ban you from returning any products in the future.

At the end of the day, it’s the decision of the store manager whether or not to approve your return.

So, if you’re thinking of returning an item that somehow got broken, try to find the receipt and the product packaging.

Speak with an employee at the store, explain what happened and hope for the best. In most cases, the damaged product will be accepted and you will be given a refund.

Expect a partial refund or a store credit if the product is deemed to be highly used or damaged.

You can always negotiate with the employees to get an exchange or a refund, but it’s ultimately up to their discretion.

Same Store Returns

As per the return policy of Trader Joe’s, you can return any item you’ve purchased at any Trader Joe’s location.

So, basically, there’s no need to return items to the same store where you bought them from.

However, it will be a quick & easy return process if you go back to the store where you made your purchase.

But, this is not a requirement. All that matters is that you purchased the item from Trader Joe’s.

Moreover, all Trader Joe’s items come with specific branding, so the store associates will be able to identify whether or not you got your product from TJ’s.

But in the case of certain items, like alcohol, you may not be able to return them to a Trader Joe’s store where you haven’t made the purchase.


Purchased alcohol at a Trader Joe’s near you? Didn’t like it? No problem – you can return it!

According to Trader Joe’s return policy on alcohol, its customers can return alcohol within the allowed time limit.

Wondering if you can return an opened bottle of alcohol? The answer is yes – Trader Joe’s will still accept it, as long as you have a valid reason.

Remember that a few Trader Joe’s stores are unable to offer cash refunds for alcohol due to the restrictions of state law.

However, these stores will usually offer an exchange for a different bottle of alcohol.

So, if your local Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer a cash refund, don’t worry! You can still exchange your bottle for something you might like better.


Bought a plant at Trader Joe’s and it died? No problem!

Simply bring the plant back to any TJ’s location, and you will be refunded. As of 2022, Trader Joe’s return policy on plants is no questions asked.

So, don’t feel bad if your plant dies – just bring it back to Trader Joe’s to get your money back without any hassle.

However, the store manager may ask you how your plant died, so be prepared to answer that question.

You may also be asked for an exchange if the store has the same plant in stock.

Say yes to plants at Trader Joe’s – they’re easy to care for, and if something goes wrong, you can always bring them back!

Sale Items

If you don’t already know, Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer discounts, coupons, weekly promotions, memberships, or sales.

So, it’s unlikely that you will have to worry about returning an item because you bought it on sale.

In the first place, Trader Joe’s prices are already low, so there is no need for sales. Secondly, the company does not engage in any glitzy promotions or couponing wars.

Lastly, they offer the best everyday values. So, you won’t find items at Trader Joe’s on sale, but you can be sure that the prices are already low.

Talking about the returns, you can return any item regardless of whether you bought it on sale or not.


The 2022 Trader Joe’s Return Policy allows you to return items that were purchased at its stores across the United States. Food items, beverages, plants, alcohol, etc are some common products that can be returned to Trader Joe’s with no questions asked. The grocery chain will process the refund in the form of cash or store credit. You will be granted a store credit on a gift card in case you don’t have the original receipt or the item is highly damaged or spoiled or used. A partial refund may be issued at the discretion of the store manager if he/she thinks your reason for return is not satisfactory. Or you will be eligible for an exchange.