Does Wawa Do Cash Back? (Policy, Limit, ATMs, Fees)

Wawa Cash Back At The Register: Debit card cash back at the register is a service that allows customers to get cash back when they make a purchase with their debit card.

The customer swipes their debit card as usual and then selects how much cash they would like to receive from the cashier.

The total amount of the purchase is then deducted from the customer’s bank account and the cash back amount selected will be handed to the customer in cash.

Most grocery stores offer this service, and it is typically free to use as long as the customer does not exceed the daily withdrawal limit from their bank account.

There may be a limit on how much cash back can be received in a single transaction, so customers should check with their specific retailer for more information.

Are you shopping at Wawa? Or have a Wawa store near you?

If so, it’s highly likely that you will be wondering if Wawa offers cash back, what could be its cash back policy, any limits, and how to get!

Keep on reading to find out answers to all of your questions about Wawa cash back!

Does Wawa Do Cash Back In 2022?

As per its Cash Back Policy in 2022, Wawa doesn’t do cash back at the register. So, if you’re looking for a way to get cash back from your purchase, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

However, Wawa customers will be able to use the store’s ATM machines that are surcharge-free.

In case you were wondering, there is no set withdrawal limit at Wawa ATMs but it’s common for banks or card providers to impose their own limits.

So, you might want to check with your bank before making a withdrawal or getting cash back at any other store.

What is Wawa’s Cash Back Policy?

Wawa’s cash back policy is explained in the table below –

Cash Back With Debit CardNot Available
Cash Back With Credit CardNot Offered
Cash Back With CheckUnavailable
Cash Back With Gift CardsNot Offered
ATM Withdrawal LimitCard Limit Only
Cash Back At Wawa Stores

So, basically, Wawa’s cash back policy doesn’t allow you to get cash back with either debit card or credit card, or personal checks at its convenience stores and gas stations.

Cash Back At Stores

Wawa doesn’t do cash back in-stores. So, when you make a payment for your purchase at its stores using your debit card or credit card, you won’t get cash back.

At other stores like Walmart, when you swipe your card at the POS, the machine will ask you if wish to opt for a cash back.

Whereas the POS machine at Wawa doesn’t come up with this cash back option regardless of the payment method you use.

However, it’s best to speak with a store associate of your local store to know more about getting cash back at Wawa!

Cash Back At Gas Stations

Unfortunately, Wawa gas stations don’t offer cash back as of 2022. Whether you buy gas with your debit card or credit card or a Wawa gift card, you cannot get cash back.

Wawa gas stations don’t do cash back because of the store’s policies!

Wawa ATMs

Cash Back is one way to avoid the ATM Fee that is charged by operators and banks in the United States.

However, you can rely on surcharge-free ATMs to withdraw money but they are hard to find near you as most ATMs levy that charge.

Fortunately, ATMs at Wawa locations are surcharge-free. So, you can withdraw as much as you want from your checking account from one of these ATM machines.

If you are in need of some urgent cash and are shopping at a Wawa near you, look no further! Just insert your debit card into a Wawa ATM and withdraw cash.

Wawa doesn’t have a limit on how much money you can get but your card will have a withdrawal limit that is set by your bank or financial institution or card provider.

Wawa ATM Fee

Wawa doesn’t charge a fee when you withdraw cash from its ATM network. However, remember that your bank or card provider will levy an out-of-the-network fee.

Usually, this out-of-the-network ATM fee will be around $2.95 to $3.95 but it depends on the type of card you are using, location, and the bank’s cash withdrawal policies.

Gas Stations That Do Cash Back

As you cannot get cash back at Wawa, you can go to –

  • Shell
  • Hy-Vee
  • BP
  • Amoco
  • ARCO
  • Sunoco
  • Citgo
  • Circle K

These are a few places that offer a cash back of up to $60 when you pay for gas using your debit card or credit card!


As of 2022, Wawa doesn’t offer cash back at its convenience stores and gas stations. But, you can still withdraw money from your bank account using your debit card at one of its ATMs. Most Wawa convenience stores are equipped with ATMs that are free from any surcharge and have no withdrawal limit. In short, you cannot get cash back at Wawa with debit cards, credit cards, and Wawa gift cards!