How To Get Discount Medieval Times Arizona Tickets? (Coupons)

Medieval Times Arizona Tickets: Are you planning a trip to Arizona? Is your interest piqued by the idea of visiting a dinner theater that transports you back in time to the Middle Ages? If so, then you may be wondering what Medieval Times Arizona has to offer.

This popular dinner attraction lets guests experience all the pageantry and excitement of life in medieval times.

From the moment you step into the castle, you will feel as though you have been transported back in time.

The dinner show at Medieval Times Arizona features heroic knights on spirited horses displaying their athletic prowess and sword-fighting skills.

As you watch the show unfold, you will be able to enjoy a delicious “hands-on” feast. The music and lights create a magical atmosphere that is sure to enchant all who witness it. This is an experience that you will not soon forget.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Medieval Times Arizona is just a short drive from Phoenix. This makes it a convenient destination for those who are looking for an exciting and unique way to spend an evening.

If you are interested in learning more about Medieval Times Arizona or would like to purchase tickets, then you should definitely check out the discounted tickets, coupons, and promo codes mentioned in this article.

How To Buy Medieval Times Arizona Discounted Tickets In 2022?

You can buy Medieval Times Arizona Discounted Tickets from authorized ticket sellers like aRes Travel for as low as $51/adult.

You can also get dinner show tickets at the venue box office itself. However, you need to be aware of waiting in a queue for hours before you are able to get your hands on them. You will be surprised how many people go there just to purchase their tickets.

So, if you want to avoid this, you can always book your tickets online. To do so,


  1. Click on this discount link
  2. Scroll down to the tickets section
  3. Select your ticket quantity
  4. Click on the Add To Cart button
  5. Then, hit the Continue To Checkout button
  6. Make the payment with your credit card
  7. Print your discounted tickets

You will be able to see all the details of the discount on offer as well as how much it would cost you per ticket if you purchase them from here.

After that, all you need to do is enter your personal information and the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

Once done, simply pay for your tickets using your credit card.

General Ticket Rates

Usually, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament tickets are priced at $65.95 per adult whereas a child pass costs you around $43.84.

So, gate prices will typically be very high compared to the online discounted pricing. Even when you try to purchase passes from the official website –, you will be charged a tax + processing fee of $9.02 per ticket.

The total online price will go high considering the additional charges levied by the official ticketing portal.

So, the only way you will be able to save money on general admission is by purchasing from the discount that is being provided here on DifferenceWalla.

Discounted Pricing

Buying tickets at a discount through DifferenceWalla can help save you some money – $7 per ticket.

Because an adult ticket for the Medieval Times Arizona dinner show is priced here at just $51 whereas it costs you $58 on the official website.

Dinner Show TicketDiscounted Price
Discount Medieval Times Arizona Tickets Cost

And, at the gate, you will end up paying even more for each pass i.e. around $65.95 per person. So, it’s best to buy tickets in advance from here.

Promo Codes

As of 2022, on the official website, you can buy tickets by applying the promo code – 4935MT on the checkout page in order to get a flat 24% discount on your overall order.

The current adult ticket price is $65.95 on the official ticketing platform. So, when you apply this coupon code, the cost per ticket comes down to $49.95.

That’s a total savings of $16 per ticket. But, here’s the catch: the platform charges a hefty $9.02 in taxes and processing fees.

So, the final rate you will end up paying for each ticket is $58.97. Instead, purchase passes for as low as $51 (the final price that comes included with processing fee & tax).

Military Discount

As of 2022, Medieval Times Arizona does offer a discount on dinner show tickets and a free Royalty upgrade to all active/retired members of the U.S military and Canadian Forces.

However, in order to be eligible to purchase these military discounted rate tickets, military members or veterans have to verify their identity on the official website – via

You can buy these special tickets either at participating U.S military bases or online on the official ticketing portal.

When buying online, you will have to sign up for if you don’t already have an account or the Troop ID card which is a type of digital identification card provided by

Who Is Eligible For Medieval Times Military Discount?

  1. Active Military Personnel
  2. Military Veterans
  3. Military Family Members
  4. Spouses

These people qualify for the special rates that Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Arizona offers to the U.S military and Canadian Armed Forces.

You may provide your USAA or Department Of Veterans Affairs ID card during the verification process to get military discount tickets.

Groups Discount

As of 2022, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament offers group discounts for various types of groups including birthdays, companies, troop outings, field trips, summer camps, and tour operators. These groups must have a minimum of 15 people in order to be eligible for the discount rates.

The different packages that are available at discounted rates include the Dinner & Tournament, Joust, Party Package, Knight’s Banquet, Noble Fare, and Crown Jewel.

In order to receive these special rates, you will need to fill out and submit a form to the group sales team online.

So, if you are planning an event for a group of people and are looking for a unique and exciting way to entertain them, be sure to check out Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!

The dinner show and tournament at Medieval Times is a great way to get transported back in time to the days of knights and castles.

It’s also a perfect activity for groups, with a variety of packages available at discounted rates.

So whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate outing, field trip, or just looking for a fun and different way to spend an evening, Medieval Times should definitely be on your list!

Birthday Discount

As of 2022, Medieval Times Arizona does provide special offers & birthday discounts on tickets & events. However, it’s not totally free to get tickets to the show on your birthday.

To get your birthday discount and surprise deals, you will first need to join the Queen’s Court which is nothing but signing up for Medieval Time Arizona’s email letter.

Once subscribed, you will get emails from Medieval Times occasionally, and especially on your birthday, you may receive your discount coupon code or any other special offer.

To sign up or subscribe, simply open on your browser and scroll down to the bottom to see the “Join The Queen’s Court” banner.

Previously, Medieval Times used to have a birthday fellowship program under which the birthday person gets free admission and a 4-course meal.

First Responder Discount

As of 2022, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament gives a flat discount of $18 on adult tickets to all first responders including firefighters, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement officers, etc.

So, if you are a first responder, you can simply verify your ID to buy tickets for just $47.95. However, there will be additional charges added on the checkout page.

A tax of $3.86 and a processing fee of $2 will be levied per ticket. Overall, with a first responder discount, you can get a ticket online at $53.81.

Celebration Package

The Medieval Times Scottsdale Celebration Package is the perfect way to experience a medieval feast and tournament. Guests will enjoy a four-course meal while watching a live tournament of knights. The package also includes group seating, so guests can cheer on their favorite knight.

The types of celebration packages at Medieval Times Scottsdale vary depending on what you are looking for.

  1. The Dinner & Tournament Package is perfect for those who want to experience the tournament and feast.
  2. The Joust Package is great for groups who want to cheer on their favorite knight with a group photo and banner.
  3. The Party Package includes everything from the Dinner & Tournament Package, plus a slice of cake and frozen slushie in a souvenir cup.
  4. The Knight’s Banquet Package is perfect for those who want to experience the tournament and feast with upgraded arena seating and a VIP lanyard.
  5. The Noble Fare Package includes everything from the Knight’s Banquet Package, plus two well cocktails, beer, wine, soda, or slushie.
  6. The Crown Jewel Package is the ultimate package and includes everything from the Noble Fare Package, plus a Hurricane souvenir glass and a bottle of water at your seat.

No matter which package you choose, the Medieval Times Scottsdale Celebration Package is the perfect way to experience a medieval feast and tournament.

So, if you are a corporate group, school group, or just a group of friends looking for a unique and exciting experience, the Medieval Times Scottsdale Celebration Package is the perfect choice for you.

Costco Discount Tickets

As of 2022, Costco doesn’t sell Medieval Times Arizona discount tickets. So, the best deal you can get on your admission right now is this –

Neither Costco warehouses nor the Costco Travel website has discounted tickets for Medieval Times in Scottsdale, Arizona.

However, call your local Costco store or the warehouses in Arizona and ask whether they carry Medieval Times tickets or coupons and if yes, ask how much they are!

Not only in the U.S. but Costco stores in Toronto and all of Canada also don’t sell Medieval Times entry passes.

FAQs About Medieval Times

Planning a visit to Medieval Times? You may have questions about what to expect. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How can I get to Medieval Times for free?

You can expect to get a free admission ticket from Medieval Times on your birthday. First, sign up for the Queen’s Court email letter to be able to receive special birthday offers & deals on your special day.

How much does it cost to go to Medieval Times in Scottsdale?

At the gate, it costs you $65.95 to purchase an adult entry ticket to Medieval Times in Scottsdale. Anyone who is 13 years old and over needs to buy an adult admission pass to go to the dinner show. For children (12 and under), the tickets are priced at $43.84 as of 2022. But, you can buy cheap tickets online through aRes Travel.

How do I avoid processing fees at Medieval Times?

You can avoid paying the processing fees and tax of $9.02 per ticket by purchasing tickets from authorized ticket sellers like aRes Travel.

How do you get the best deal at Medieval Times?

In order to get the best deal at Medieval Times, purchase tickets via DifferenceWalla which is an affiliate of aRes Travel. As of 2022, you can get adult tickets at just $51 and child tickets at just $40. This is currently the best deal available in the market online. Remember that best deals are found only online and not at the gate.

How much should I tip at Medieval Times?

$2 is considered a good tip at Medieval Times. However, tipping is not mandatory. So, tip your server based on his/her service/attitude.

How early should you arrive at Medieval Times?

Being 1-hour early is recommended to avoid the rush at Medieval Times. So, for example, if your show is scheduled for 7 PM, you can enter the gate as early as 6 PM.

What do you wear to a Medieval Times dinner?

The appropriate attire for a Medieval Times dinner is casual clothing and there’s no dress code for guests. You should wear whatever you’re comfortable in. So, whether you want to dress up in a costume or keep it simple, you’ll fit right in.


Currently, you can get discount tickets here on DifferenceWalla for as low as $51 per adult and just $40 per child. It’s cheap to buy tickets online rather than purchasing at the gate where each pass costs you around $65.95. So, buying from authorized ticket sellers like aRes Travel will save you up to $14 per ticket on admission.