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Knott’s Berry Farm: Discount Tickets, Season Pass, Rides, Hotels

Knott’s Berry Farm Discount Tickets: Want a fun-filled adventure? Then head over to Knott’s Berry Farm! This 57-acre theme park is packed with 40 different rides, including 10 roller coasters, 2 water rides, and plenty of family-friendly attractions.

Plus, there’s something for everyone with their year-round operating schedule.

Located in Buena Park, California, Knott’s Berry Farm is the perfect place for a day (or two) of fun due to its close proximity to Los Angeles.

Admission tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm can be purchased online or at the gate. However, there are various deals and discounts available, so be sure to check those out before you go.

There are many ways to get discount tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm. One way is through their official website where they offer various deals and promotions.

You can also purchase season passes which give you unlimited access to the park for a whole year.

Or, if you plan on visiting multiple times throughout the year, you can purchase a multi-day pass which gives you a discount for each day that you visit.

Another way is to look for places that offer discounted tickets, such as AAA or Costco. You can also find coupons and promo codes online which can be used to purchase tickets at a discounted price.

Keep on reading to find out the normal ticket pricing at the gate, how & where you can get discount tickets, the types of discounts available, senior discount, military discount, AAA discounts, cheap Costco passes, reservations, group discounts, Knott’s VIP tour package cost, hotels nearby, park hours, and more!

Knott’s Berry Farm Discount Tickets In 2022

As of 2022, the online price of a Knott’s Berry Farm ticket is $69 per person. However, there are many ways to get discounted tickets. For example, Costco, AAA, and Sam’s Club all offer daily passes to Knott’s Berry Farm at a discounted rate. Additionally, during the peak season, there are often special deals and promotions offered that can save guests money on admission.

When compared with the gate prices, the cost of a Knott’s Berry Farm ticket is significantly cheaper when purchased in advance online or through one of the aforementioned discounts.

So, for anyone planning a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in 2022, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance in order to take advantage of the savings.

Read below to know how much you can save on admission by buying passes online, at Costco, and at other authorized sellers like AAA and Sam’s Club.

At The Gate Pricing

One thing to always keep in mind is that Knott’s Berry Farm’s at-the-gate pricing will be very high compared to what you pay per ticket online on its official ticketing portal –!

For instance, the ride & slide pass that gets you access to both the parks costs you just $97 online whereas you will end up paying $169 for the same ticket at the gate.

However, it’s best to check out the gate prices as you will get an idea about how much you can save on admission by buying entry tickets elsewhere at a discounted rate.

The table below shows you all the types of tickets sold at Knott’s Berry Farm park’s gate and their regular prices –

Knott’s Tickets Gate Pricing

Ticket TypeGate Price (Ages 3+)
Single Day Admission$99
2022 RIDE & SLIDE Ticket$169
Fast Lane$114
2022 SINGLE DAY ADMISSION – Military$99
Season Pass Bring-A-Friend – Special$99
Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets Gate Pricing

So, basically, even if you are a member of the military or have a season pass, you will be paying general prices at the gate.

In short, there won’t be any discount at the park’s gate! So, always avoid purchasing passes at the gate by waiting in line!!

Discounted Tickets

At the gate, a daily ticket costs $99 per person (ages 3+) to enter Knott’s Berry Farm. The same entry pass costs $69 when bought online in advance. So, that’s a discount of $30.

Knott’s Discounted Pricing Table

Admission TypeDiscounted Price
Single Day Admission$66.50
2022 RIDE & SLIDE Ticket$97
Fast Lane$109
2022 SINGLE DAY ADMISSION – Military$68
Season Pass Bring-A-Friend – Special$49.99
Knott’s Berry Farm Discounted Tickets

Basically, Knott’s Berry Farm passes are cheaper online than they are at the gate. In short, if you’re looking to save money on your Knott’s Berry Farm visit, buy your tickets online or from an authorized ticket reseller like Costco or Sam’s Club.

The discounted pricing may vary depending on the time of year and the promotions that Knott’s Berry Farm is running.

For example, during the peak season, there may be special deals or offers available. So it’s always worth checking for discounts before you buy your tickets.

Always do research on discounts that are being offered by third-party websites like RetailMeNot or Groupon. You can end up saving a lot of money this way.

Costco Knott’s Tickets

There are a few ways to get Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets at Costco. One way is to purchase them online through the Costo Travel website. Another way is to check your local store for seasonal discounts.

Lastly, you can always find coupons and promo codes online that will help you save money on your next visit to the park.

Does Costco have Knott’s Berry Farm tickets?

Yes, just before the start of the peak season, Costco stores in California start selling Knott’s Berry Farm & Soak City Waterpark tickets.

However, the availability of these cheap tickets varies from store to store. As not all Costco warehouses stock them, it’s best to contact the Costco store that’s located near the theme park.

As per my research, the Cypress CA Warehouse located at 5406 5401 KATELLA AVE is the nearest Costco to Knott’s Berry Farm.

To contact that Costco Warehouse, call (562) 668-5150 and ask whether the store carries discounted tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm.

How much are Knott’s tickets at Costco?

If available, you can get Costco Knott’s daily tickets for as low as $63 whereas the ride & slide pass that gives entry to both berry farm & soak city will be priced at around $99.

So, basically, cheap tickets at Costco will cost you almost the same as the cost that you pay online on!

However, when buying online, a processing fee & tax of up to $6.99 will be charged in addition to the overall ticket price.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get discount passes at a Costco near you, you’ll be able to save a few bucks!

Does Costco sell Knott’s tickets online?

Costco used to sell cheap day tickets to theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm online on its official tickets savings portal – Costco Travel.

But, as of 2022, it only sells vacation packages to Disneyland, Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and Lion World Travel.

Sam’s Club Knott’s Tickets

As of 2022, you can buy Knott’s Berry Farm passes at a discount of up to 35% at Sam’s Club.

So, a single-day ticket that costs you $99 at the gate is sold by Sam’s Club at just around $64.35. So, you can save $34.65 per ticket at Sam’s Club!

Sam’s Club also sells special Weekday tickets that are priced at $99 per person at a flat 35% discount same as Any Day or Specific Day discount tickets.

Even Knott’s Soak City Waterpark tickets are sold at a discount of 25% at Sam’s Club stores and online. A single-day admission pass costs you just $45 with Sam’s Club’s discounted pricing.

In addition to discounted daily tickets, Sam’s Club also carries discounted Weekday Bundle passes that come included with any day (Monday – Friday) park admission, single meal, & parking.

You can always check with your local Sam’s Club to know whether discount Knott’s tickets are on sale or not.

However, Sam’s Club sells these cheap tickets online on its official travel and entertainment website.

AAA Knott’s Tickets

AAA members get a flat discount of up to 35% on Knott’s Berry Farm passes and 25% off on Knott’s Soak City passes.

Cheap 1-day tickets can be bought at just $69 (that’s a 30% AAA discount) whereas a weekday ticket costs you $63 (that’s a 35% AAA discount).

And the best deal you get as an AAA member is the 35% off on the weekday bundle that gives you access to the park, meals, and free parking.

I recommend purchasing AAA’s weekday bundle at just $90 to save money on your admission to Knott’s Berry Farm.

For the 2022 season, AAA also sells discount Soak City entry passes at just $44 per member!

Discounted Specific-Day Admission

If you are looking to visit Knott’s Berry Farm on a specific day, then you may be interested in their Discounted Specific-Day Admission Ticket. As of 2022, the park is selling tickets for $69, which is a $30 savings off the gate price.

This ticket is valid for one single day of admission to Knott’s Berry Farm on the date selected and is not valid for special events or private functions.

Guests must present their tickets upon arrival to redeem them and returned or expired tickets will not be honored.

At the gate, you can expect to pay $99 for a General Admission ticket. So, you are missing out on a $30 savings by not getting the Specific-Day Admission Ticket online.

The great thing about getting the specific-day admission ticket is that you don’t have to worry about waiting in line at the gate.

You can go straight to the turnstiles with your printed or digital ticket and enjoy a stress-free day at the park.

However, remember that there are restrictions in place. The ticket is only valid for the date selected and you cannot change the date once it has been booked.

Additionally, this ticket is not valid for Knott’s Scary Farm or Soak City Waterpark.

You will be able to manage your existing dated ticket by visiting the Booking Portal. From there, you will be able to view your order details and make any changes that may be necessary.

Dated tickets are non-transferable, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Ride and Slide Ticket Cost

In case you haven’t heard, the Knott’s Berry Farm 2022 Ride & Slide Pass is now on sale!

This pass allows you to visit both Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City on the same day for one low price.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a thrilling day of rides, the Ride & Slide Pass is perfect for you.

And at 41% off the gate price, it’s a great deal too!

The 2022 discounted cost of a Ride & Slide Pass is just $99, and it includes admission to both parks for all ages 3+. That’s a savings of over $70 off the regular gate price!

When you purchase this ticket at the gate, you’ll pay $169. But if you buy your ticket online in advance, you’ll only pay $99.

That’s a savings of $70, or 41% off the regular price!

So whether you’re looking for a fun day at the park or a great deal on admission, the Knott’s Berry Farm Ride & Slide Pass is a perfect choice.

However, it’s important to note that parking is not included with this ticket. So be sure to factor in the cost of parking when you’re planning your visit.

Overall, the Knott’s Berry Farm Ride & Slide Pass is a great way to save on admission to two great parks.

It’s perfect for families or anyone who loves rides and wants to experience all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer.

So don’t wait, buy your tickets today and enjoy a day of fun at the park!

Knott’s Soak City Admission

If you’re looking to enjoy all that Knott’s Soak City has to offer without spending a fortune, then discounted admission tickets are definitely worth considering!

For just $52, you can enjoy a full day of fun at this world-class water park. That’s a savings of 25% off the regular gate price of $70, so you can definitely feel good about getting a great deal.

There’s plenty to do at Knott’s Soak City, whether you’re looking to cool off on a hot day or just have some fun in the water.

With 23 different slides, a 750,000-gallon wave pool, and a lazy river, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

Soak City is also adjacent to Knott’s Berry Farm, so you can easily make a day of it by enjoying both parks.

However, this specific day admission ticket is only valid for the date selected and entry to Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Scary Farm, and other special events are not included.

If you’re looking to visit on a specific date, be sure to check the availability of this discounted ticket before purchasing.

And also, parking is not included with this ticket, so be sure to factor that in when budgeting for your day at Knott’s Soak City.

Overall, discounted admission tickets to Knott’s Soak City are a great way to enjoy all the park has to offer without breaking the bank.

Discount Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets

What if I told you that there was a place where your worst fears come true? Your nightmares are real, and the monsters are waiting for you.

Welcome to Knott’s Scary Farm, where terror lurks around every corner and the screams never stop.

On select nights during the Halloween season, Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into Southern California’s premier Halloween event.

With mazes that will leave you trembling with fear and rides that will make your heart race, Knott’s Scary Farm is not for the faint of heart.

If you are looking for a true spine-chilling experience, then look no further than Knott’s Scary Farm.

Discount tickets for this special event normally go on sale on the 15th of August, and this year is no different. So if you are looking to save some money on your tickets, make sure to buy them early in advance.

A one-night admission ticket to Knott’s Scary Farm will cost you anywhere between $50 and $80 when you buy at a discounted rate online.

The overall cost totally depends on the day of the week you want to attend and how early you book your tickets.

The park offers discounts, deals, and special promotions to all the season pass holders as well.

So, if you are a season pass holder, then this is the best time to use your passes and enjoy some Halloween fun at Knott’s Scary Farm.

Remember that parking should be purchased separately, and it will cost you $25 per vehicle. The prices may vary on the weekends, so make sure to check that in advance as well.

For pass holders, it’s free to park!

Fast Lane Pass Discount

If you’re looking to make the most of your day at Knott’s Berry Farm, a Fast Lane wristband is the way to go.

For just $109 online (Discount Ticket), you’ll get priority boarding on select rides, allowing you to ride as many times as you want all day long.

Plus, you’ll save $5 off the at-the-gate price of $114.

With a Fast Lane pass, you’ll be able to enjoy rides like Calico River Rapids, GhostRider, and Silver Bullet without having to wait in line.

And since ride availability is subject to change without notice, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal while you can.

So buy your Fast Lane pass today and enjoy a day of fun at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Please note that the Fast Lane ticket doesn’t include parking and admission to either Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark, & Knott’s Scary Farm.

It just helps you move a little quicker through some of the most popular attractions inside the park!

Bring-A-Friend Discount

If you are a Knott’s Berry Farm season pass holder, you can purchase a Bring-A-Friend Ticket at a discounted price!

Each Bring-A-Friend costs you just $49.99, which is a great deal considering the regular gate price of $99.

With this ticket, your friend will be able to enjoy all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer on the date you select.

This is a great way to save money and share the fun with a friend!

However, you are limited to purchasing just 4 Bring-A-Friend Tickets per day.

So if you have a large group of friends that you want to take to the park, you’ll need to plan ahead and purchase your tickets early.

Additionally, these tickets are only valid for ages 3+. So, basically, children under the age of 3 are allowed to enter the park for free!

If you’re looking for a great way to save money and enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm with your friends, then be sure to take advantage of the Bring-A-Friend Ticket discount!

Please note that the Bring-A-Friend Ticket is not valid for Knott’s Scary Farm, Soak City Waterpark, and special ticket or private events.

Moreover, these passes are non-transferable!

Group Discount

Knott’s theme park offers two different types of group discounts: one for Knott’s Berry Farm and one for Soak City.

However, the minimum number of tickets required for the discount is 15. And also, for both types, the groups must select a specific day to visit in advance.

Discount On Knott’s Group Tickets

Groups 15+Price Per AdultDiscount Per Ticket
Knott’s Berry Farm 1-Day Admission$65$34
Knott’s Soak City 1-Day Admission$44$26
Knott’s Berry Farm Group Discount

The Knott’s Berry Farm group discount provides a $34 savings per ticket, while the Soak City group discount saves $26 per person.

The tickets purchased as part of a group discount are non-transferable, meaning that they cannot be given or sold to another person.

Also, group discounts are not valid for special events or private parties.

If you are planning to visit Knott’s Berry Farm with a group of 15 or more people, then these group discounts could save you a significant amount of money.

Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passes 2022

When deciding which season pass to purchase for Knott’s Berry Farm, it is important to consider what benefits are most important to you.

Discounted Knott’s Season Passes

Season Pass TypeDiscounted RateUnlimited VisitsFree Parking
2022 Regular Pass$160Knott’s Berry Farm OnlyNA
2022 Gold Pass$185Knott’s Berry Farm & SoakcityNA
2022 Platinum Pass$250Knott’s Berry Farm & SoakcityIncluded
Knott’s 2022 Season Passes Pricing

If unlimited visits to the park is your priority, then the Regular Pass is a great option.

For only $160, you can enjoy all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer throughout the year, discounts on Knott’s Scary Farm admission, food, and merchandise, as well as discounts on stays at the Knott’s Hotel.

However, the regular season pass does not include admission to Soak City, Knott’s waterpark.

If you’re looking for a season pass that includes both the Berry Farm and Soak City, then the Gold Pass is your best bet.

For $185, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Regular Pass, plus unlimited visits to Soak City. If you’re looking for the ultimate season pass experience, then the Platinum Pass is right for you.

Priced at $250, the Platinum Pass includes all the benefits of both the Regular and Gold Passes, plus free general parking and unlimited visits to all Cedar Fair parks in the USA.

Whether you’re a die-hard Knott’s fan or you’re looking for the ultimate season pass experience, the Platinum Pass is sure to provide you with everything you’re looking for.

With the 2022 Platinum pass, you will get admission to not only Knott’s Berry Farm & Soak City but also to Cedar Fair parks like California’s Great America, Carowinds, Cedar Point, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Michigan’s Adventure and Valleyfair.

You also get free general parking which can save you up to $25 per visit!

In addition to all these great benefits, the Platinum Pass also comes with special perks like early entry into the parks and access to exclusive events.

So, which season pass is right for you?

For those on a budget, the Regular Pass provides great value for unlimited visits to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Or else, for those looking for the full Knott’s experience, the Gold Pass provides access to both the Berry Farm and Soak City.

And finally, for those looking for the ultimate season pass experience, the Platinum Pass provides access to all Cedar Fair parks in addition to free parking and exclusive events.

2022 Funpix Add-On Price

If you’re looking to capture a season’s worth of memories at Knott’s Berry Farm, the Funpix add-on is definitely for you!

For just $54.99, you’ll get unlimited digital photos from every visit to the park during the 2022 season.

Whether it’s snapping a pic of your favorite ride or grabbing a selfie with your friends, Funpix is the perfect way to document your Knott’s Berry Farm experience.

So don’t wait – purchase your Funpix add-on today!

The discounted rate is available online for a limited time only, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

And remember – Funpix is not valid at Soak City Waterpark, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Most importantly, in order to be able to purchase the All Season FunPix add-on, you must have a season pass number.

You can purchase multiple add-ons if you have more than one season pass number. During the checkout process, the park’s ticketing portal will ask for your season pass number.

After the purchase is completed, All Season FunPix will be automatically added to that specific season pass.

Please be sure to double-check your information to ensure that the add-on is properly linked to your account.

Knott’s Stroller Rental Cost

Are you planning a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm with your family? If so, you may be wondering about the best way to get around the park.

One option is to rent a stroller. Stroller rentals are available for both single and double strollers.

The cost of a single stroller rental is $17, while a double stroller rental is $22. You can also rent a manual wheelchair for $20 or an electric wheelchair for $50.

So, which option is the best value?

If you plan on spending a lot of time at the park, then renting a stroller may be the best option. This way, you won’t have to worry about carrying your child around all day.

Plus, it will be easier to navigate crowded areas and long lines. However, if you only plan on being at the park for a few hours, then it may be cheaper to just carry your child.

It really depends on your individual circumstances.

You may also bring your own stroller from home. However, be aware that may be some restrictions on what types of strollers are allowed in the park.

And moreover, the policy might be subject to change at any time. So, it’s always best to check with the park before you visit.

Knott’s VIP Tour Discount Packages

Knott’s Berry Farm VIP tours are the perfect way to experience everything the park has to offer. However, the price can be a bit steep for some guests.

Luckily, the All-Day Dining Plan is included in the cost of the tour which makes it an incredible value.

The ability to skip lines and have priority seating for shows is also a huge perk that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Most importantly, the tour provides a great way to see the park without having to worry about getting lost or missing something important.

The restrictions you need to know about the tour are that it is only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You must also book in advance as there are a limited number of tours each day. There is a minimum requirement of 2 guests per order and a maximum of 6 guests per order.

Lastly, the time you spend with your guide cannot be split up.

Currently, as of 2022, VIP packages of the Knott’s Berry Farm are priced at $599 per person.

Each VIP package comes included with

  1. Admission to both parks for the day
  2. Exclusive access to all 40 rides & attractions with no waiting in line
  3. Premium all-day dining
  4. Private guide for up to six hours
  5. General parking
  6. Single-day FunPix pass
  7. Priority Show Seating

If you are looking for an immersive and comprehensive experience of Knott’s Berry Farm, then the VIP Tour Package is definitely worth considering.

However, if you are on a tighter budget, there are other ways to enjoy the park without breaking the bank.

Discount On Drinks & Dining

Souvenir Bottle/Drink Wristband

As of 2022, the cost for a Souvenir Bottle/Drink Wristband at Knott’s Berry Farm is $16.99 plus tax.

This online discounted rate includes your choice of either a souvenir bottle or drink wristband, which can be used to get unlimited refills of Coca-Cola beverages on the day of your visit.

However, remember that there is a time limit of 15 minutes in between each refill, so make sure to plan your drinks accordingly!

Also, this does not include park admission, so you will need to purchase a separate ticket in order to enter the premises.

All-Day Dining

The All Day Dining Pass at Knott’s Berry Farm costs $31.99 when purchased online with a discount. At the gate, the price will be considerably higher.

So, if you’re planning on eating at Knott’s Berry Farm, it’s worth it to buy the All Day Dining Pass.

When you purchase the All Day Dining Pass, you’re entitled to an entrée and side at any of the participating Food & Beverage locations as often as every 90 minutes.

This is a great deal if you want to enjoy all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer without having to worry about spending a lot on food.


The Single Meal Deal at Knott’s Berry Farm costs $16.99. This includes a select entrée, side, and a regular-size fountain drink.

The Single Meal Deal is a great way to save money however, it is not valid for Knott’s Scary Farm or specially ticketed events.

All-Day Dining Premium

The cost of the ALL-DAY DINING PREMIUM at Knott’s Berry Farm is $42.99. So, it’s expensive, but it allows you to have an entrée and side, or a snack, as often as every 90 minutes during your visit. You also get unlimited Coca-Cola beverages.

The price might be worth it if you’re planning on spending a lot of time at the park and want to make sure you don’t go hungry.

However, the pass doesn’t work for Knott’s Scary Farm or other events that require special tickets.

And most importantly, you won’t be able to purchase this ticket at this discounted cost at the gate. You have to buy it online in advance.

So, if you’re planning on going to Knott’s Berry Farm and want to take advantage of this dining deal, make sure you purchase your ticket ahead of time!

Cabanas Rental Pricing

Currently, as of 2022, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark offers 3 types of cabanas for rental. These are the Malibu Cabana, the Shore Break Cabana, and the Wavepool Cabana.

The prices for these cabanas range from $329-$399 depending on the type of cabana. All of these cabanas can accommodate up to 8 people.

Cabana TypeRegular Rental CostDiscount For Passholders
Shore Break$329$30
Wavepool$399No Discount
Knott’s Berry Farm & Soak City Cabanas Rental

The most expensive cabana is the Wavepool Cabana, which costs $399. The Wavepool Cabana is located in the wave pool area and provides guests with a place to store their belongings while they enjoy the waves.

The Malibu Cabana and the Shore Break Cabana are both located in the main pool area and provide guests with a place to relax and store their belongings.

The Malibu Cabana is the most expensive of these two cabanas, costing $359, while the Shore Break Cabana costs $329.

So, when considering the price of a cabana at Knott’s Soak City, the Wavepool Cabana is the most expensive option, followed by the Malibu Cabana.

The Shore Break Cabana is the least expensive option of the three.

The prices of cabana rentals you see online are cheap. But, season pass holders get an additional $30 off on renting the Malibu and Shore Break Cabanas.

So, if you are planning on going to Knott’s Soak City frequently, it might be worth it to buy a season pass.

Daily Parking Fee

In 2022, Knott’s Berry Farm charges a daily parking fee of $25 per car. In case it’s an RV or bus, you need to pay $30.

This rate can be availed only online and when you buy a parking ticket at the gate, you can expect to pay more around $40.

Please note that this parking pass allows you to access only Knott’s Berry Farm and you cannot park your vehicle at Knott’s Scary Farm, Knott’s hotels, and the shopping & dining area.

Military Discount

As of 2022, Knott’s Berry Farm is offering a military discount rate of $68 for single-day admission. This is a great deal for those in the military who want to enjoy all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer!

At the gate, military personnel will have to pay the non-discounted general admission rate of $99 per ticket.

This discount can only be availed online by visiting Knott’s Berry Farm website and selecting the “Military” admission tickets option.

Generally, a specific-day entry ticket costs you $69 when purchased online. So, when compared with it, the military discount saves you not much.

It’s just $1 off. However, when you compare the cost with gate prices, it’s a lot of savings!

If you are looking for other ways to save at Knott’s Berry Farm, consider purchasing a season pass.

Season passes start at $160 and offer unlimited visits as well as some great benefits like free parking, early entry on select days, and discounts on food and merchandise.

Senior Discount

Unfortunately, Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City Waterpark doesn’t have any senior discounts on daily tickets as of 2022.

Even there are no discounts for children. However, it’s free to enter the park if your kid is 2 years or younger.

As of now, there are no child/senior discounts on daily tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Soak City, Knott’s Scary Farm, multi-park tickets (ride & slide passes), season passes, cabana rentals, VIP tour packages, and almost anything that the park offers.

However, you will have to keep checking the park’s official website as special deals & discounts will be offered from time to time.

Discounted Hotel Packages

If you’re looking to plan a summer getaway that includes some thrills and excitement, look no further than Knott’s Berry Farm!

Being one of the most popular amusement parks in California, Knott’s Berry Farm is perfect for families or groups of friends.

And with their new hotel packages available for 2022, there’s no better time to start planning your trip!

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Packages

Hotel Package TypePrice Per Person
Season Pass Summer Nights Vacation$44/Night
Classic Package$80/Night
Summer Nights Vacation Package$84/Night
Knott’s Berry Farm Vacation Packages

Comparing the different hotel packages, the Season Pass Summer Nights vacation package offers the best value for families of four.

For just $44 per person, per night, you’ll receive hotel accommodations, one Summer Nights Tasting Card, and one Single-Use Fast Lane ticket for each registered guest. Plus, you’ll also have access to hotel parking.

If you’re looking for a more classic vacation package, the Classic Package might be a better fit.

For $80 per person, per night, you’ll receive hotel accommodations, Knott’s Berry Farm admission for one day for each registered guest, and the Amber Waves breakfast buffet each day.

You’ll also have access to hotel parking.

If you’re looking to add a little more excitement to your trip, the Summer Nights Vacation Package is perfect for you!

For $84 per person, per night, you’ll receive hotel accommodations, Knott’s Berry Farm admission for one day for each registered guest, one Summer Nights Tasting Card, and one Single-Use Fast Lane ticket for each registered guest.

So if you’re looking to plan a summer getaway that’s sure to be filled with thrills and excitement, be sure to check out Knott’s Berry Farm’s hotel packages for 2022!

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Rates

The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel is a great place to stay when visiting the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.

The hotel offers several room options to make your stay comfortable, including a single queen, standard two queen, and oversized two queen rooms.

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Rooms & Packages

Knott’s Hotel RoomCost Per 2 Adults
CAMP SNOOPY TWO QUEENS (1-Day Ticket Package)$288/Day
Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Rooms & Pricing

The Camp Snoopy Two Queen room is a great option for families, as it includes two queen-size beds and Camp Snoopy decor.

The room also has cable television, wireless internet, and an in-room safe.

You can also go with the 1-Day Ticket Package, which includes your room and tickets to the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.

This is a great option if you want to spend a day at the park and then relax in your room afterward.

The 1-Day Ticket Package starts at $288 for two adults.

Whether you choose the Room-Only Rate or the 1-Day Ticket Package, you’re sure to have a great stay at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.

Please note that the Camp Snoopy Two Queen room no longer offers a personal visit from Snoopy and that the Snoopy plush may vary.

You can book your stay by calling 714-995-1111 or making a reservation directly on the hotel’s website.

Amber Waves Restaurant Pricing

If you’re looking for a delicious and reasonably priced meal, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Amber Waves Restaurant is a great option.

The restaurant offers a variety of entrees, including burgers, pizza, pasta, steak, and chicken, as well as an array of homemade desserts.

And the “All You Can Eat” breakfast buffet is a great deal at just $19 for adults and $12 for children.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Amber Waves is sure to please.

Amber Waves Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Breakfast ItemsPrice
The All-American$13.99
New York Steak and Eggs$19.95
The Sunrise Burger$15.50
The SoCal Breakfast Sandwich$14.25
The Bake and Brew$10.00
Farm Fresh Burrito$11.50
The Country Biscuit Breakfast$14.50
California Sunrise$13.50
Buttermilk Pancakes$11.99
Denver Omelet$12.50
Fresh Fruit Platter$10.75
Amber Waves Restaurant Breakfast Menu Items Cost

You can order the breakfast buffet between 6:30 am and 11 am. The buffet includes fresh fruit, cereals, pastries, oatmeal, yogurt, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, biscuits, and gravy.

Orange juice, apple juice, coffee, and milk are also included.

If you’re looking for a more traditional breakfast option, the restaurant also offers dine-in breakfast items such as eggs, omelets, pancakes, and waffles.

Lunch is served from 11 am to 4 pm, and dinner is served from 4 pm to 10 pm. The bar is open until 11 pm on Sunday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Amber Waves Restaurant Lunch Menu

Lunch ItemsPrice
Southwestern Jack and CheddarChicken Quesadilla$12.50
Buffalo City Wing Tasting Platter$15.50 – $27.00
One Nation Nachos$12.50 – $16.50
Albuquerque Egg Rolls$12.75
El Paso Dip$13.50
Tortilla Soup$5.00 – $6.50
Hawaiian Coconut Breaded Shrimp$13.50
Soup of the Day$5.00 – $6.50
Sourdough Bread Bowl$12.50
Amber Waves Restaurant Lunch Menu Items & their Cost

Please note that some of these items reflect in the dinner menu as well and the restaurant also prepares several types of pizzas, burgers, salads, entrees, and sides.

Hotels Near The Park

Check Out this map that shows all nearby hotels where you can stay during your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm –

Knott’s Wedding Package Cost

The Knott’s Wedding Package is an all-inclusive package that provides everything you need for your special day.

The package includes a complimentary reception room, custom-tiered wedding cake, champagne toast, and an overnight stay for the bride and groom.

With so many inclusive features, the Knott’s Wedding Package is an excellent value for couples looking to tie the knot.

The overall package cost will vary depending on the number of guests, but couples can expect to pay around $50 per person for the complete package.

This fee includes everything from the reception room rental to the champagne toast and overnight stay.

For couples on a budget, Knott’s offers a variety of payment options that can make the overall cost more manageable.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or a large celebration, Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel is the perfect location for your wedding.

With three ballrooms and a beautiful gazebo, the hotel can accommodate any size wedding party.

The experienced staff at Knott’s will work with you to create a wedding that is truly unique and memorable.

In order to make a reservation or to get more information about the Knott’s Wedding Package, couples can call 714-243-2033 or fill out an online form on Knott’s portal.

Knott’s Event/Meeting Package

The Knott’s Meetings and Events package is a great way to save money on your next conference or event.

With one of the largest conference and convention centers in the area, you can save money on your meeting or event by using their services.

This package includes wireless internet, catering and banquet service, and A/V equipped facilities.

The Audio/Video equipment comes in handy when you need to make a presentation or show a video. This is perfect for large meetings and events.

The catering and banquet service can be used for small or large groups. You can also use this service to save money on your food costs.

The wireless internet is perfect for those who need to stay connected during their meeting or event. This is a great way to keep in touch with clients or colleagues.

The cost of the Knott’s Meetings and Events package will vary depending on the size of your group and the length of your event.

However, you can save money by using their services. Contact a Knott’s representative today by dialing 714-243-2033 to learn more about their meeting and event packages.

Student/Youth Discount Program

Knott’s Berry Farm is known for its educational field trips. The Berry Farm offers an interactive state-of-the-art classroom and the ultimate playground for after-class.

So, whether your students are in grade school or college, they’re sure to enjoy their time at Knott’s.

Regardless of the grade, your students are in, they’re sure to enjoy the Physics programs with in-park student activities.

At Knott’s, they offer fun and affordable packages that your entire group will love. And moreover, your students can showcase their talents at one of the performance opportunities.

Types Of Trips Offered

  1. Summer Heat
  2. School Beat
  3. Adventures In Education
  4. Performance In The Park
  5. Physics Day
  6. Engineering Day
  7. Dances & Catered Events

The Berry Farm provides unique performing venues to a ready-made audience of park guests. Finally, the park provides an all-inclusive catering service to students as part of its youth program.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and fun-filled place to take your students, look no further than Knott’s Berry Farm!

You may ask for discounts and special deals available at the time for school groups, students, teachers, and chaperones.

Group Celebrations

The Knott’s Berry Farm Group Celebrations package is the perfect way to celebrate with your friends and family!

With same-day admission to the park, a private meal venue, an all-you-can-eat meal service, and a custom menu, your group will have everything they need to enjoy their time at the park.

So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just getting the gang together for some fun, the Knott’s Berry Farm Group Celebrations package is the perfect way to do it!

In order to book your group’s event, simply call 800-742-6427 and talk to an event planner at Knott’s Berry Farm to plan your perfect day.

However, remember that there is a minimum member requirement of 50 people in order to book this event.

So, get your group together and come on down to Knott’s Berry Farm for an unforgettable day of fun!

The overall cost may vary depending on the number of people in your group, but you can be sure that everyone will have a blast at Knott’s Berry Farm with the Group Celebrations package. So, what are you waiting for? Call today and book your event!

California Marketplace

Wondering what to do at Knott’s Berry Farm? Why not explore the California Marketplace? Here you’ll find a variety of tasty preserves and jellies, unique gifts and souvenirs, and even some famous fried chicken at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it (and more!) at the California Marketplace.

Some of the highlights of the California Marketplace include the PEANUTS Headquarters, where you can learn all about Charles Schulz and his iconic characters; Build-A-Bear, where you can create your own stuffed animal friend; Candy Parlour, where you can indulge in sweet treats; and the Knott’s California Shop, where you can pick up souvenirs and gifts to take home.

There’s also a variety of dining options available, from quick bites at Cable Car Kitchen to sit-down meals at T.G.I Fridays.

Whether you’re looking to do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, or just explore, the California Marketplace at Knott’s Berry Farm is the perfect place to start!

The Cable Car Kitchen is a fast food location in the California Marketplace at Knott’s Berry Farm. Even Starbucks is in the Marketplace.

There are also many places to find gifts and souvenirs such as the Knott’s California Shop, Virginia’s Gift Shop, or the Online Marketplace.

The Online Marketplace has items that cannot be found in the physical store like exclusive Peanuts items or Mrs. Knott’s world-famous preserves.


The places where you can get Knott’s discount tickets include – (best for latest online deals), Costco (best for cheap multi-day ticket bundles), Sam’s Club (if you want a weekday bundle), AAA (if you have a membership), Groupon, and RetailMeNot (for promo codes & coupons). It’s very cheap when you buy tickets from these places/stores. But, it’s very expensive when you purchase passes at the front gate. Instead, get yourself a regular season pass for unlimited free visits or a gold pass for unlimited visits to both parks, or a platinum pass to get the benefit of unlimited free parking.