Does Meijer Accept EBT? (Policy, Using Card In-Store & Online Delivery)

Meijer EBT Policy: EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer, which is a government program that allows people receiving public assistance to purchase food and other items using a special debit card.

Grocery stores that participate in the EBT program must have a special terminal that processes the transactions.

Most grocery stores have policies in place that allow people to use their EBT card to purchase any SNAP items in the store, with a few exceptions.

For example, some stores may not allow people to purchase cigarettes or alcohol with their EBT cards.

Living near a Meijer store? Wondering if they accept EBT?

Keep on reading to find out about Meijer’s EBT policy, paying with your EBT card for in-store & online purchases, items you can buy, home delivery, and more!

Does Meijer Accept EBT in 2022?

As per Meijer’s EBT policy, its customers can use their EBT cards at all of its stores. So, if you have an EBT-SNAP card, you can use it to purchase eligible food items at Meijer.

As of 2022, Meijer takes EBT for online purchases too. This way you can buy your groceries without having to leave home and get them delivered right to your door.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is a government-funded program that helps low-income individuals and families buy food.

Meijer is a SNAP-compliant store, meaning that it offers a decent variety of products that are eligible for purchase using SNAP benefits.

So, if a Meijer is in your area, you can use your EBT card there to buy food items that will help you and your family meet your nutritional needs.

There’s no need to look for another store that accepts EBT!

Meijer EBT Policy

Check out the table below to get an idea about Meijer’s EBT Policy –

Meijer EBTPolicy
Locations AcceptedIllinois
North Dakota
South Dakota
Self-Checkout MachineAvailable
Online PaymentAccepted
Eligible ItemsMilk
WIC-Only StoreNo
SNAP Food StampsAccepted
Home DeliveryAvailable
Pick UpAvailable
Pick Up Fee$4.95 on orders below $35
Delivery Fee$7.95
Meijer EBT Policy

Meijer takes EBT both in-store and online. However, when you pay with your EBT card online on, you will be subject to a delivery fee of $7.95 per order.

Meijer charges this delivery fee on all online orders regardless of your payment method. However, you cannot pay this fee with your SNAP benefits.

This extra charge should be paid using your debit card or credit card.

In case you choose the pick-up at a nearby Meijer, the order should have a value of more than $35 to avoid the pickup fee of $4.95 that the store charges.

Using EBT In-Store

To pay with an EBT card at Meijer in-store –

  1. Visit your local Meijer store.
  2. Add SNAP-approved items to your shopping cart.
  3. Go to the self-checkout counter.
  4. Scan the barcodes of the items you want to purchase.
  5. Follow the prompts on the machine’s screen.
  6. Select EBT as your payment method.
  7. Insert your EBT card and enter the 4-digit PIN.
  8. Take the receipt.

These are the steps you’ll need to follow to pay with your EBT card at Meijer. If the store you visit doesn’t have a self-checkout lane, you’ll need to go through a cashier instead.

The cashier will do all the work for you – just hand them your EBT card and enter the PIN to complete your EBT transaction.

If you add non-qualifying items to your order, you’ll need to pay for them with a different payment method. You can’t use your EBT card to cover the cost of those items.

Using EBT Online

To order food items from Meijer online with EBT –

  1. Visit on your browser
  2. Click on the Profile Image on the right corner
  3. Select to create an account or sign in
  4. Use your credentials to log in to your Meijer account
  5. Now, shop as usual to add items to your cart
  6. Go to the checkout page
  7. Enter and confirm the card number to continue
  8. You can check your balance by clicking on “Get Balance”
  9. On the next page, link an additional payment method
  10. Then, go to the final checkout page
  11. Follow the prompts to continue
  12. Enter your 4-digit EBT card PIN when asked
  13. Complete the purchase

That’s it! Ordering EBT food items online from Meijer is as simple as that.

Currently, you cannot store your EBT-SNAP card details by linking it with your Meijer account online. So, you must enter the card number every time you order online with EBT.

NOTE: Meijer asks you to enter your EBT card PIN twice during the online checkout process. The first time you enter the PIN, you will be shown your card balance, and the second time to authorize the EBT transaction online.

Meijer EBT Items

At Meijer, you can purchase these EBT items –

Eligible ItemsIneligible Items
FishLive Animals
EggsHot Foods
Non-alcoholic BeveragesAlcohol
Fresh FruitsCigarettes
EBT Items You Can Buy At Meijer

Checking EBT Balance

When paying at Meijer, you can check your EBT card balance. All you have to do is simply go through the checkout process online as usual.

Meijer will ask you to enter your four-digit EBT card PIN when you try to pay. Then, your EBT-SNAP benefits balance available on your card will be shown.

Again, you will be prompted to enter your PIN to go to the final checkout page. This time Meijer will deduct the balance on your card as per the order’s value.

After a successful transaction, your order details along with the items you purchased will be shown to you!

Using EBT On Meijer App

Unfortunately, the Meijer app doesn’t allow you to use your EBT card. So, if you are ordering online via the official app, you should use either a credit card or debit card, or cash on delivery options.

As per the 2022 EBT policy of Meijer, EBT cards are accepted as a form of payment method only in-store and online on the website.


As per Meijer’s EBT Payment Policy, customers can use their mPerks rewards along with EBT while making payments online and in-store.

So, if you are a mPerks member, apply the available rewards on your account on the checkout page to get a discount on the overall order value.

If you are shopping at a Meijer in-store, ask a store associate to apply your mPerks rewards and coupons to your order.

Declined Orders

Meijer has the right to decline or reject your order based on several reasons including –

  • Adding Non-EBT items to your cart
  • Low or no balance on your EBT card
  • Expired EBT card

These are some reasons why your order might have got declined at checkout in-store or online. If you are shopping in-store, a store associate or cashier will help you by providing the details.

Refund Policy

At Meijer, customers can only exchange EBT items for identical products as per its refund policy. However, it’s best to contact your local store to know about the exact policy.

Most Meijer stores don’t give you a refund for items bought with an EBT card but allow you to exchange them.

So, if you are not satisfied with a product you just bought from a Meijer near you, you will be able to exchange it for a new one.

Applying For EBT To Use At Meijer

If you want to use EBT at Meijer, you will need to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The application process varies from state to state, but most states have an online application that you can submit.

Once your application is processed, you may be interviewed by phone or in person to determine your eligibility.

In most cases, the process will take 30 days, but it can be expedited up to a week if necessary.


Applying for EBT benefits is a process that is determined by income and assets.

  • You must be below the poverty line and have less than $2500 in assets to be eligible for benefits.
  • In the case of families with disabled members, the limit is raised to $3500.
  • Moreover, certain classes of immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, are not eligible for benefits.
  • And, in the case of adult households without a disabled member, benefits can only be received for a maximum of three months at a time.
  • On-strike members are also ineligible for benefits.

EBT Expiration At Meijer

12 months is the expiration period for unused funds on your EBT card.

So, if you go shopping at a Meijer store usually and have some unused funds on your card, you’ll need to use them within 12 months.

Generally, regardless of the grocery store you shop at, you’ll need to use your EBT card funds within 12 months of when they were deposited on your card.

Or else, they’ll expire and you won’t be able to use them anymore. There will be a certification period for your EBT card, which you’ll be notified of when you first receive your card.

Your income and dependants will determine the length of this certification period. So, you should always apply to recertify before your card’s expiration date.


Meijer takes EBT-SNAP cards at most of its stores as of 2022. So, if there’s a Meijer near you, you can go shopping for all the eligible items and pay using your EBT benefits or SNAP Food Stamps/vouchers. Even online ordering with EBT is possible on Meijer’s official online store. However, you cannot pay with EBT on Meijer’s app.