Safeway Points: Do All Gas Stations Take Them? (Just For U Rewards)

Using Safeway Points At Gas Stations: Do you shop at Safeway? If so, it’s highly likely that you use the “Just for U” program. As of 2022, it’s now rebranded as “Safeway for U“.

All Safeway customers who’ve signed up for this rewards program will earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Safeway.

So, for example, if you spend $100 at Safeway, you’ll earn 100 points.

You can then redeem your points for gas discounts of either 10 cents per gallon (100 points) or 20 cents per gallon (200 points).

In order to take advantage of these gas savings, you’ll need to visit a participating gas station. But, do all gas stations accept Safeway for U points?

Keep on reading to find out which gas stations take part in Safeway’s rewards program and lets you redeem your points toward savings at the pump.

Gas Stations That Take Safeway Points In 2022

As of 2022, Safeway rewards can be redeemed for gas at all Safeway gas pump stations located across the United States. And also, some of the Albertsons companies that sell fuel let you use your Just For U points at the pump.

Here’s a list of gas stations where you can use Safeway points –

Gas StationLocations
Safeway16 States
VonsCA and NV
Tom Thumb ExpressTexas
Safeway Gas Rewards Locations

These are a few gas station chains that accept your Safeway gas rewards as a form of payment method when purchasing fuel at the pump.

Please note that some of the Albertsons companies like ACME, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, etc have their own Just For U rewards program.

So, you may have to join those programs separately in order to earn & use gas points to get a discount at the pump.

How To Use Safeway Points At the Pump?

In order to redeem your Safeway gas rewards at the pump –

  1. Find & visit a Safeway For U participating fuel station
  2. Enter your registered Safeway For U phone number
  3. Select your preferred fuel type
  4. Pump your fuel
  5. A discount will be automatically applied to your total!

That’s it! This is how you can claim your Safeway rewards at a gas station. This process should only take a few minutes and you’ll be on your way with some savings in your pocket.

As long as you have your registered Safeway For U phone number with you, you can use your gas rewards at any participating fuel station.

Remember that the Safeway rewards you earn on groceries pharmacy, and gift card purchases can be used to pay for fuel purchases only after 1 hour from the time of earning them.

Safeway Gas Rewards Limit

There are certain limits on redeeming your Safeway For U points for gas –

One Gas Reward Equals100 Points
100 Points Equal10 Cents
200 Points Equal20 Cents
Maximum Discount$0.20 Per Gallon
Single Fuel Transaction*25 Gallons
Max. Discount At Safeway$1 Per Gallon
ExpirationNext Calendar Month*
Safeway Gas Reward Points Limits & Restrictions

You can get a maximum discount of $0.20 per gallon at all Safeway pump stations for up to a max. of 25 gallons.

At participating Shell stations, there is a maximum limit of 20 gallons on your Safeway fuel points.

$1 off per gallon will be applied to your fuel purchases at Safeway pumps when there are over 1,000 points (10 Rewards) in your Just For U account.

Does Exxon Take Safeway Rewards?

Yes, as of 2022, Exxon and Mobil gas stations accept Safeway rewards. You will be able to save up to 20 cents per gallon of fuel purchased.

So, for example, if you fill up your car with 10 gallons of gas and you have enough fuel points to cover the transaction, then $2 will be deducted from the overall cost.

Let’s calculate how much we can save using Safeway fuel points at Exxon gas stations.

Today (at the time of writing), regular gasoline at Exxon located in Russellville, Arkansas, is priced at $4.46 per gallon.

So, if you want 3 gallons of regular gasoline at Exxon, you need to pay $4.46 x 3 = $13.38 at the pump.

But, when you enter your Safeway For U mobile number, the amount you will have to pay a discounted price of $12.78. For this fuel purchase transaction, you require 600 Safeway gas points.

This is how Safeway rewards discount work at gas stations near you!

Does Chevron Take Safeway Gas Rewards?

Yes, Chevron accepts Safeway Gas Rewards as of 2022. However, not all Chevron and Texaco gas stations take them.

So, it’s best to ask a station attendant or contact your local Chevron pump station to know whether you can pay with Safeway points or not!

Use this Chevron station finder in order to locate a Chevron or Texaco near you.

Do Safeway Fuel Points Expire?

Yes, as per the Safeway For U rewards expiration policy, the fuel points you earn in a calendar month will expire at the end of the next month.

For example, if you earned 150 Safeway points in the month of February, they will expire at the end of March.

In case the total accrued reward points are 100 or less in a calendar month, those points will be removed from your Just For U rewards account at the end of that month.

Let’s say that if your Safeway For U club card has an overall balance of less than 100 points in April, then all points earned will be terminated on April 30.

Can You Exchange Safeway Rewards For Cash?

No, exchanging your Safeway points for cash is not possible as of 2022. The rewards you earn cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to other Safeway accounts, traded, or can be sold online.

In fact, Safeway doesn’t let you exchange your gift cards too!

So, basically, Safeway grocery rewards, fuel points, and gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash!!


Redeeming your Safeway gas rewards is possible at many fuel stations including Safeway, Vons, Tom Thumb, Chevron, Shell, Exxon, and Mobil. These gas station chains have the most Safeway For U participating pumps in the United States. With 100 points, you will save 10 cents/gal whereas a discount of 20 cents applies if you have 200 points in your account. At Safeway stations, you can get a maximum discount of $1 per gallon for up to 25 gallons of fuel purchase.