Does Costco sell Cedar Point tickets?

Costco Cedar Point Tickets: Ohio’s Cedar Point is a go-to travel destination for thrill-seekers of all ages.

The amusement park has over 70 rides, including roller coasters and water slides, as well as live shows and immersive dining experiences.

What’s really great is that the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is located right next door, making for a full day of fun for kids and adults alike.

The pricing of admission tickets to the park range between $45 and $119.99 whereas it costs you $45 to enter the Waterpark.

Keep on reading to find out whether you can purchase Cedar Point discounted tickets at Costco!

Cedar Point Tickets At Costco

Yes, you can buy Cedar Point tickets from Costco. If you are in Ohio, you can purchase a ticket package that includes two individual day tickets and a parking pass at a Costco store near you.

The cost of this Costco ticket package is approximately $100 whereas the Funday Bundle pack that is available on the official portal is priced at $84.99 per adult.

You can find Cedar Point tickets at almost all Costco locations in Ohio. However, the availability will vary from location to location.

So, it’s best to reach out to the nearest Costco warehouse in advance to get to know whether the tickets are on sale or not!

Discounted Tickets

Cedar Point discounted tickets are available at all Costco locations. You can save up to $65 per ticket by purchasing a package that includes two single-day tickets and a parking pass.

When you purchase the same tickets at the park or through Cedar Point’s website, you will be spending anywhere between $45 to $84.99 per ticket.

Additionally, you will be paying for parking at Cedar Point, which will set you back an extra $20.

So, if you’re looking to visit Cedar Point and save a few bucks, Costco is the place to go!

Because the $100 ticket package you buy at Costco includes parking, it’s the better deal.

If you’re only looking to buy tickets, the best deal is at Cedar Point’s website where tickets are $45 pre-season.

How to buy

To purchase Cedar Point tickets at Costco –

  1. Visit a Costco near you
  2. Then, look for the gift card section in the warehouse
  3. Add a Cedar Point gift card to your cart
  4. Take the gift card to the checkout counter
  5. Make the payment using cash/card
  6. The cashier will hand you physical tickets

That’s it! This is how you can buy Cedar Point discounted tickets at Costco. Remember that without a Costco membership, you cannot purchase these tickets.

Also, keep in mind that there are no blackout dates for Cedar Point tickets bought at Costco.

Lastly, unused tickets can be returned if they aren’t expired!


The availability of Cedar Point tickets at Costco may vary by location.

So, you should reach out to your local Costco to inquire about the tickets before making a visit.

However, Costco generally starts selling Cedar Point tickets in late March or early April and the season lasts until August or September.

You can purchase tickets for either a one-day or two-day visit to the amusement park.

Seasonal availability and pricing of Cedar Point tickets may also vary, so it’s best to contact your local Costco for the most accurate information.

Ways to save money

As of 2022, there are some ways to save money on Cedar Point tickets besides buying a ticket package at Costco stores.

To save a few bucks –

  • Purchase a Gold Pass at $135 and pay in $21 installments
  • Register for Cedar Point Pre-K Pass
  • Purchase an all-season dining pass for $99
  • Buy the season pass drink plan for $34.99
  • Check out deals on sites like RetailMeNot & Groupon

These are some ways to save some dollars when you purchase Cedar Point admission tickets online or in-store or at the park gate.

The gold pass gives you unlimited access to the park throughout the year. This pass is worth the money to those who plan to frequently visit Cedar Point park or Cedar Point Waterpark.

This seasonal pass is currently priced at $135 on Cedar Point’s official ticketing portal but can be bought at $129 at select Costco stores.


You can buy admission tickets to Cedar Point amusement park at Costco at a discounted price. As of 2022, Costco sells a Cedar Point ticket package worth $100 that comes included 2 one-day admission tickets and a parking pass. With this Costco deal, you will be saving around $20 to $65 when compared to the regular cost at Cedar Point gate or its website. Note that Costco doesn’t offer any special Cedar Point tickets curated for senior citizens and students.

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