Costco Seasonal Jobs: Does It Hire? (Eligibility, Pay, Hours, How To Apply)

Costco Seasonal Jobs: Seasonal jobs at grocery stores may include stocking shelves, cleaning, or helping customers. Jobs may vary depending on the time of year.

For example, a store like Costco may need more help during the holiday season to prepare for increased customer traffic.

Looking for a seasonal job at a grocery store? Thinking of working at Costco? If yes, you might be wondering if Costco employs workers seasonally.

Keep on reading to find out whether Costco hires seasonal workers, the qualifications for seasonal work at Costco, the types of jobs available during the different seasons, how much it pays, the application process, interview questions, and what the benefits are.

Does Costco Have Seasonal Jobs In 2022?

Costco does have seasonal jobs that it hires for, typically from November to January. The pay and hours vary depending on the position, but most seasonal employees get to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

However, some Costco stores may have different hiring periods and requirements, so it’s best to check with your local store before applying.

So, if you’re looking for a job this holiday season, Costco may be a great place to start! It’s worth checking with your local store to see what their specific hiring requirements are.

All that’s left to do is get your resume ready and start applying!

Costco Seasonal Jobs

Available seasonal jobs at Costco you can apply for include –

Cashier Assistant$16/hr
Food Service Assistant$14/hr
Bakery Wrapper$12/hr
Service Deli Assistant$15/hr
Membership Assistant$19/hr
Costco Seasonal Jobs And Pay
  1. Cashier: A Costco cashier’s job includes greeting customers, scanning and bagging items, and accepting payments. He/she must be able to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of customer service.
  2. Stocker: A Costco stocker’s job is to keep the shelves stocked with merchandise and to help customers find what they need. This position also includes cleaning duties.
  3. Cashier Assistant: A Costco cashier assistant’s job is to help the cashier with scanning and bagging items, as well as other tasks such as cleaning and stocking.
  4. Food Service Assistant: A Costco food service assistant’s job is to help prepare and package food items, as well as clean and sanitize the food service area.
  5. Bakery Wrapper: A Costco bakery wrapper’s job is to help prepare and package baked goods, as well as clean and sanitize the bakery area. He/she must be able to work quickly and efficiently.
  6. Service Deli Assistant: A Costco service deli assistant is responsible for assembling take-and-bake pizza, labeling meals, and cleaning the service deli area.
  7. Membership Assistant: A Costco membership assistant’s job is to help new and current members with any questions or concerns they may have. This position also includes administrative duties.

These are a few popular positions that are often available at Costco. However, the company frequently hires seasonal workers for other positions as well, so it is always best to check their website or contact a local store for current openings.

Which Seasons

Costco typically looks to employ workers seasonally in order to make up for increased customer demand during the holidays. Costco Seasonal jobs can be a great way to get your foot in the door and start your career.

Generally, Costco advertises for seasonal workers in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements then.

So, during the fall, be sure to check Costco’s website for updates on open positions.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest times of year for Costco, so it is looking for people to help meet customer demand.

If you are available during those times and want to work at Costco, then check its website regularly to see what you can apply for.

How To Apply

The best way to apply for a position at Costco is to go to the company website and search for open positions. You can also submit your resume online.

In the case of a seasonal job, you can also inquire in person at your local Costco store. The application process usually includes an interview.

Follow these steps to apply for seasonal work at Costco:

  • First, look for open positions on the company website.
  • If you find a position that interests you, click on the “Apply” button and complete the application form.
  • Upload your resume if you have one.
  • You may also be asked to provide your contact information and answer a few questions.
  • After submitting your application, wait for a response

Expect to hear back from Costco within a few weeks. If you don’t hear anything, you can follow up with the company.

Typically an interview will be scheduled if you are a qualified candidate.

After you have been offered a position, you will need to complete an onboarding process, which includes filling out paperwork and taking a drug test (depending on the position).

When To Apply

The time of year you apply for seasonal work at Costco depends on the availability of the jobs.

The majority of the jobs are advertised in October, November, December, and January but they also post jobs throughout the year.

So, when looking for a seasonal job, it is best to check the website regularly.

As soon as the jobs are advertised, you can apply for them on the website or in person at your nearest store.

Contact the store manager if you have any questions about the available positions.

Working Hours

At Costco, seasonal employees can expect to work 20-30 hours per week and the job may last a few weeks to a few months.

Taking up a seasonal position at Costco can be a great way to make some extra cash during the holiday season and also gain some valuable work experience.

The number of hours and duration of the position can vary by location and job position.

For example, a bakery wrapper may work fewer hours than a cashier. In the same vein, a seasonal worker in the Northeast may work for a longer period than someone in the Southwest.

So, basically, the best way to find out how many hours you will work and how long your position will last is to inquire with the store where you would like to work.

Usually, Costco’s seasonal employees work fewer hours than full-time workers, and their shifts are usually in the morning (9 AM to 12 PM) or afternoon (12 PM to 10 PM).

Seasonal employees don’t have a regular schedule but most of them will have a working agreement specifying the number of hours they will work.

Most seasonal employees get to start their job right away and work until the store’s busy season is over.


Costco seasonal workers can expect an hourly wage ranging between $12 and $19. So, working for a minimum of 20 hours a week earns you at least $240.

The amount Costco pays you depends on the job, location, and demand. For example, a stocker can get a salary of $13 per hour whereas a service deli assistant earns at least $15 per hour.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and has a high school diploma can apply for a seasonal job at Costco.

This is the basic requirement, but Costco might ask for more depending on the position you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a food service assistant position, you might only need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma.

However, if you are applying for a position in the accounting department such as a Cashier, Costco might ask for several years of experience or a college degree.

So, it is important to read the job posting carefully and make sure you meet all of the requirements before applying.

Entry-level jobs do not usually require any experience, but if you are applying for a more senior position, Costco might ask for several years of work experience.

Interview Questions

Some of the questions that Costco asks in a job interview may include:

  • Why are you interested in working for Costco?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Can you tell me about your experience with bookkeeping or accounting?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your availability?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you had to solve a difficult problem?
  • Will you be able to lift heavy boxes?
  • What other stores or businesses do you have experience with?
  • Can you work for us on a part-time or full-time basis?
  • Can you work for long hours, if needed?

These are some of the questions that may be asked in a job interview at Costco. For seasonal positions, the questions may be more geared towards assessing the candidate’s ability to work during the holiday season.

Recruiting Time

There is no set time frame for Costco’s recruiting process. However, the company typically conducts interviews and makes job offers within a few weeks of receiving an application.

In the case of seasonal jobs, Costco starts recruiting before the start of the desired season and may continue to interview candidates until all positions are filled.

So, for example, if a Costco warehouse wants to fill a specific position for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, they will start interviewing candidates in September or October and recruit the candidate who best fits the position by November.

Tips To Get Hired

If you are looking for a seasonal job at Costco, it is important to be prepared and have all of your materials ready.

You will need to complete an application and submit your resume. You should also be prepared to interview with the company.

Some tips to help you land the job include:

  1. Have a great resume that highlights your skills and experience.
  2. Dress professionally for your interview.
  3. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet during the interview process.
  4. Show enthusiasm for the position and Costco.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about your work history and experience.
  6. Have a positive attitude and be willing to work hard.
  7. Be willing to start work immediately.

These are just a few tips that will help you land a seasonal job at Costco. You should also be prepared to show your commitment to the job and be a team player.