Does Kroger Sell Zoombezi Bay Tickets? (Discounted Pricing, gate, online)

Kroger Zoombezi Bay Discounted Tickets: Zoombezi Bay is a water park located in Powell, Ohio. It features over 17 rides and attractions, including a lazy river, a wave pool, and three roller coasters.

The park also has a variety of food options, including several restaurants and concession stands. If you are looking for a fun and exciting day trip, Zoombezi Bay is a great option.

The park is open every day, and tickets are reasonably priced. Be sure to check the park’s website or social media pages for updates on closures, ride restrictions, and other information.

Admission tickets to Zoombezi Bay can be purchased on the park’s website or at the gate.

Prices vary depending on the day and time of visit but generally range from $11.99 to $174.99 excluding parking.

So, buying discounted tickets at a grocery store such as Kroger is a great way to save money on admission.

But, does Kroger carry discounted tickets to Zoombezi Bay?

Keep on reading to find out whether Kroger sells passes to Zoombezi Bay at discounted rates or not, if yes, what the discounted pricing is, the parking fee that is charged at the gate, and a lot more!

Does Kroger Sell Zoombezi Bay Tickets?

As of 2022, Kroger does sell Zoombezi Bay admission tickets at many of its stores in the U.S. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can buy discounted Zoombezi Bay tickets from most Kroger locations.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save on your next visit to Zoombezi Bay, buying tickets at Kroger could be a great option.

Instead of purchasing single-day passes at the gate, visit a Kroger near you and purchase a voucher for a few dollars less.

This way, you can save money on your day at the waterpark and have more cash to spend on rides and attractions.

Kroger Discounted Tickets

Currently, Kroger sells Zoombezi Bay daily admission tickets at a discounted rate of around $38 per Adult and about $33 per child (ages 3 to 9 years).

In fact, this discounted pricing at Kroger is the same as the online ticket pricing on the official website of Zoombezi Bay Water Park.

However, at Kroger, you won’t be paying the additional fee of $2.00 in the name of processing which is charged online.

And also, the online ticketing platform of the park charges an extra $1 per ticket in the name of conservation support.

So, for example, a single-day general admission ticket is priced at $38.99 on the website but during the checkout, you’ll have to pay $41.99 per person.

So, to save some bucks, shop for discounted tickets at a Kroger near you!

Types Of Tickets Sold

As of now, Kroger only carries day passes to Zoombezi Bay water park in Ohio.

So, if you are thinking of buying 2-day tickets or season passes, you should check out the park’s ticketing portal or purchase them directly at the gate.

Currently, at the gate or online, these types of passes are being sold –

  1. Columbus Zoo Admission – Daily
  2. Columbus Zoo Admission – Daily (Franklin County)
  3. Two-day Ticket
  4. Zoombezi Bay Daily Admission
  5. Zoo Member Discount Ticket
  6. Zoombezi Bay All Inclusive
  7. Water Park After Dark
  8. World’s Largest Swim Lesson
  9. Gold Individual Membership (All-Access Pass)
  10. Zoombezi Bay 2022 Season Pass
  11. GIFT Zoombezi Bay 2022 Season Pass
  12. ZB 2022 Season Pass – Zoo Member
  13. Gold Individual Membership – Franklin County Rate

These are the different types of Zoombezi Bay tickets you can find online or at the gate. Remember that the At-The-Gate pricing will be very high compared to online prices.

Regular Ticket Pricing

The table below will show all Zoombezi Bay tickets and their current rates –

TicketCost Per AdultCost Per Child
Zoombezi Bay Daily Admission$38.99$33.99
Zoombezi Bay All Inclusive$109.99 (21+ Age)$84.99 (Under 21 Yrs)
Water Park After Dark (over 21)*$30 to $40$30 to $40
2 Day Ticket$49.99$39.99
World’s Largest Swim Lesson*$17$17
Gold Individual Membership$174.99$144.99
GIFT Gold Individual Membership$174.99$144.99
Zoombezi Bay 2022 Season Pass$119.99$94.99
Gold Individual Membership FRANKLIN COUNTY RATE$164.99$134.99
Columbus Zoo Admission – Daily$24.99$18.99
Columbus Zoo Admission – Daily (Franklin County)$16.99$11.99
Zoofari – General Admission$200$200
Zoofari – VIP Admission$300$300
Zoofari – VIP Admission 12 Pack$3,000$3,000
2022 Zoofari Car Raffle$100 (No Age)$100 (No Age)
Zoo More Wristband$14.99$14.99
Zoombezi Bay Vouchers & Pricing

This is the online pricing of the admission tickets to enter Zoombezi Bay and the prices are subject to change from time to time.

Every admission voucher or online order is subject to a processing fee of $2 and an extra $1 conservation fee.

So, you’ll be paying $3 more than what you pay at Kroger if tickets are bought online! Thus, purchasing Zoombezi Bay tickets at Kroger is always a good idea as it saves you some money.

Restrictions & Info

  • Water Park After Dark (over 21)* – It’s an adult-only event and costs you $30 for a season pass whereas a general pass is priced at $40 per adult.
  • World’s Largest Swim Lesson* – At Zoombezi Bay, kids can learn the basics of swimming in a fun and safe environment. In the World’s Largest Swim Lesson, kids will learn how to stay safe around water, float, and swim using basic strokes. The Wild Tides Wave Pool is a great place to learn how to swim. For kids aged 2-12, the 30-minute swim lesson will cover the basics of swimming safety and technique. To participate in the World’s Largest Swim Lesson, register online or at the park on the day of the event. Participation is free for Season Pass holders, and $17 per person for all other participants.

Senior Discount

The Zoombezi Bay Water Park has a generous senior discount policy that treats both children and senior citizens alike.

So, the ticket pricing for both seniors and children is the same. For example, the Zoombezi Bay Daily Admission ticket costs $33.99 per person (seniors & children).

As a senior, you can save up to $5 per ticket at Zoombezi Bay gate and online. In the case of a two-day ticket, seniors get a flat $10 discount.

However, this senior discount applies to only single-day and two-day vouchers but not for season passes and gold memberships.

Parking Fees

Expect to pay $10 as a parking fee when purchasing a Columbus Zoo Parking ticket online. Otherwise, the Zoombezi Bay parking ticket costs you a few bucks more at the gate.

Unfortunately, Kroger passes don’t include the parking fee or ticket and so, you will have to purchase the parking tickets separately.

In the case of season passes or special event passes like Water Park After Dark, the parking is free as it’s complimentary.

Military Discount

Zoombezi Bay Water Park offers military discounts from time to time.

So, you will have to check on the official website or contact the management at 614-645-3400 to know whether there are any ongoing deals, offers, & promotions curated for military personnel and their familes.

Generally, the park gives a discount of around $10 for military personnel when buying general admission tickets during the promotional periods.

So, if a one-day voucher is priced at $38.99 for the general public, military families can buy it for around $28.99 per person.

So, keep looking for military discounts in the official ticketing portal –!


You can buy Zoombezi Bay Water Park tickets at a discounted price from Kroger. However, at Kroger stores, you will only be able to purchase daily passes at around $38 per adult. So, if you are looking for a seasonal pass, buy it online on the park’s official website where you will be charged a processing fee of $2 and an additional $1 per order as a conservation fee. So, buying discounted Zoombezi Bay passes at Kroger can save you around $3 to $5 per ticket.


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