Phoenix Zoo General Admission: Purchase Discount Tickets Now

Phoenix Zoo Discount Tickets: Are you looking for a fun and educational day out with your family? Then look no further than the Phoenix Zoo! The zoo offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of animals on display and a number of interactive exhibits.

The Phoenix Zoo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arizona. It opened in 1962 and is located in Papago Park in Phoenix. The zoo covers 125 acres and is home to more than 3,000 animals.

The zoo has four major themed areas: Arizona Trail, Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, and Children’s Trail. The zoo also has a number of exhibits, including Monkey Village, Harmony Farm, Desert Lives, Stingray Bay, and the Forest of Uco.

The Arizona Trail is a great way to learn about the state’s wildlife. The Africa Trail is home to a number of exotic animals, including lions, giraffes, and elephants. The Tropics Trail features a rainforest exhibit with monkeys, snakes, and other reptiles. The Children’s Trail is a great place for kids to learn about the zoo’s animals.

So, whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family or an educational experience, the Phoenix Zoo is the perfect place for you!

At the gate, tickets cost $29.95 for adults and $19.95 for children, but discounted tickets are available here. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Phoenix Zoo today!

How Much Are Phoenix Zoo Discount Tickets In 2022?

Looking to save on your next visit to the Phoenix Zoo? Discounted tickets are available here! As of 2022, regular admission tickets cost you $29.95 per adult and $19.95 per child at the gate.

However, you can buy discounted tickets here for just $25.95/adult and $17.95/child! So be sure to take advantage of this great deal and enjoy all that the Phoenix Zoo has to offer.

So, for each individual adult ticket, you save $4 on zoo admission by buying your tickets in advance here.

That’s a savings of almost 14%! And for each child’s ticket, you save $2.50, or nearly 13%. So bring the whole family and enjoy a day at the zoo while saving some money too.

General Ticket Rates

The gate prices of the Phoenix Zoo start at $19.95 and go as much as $29.95 which is a bit high considering the discounted online pricing.

Here’s the general ticket pricing table –

Phoenix Zoo At-The-Gate Pricing

Any person who is 14+ years old needs to purchase an adult ticket and children aged 3 to 13 will have to pay $19.95 to enter the zoo.

Kids aged under 2 are allowed for free and so, there’s no requirement for a ticket for them!

Discounted Pricing

DifferenceWalla has partnered with aRes Travel to offer discounted tickets to the Phoenix Zoo with which you can save at least $4 per ticket.

Here’s the discounted pricing table –

AdmissionDiscounted Price
Discount Phoenix Zoo Tickets Cost

These cheap tickets give you one-time access to the zoo on any operating day and are valid until August 14th, 2023.

So, once purchased, you can redeem them at the gate on any date you wish except on holidays. For example, Phoenix Zoo will remain closed on Christmas Day every year.

Phoenix Zoo Light Tickets

ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo is a separate ticketed special event that costs you $20 per person. However, you may get discounted tickets at just $17 per person on aRes Travel.

In case you have one of the zoo’s memberships, you will be eligible to buy discount tickets to this event at $16 per person.

Phoenix Zoo Membership

The Phoenix Zoo offers several different membership options to fit the needs of any family or individual.

The zoo is a great place to learn about and see wildlife up close, and with a membership, you can enjoy free admission to the zoo all year long.

Membership also entitles you to discounts on food, souvenirs, and other items throughout the park.

The Individual membership is perfect for those who want to enjoy the zoo solo or with a friend. For just $99 per year, you get free admission to the zoo during daytime hours, as well as access to member-only events and discounts.

The Individual Plus membership is ideal for couples or families with two adults. For $129 per year,2 adults (age 17+) can have unlimited access to the zoo on operating days throughout 2022.

There are also memberships available for families. The Family membership includes free admission for 2 adults and 4 children (ages 3-17) for $199 per year.

And the Family Plus membership includes free admission for 3 adults and 6 children (ages 3-16) for just $299 per year.

If you want to support the zoo and its many educational and conservation programs, you can become a Friend or Partner.

The Friend level starts at $500 per year and includes free admission for 2 adults, 2 one-time use daytime admission tickets, an appreciation night at ZooLights, and more.

For $1,000 per year, the Partner level provides all the benefits of the Friend level, plus 4 one-time use daytime admission tickets, a complimentary Discovery Tour annually, and more.

No matter which membership option you choose, you’ll be supporting the Phoenix Zoo and its commitment to wildlife conservation.

So come on down and enjoy all that the zoo has to offer.

Discount On Zoo Membership

Seniors, Military Personnel, and Students are eligible for a flat 20% discount on all types of memberships offered by the Phoenix Zoo.

You just need to carry your valid government-issued photo ID card in order to purchase discounted membership at the Zoo.

Military Discount

As of 2022, the Phoenix Zoo does give a military discount of $2 per ticket. So, if you are a member of the military active/retired, show your photo ID at the front gate to get the discount.

Please note that this military discount cannot be applied online on the official ticketing platform or on third-party authorized ticket sellers.

At the gate, general admission is usually priced at $29.95 per adult. So, as a military member, you can get the pass for as low as $27.95.

Student Discount

In 2022, students are eligible to get $2 off per ticket at the Phoenix Zoo ticket counter. Anyone who is aged between 14 and 59 with a valid student identification card is eligible for the student discount at the gate.

After the discount, students will get discount tickets at $27.95 per person at the gate. So, it’s not the best deal considering the discounted price available here on DifferenceWalla.

Senior Discount

60+ senior citizens get flat $2 off per ticket at Phoenix Zoo. You may have to carry an ID that proves your age.

Remember that this senior discount is not applicable online. Even though, with a $2 discount at the zoo’s gate, you still end up paying $27.95/ticket.

So, it’s best to buy cheap zoo tickets from DifferenceWalla at just $25.95. You will be saving $4 per ticket when you purchase here.

Member Discount Tickets

Phoenix Zoo members who have valid membership cards can buy tickets for their friends and family at a flat $5 off per ticket.

There will be a limit on how many guests each member can accompany and get a discount. Guests and members can enter the zoo early to purchase these discount entry passes.

Affiliate Zoo Or Aquarium Membership Discount

The Phoenix Zoo participates in the Reciprocal Program under which a member of an affiliate zoo or aquarium can get into the Phoenix Zoo at a very low cost.

As part of this program, a membership with an affiliate zoo will get you entry passes to the Phoenix Zoo for free or 50% off.

For example, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio is also a part of this Reciprocal Program. So, if you are a member of that zoo, you can enter Phoenix zoo at a reduced price.

Here’s the list of all zoos that participate in this discount program.

Costco Phoenix Zoo Tickets

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t carry Phoenix Zoo tickets at most of its warehouses as of 2022. However, you can contact your local Costco or the one that is nearest to the zoo in order to inquire about the availability of discounted Phoenix zoo tickets.

As Costco is known for its discount combo & bundled ticket deals, it’s common for you to think about purchasing Phoenix Zoo entry passes from the membership store.

What’s the fact is that Costco has started selling vacation packages for popular tourist destinations like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, etc on its official travel website called – Costco Travel.

So, you need to check out that portal for the latest deals on tickets to any theme park or zoo you would like to visit.

Arizona EBT Discount

Arizona state residents who participate in the EBT program are eligible to get $10 value Phoenix Zoo discounted tickets.

So, as per the Phoenix Zoo’s EBT Discount program, anyone who has a valid Arizona government-issued photo ID card and an EBT card with them can buy entry passes at just $10 each.

As a regular ticket costs you $29.95 at the gate or online on the official website, EBT participants will save $19.95 per ticket.

However, there’s a limit of 4 tickets per person.

So, a family of 4 adults can get admission to the zoo at just $40 while saving $79.80. This is an incredible deal anyone can get!

Please note that the EBT discount tickets will be available for purchase at the gate only on Sundays.

Fry’s Food Stores Phoenix Zoo Tickets

Fry’s Food Stores in and around Phoenix may have a stock of discounted Phoenix Zoo tickets. It’s best to call the nearest store ahead and ask whether they sell or not.

Sometimes, the store also sells these cheap passes online on its official portal So, check if there’s a better deal available!

Groupon Discount Passes

Another place to find great deals and discounts on zoo tickets is Groupon. As of now (August 2022), Groupon doesn’t have any ongoing offers for the Phoenix Zoo but, you should keep checking this page quite often to find the latest deals.

Group Discount

The Phoenix Zoo offers discounted rates to groups of 15+ members as of 2022. For example, school groups can buy passes at just $8 per person whereas schools offering special needs education for disabled students can get them at $6 per person.

If you are a normal group of people or a corporate group of 15 or more people, make a call to 602.914.4333 and talk to the sales team of the zoo about special rates.

Is Phoenix Zoo Worth Visiting?

Whether it is worth visiting the Phoenix Zoo or not is completely subjective, but it is generally considered to be a great place to visit, especially if you have children.

The zoo has a wide variety of animals, and the exhibits are well-maintained.

For example, the Africa Trail exhibit features a simulated safari, and the Arizona Trail exhibit showcases the state’s native animals.

As the general admission tickets are priced at $29.95 per adult, it is definitely not the cheapest option, but it is worth considering if you are looking for a fun and educational day out.

But, buying discount tickets at just $25.95 for adults and $17.95 for children ages 3-13, seniors 60+, and military personnel can make your trip to the Phoenix Zoo more affordable and budget-friendly.

FAQs About Phoenix Zoo

Visiting the Phoenix Zoo is a great way to spend time with family and friends while getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most amazing animals.

But before you go, there are a few things you should know so that you can make the most of your visit. Here are FAQs about Phoenix Zoo:

Is Phoenix Zoo Open?

Yes, as of 2022, Phoenix Zoo is open from June 1 through August 31 and September 1 through October 31.

What Time Does Phoenix Zoo Open?

Phoenix Zoo opens at 7 AM and closes at 1 PM (Monday through Sunday) during the June to August operating season. During this period, members can have 1-hour early access to the zoo (6 AM). From September 1, 2022, to October 31st, 2022, the zoo operates between 9 AM and 5 PM (Monday through Sunday) and members can enter as early as 8 AM.

Is Phoenix Zoo AZA Accredited?

Yes, Phoenix Zoo is AZA (Association Of Zoos & Aquariums) accredited through March 2023. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. So, this means that Phoenix Zoo meets or exceeds the AZA’s standards for animal care, veterinary medicine, education, conservation, and more.

Is Phoenix Zoo Ethical?

The Phoenix Zoo is ethical according to the standards set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Being ethical means that the zoo meets or exceeds the standards for animal care, conservation, and education. As the zoo creates a safe and enriching environment for the animals, it also educates visitors about the importance of conservation. So, overall, the Phoenix Zoo is an ethical place. You can learn more about the zoo’s ethical standards on their website.

Is Phoenix Zoo Membership Tax Deductible?

Yes, your Phoenix Zoo membership is 100% tax deductible. However, you can contact the zoo by sending an email to [email protected] in order to get to know what portion of your membership is tax-deductible.

Is Phoenix Zoo Dog Friendly?

Unfortunately, dogs (except for trained and vaccinated service animals) are not permitted inside the Zoo. So, if you’re looking to take your dog out with you, we recommend the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

What Animals Does The Phoenix Zoo Have?

As of 2022, the Phoenix Zoo is home to many animals like Asian elephants, Black Tailed Prairie Dog, Burrowing Owl, Cheetah, Coyote, Golden Eagle, Spotted-Necked Otter, Southwestern Widow Spider, Tarantulas, Three-Toed Box Turtle, White-Faced Saki Monkey, Wrinkled Hornbill, etc.

What Can I Bring To The Phoenix Zoo?

The Phoenix Zoo allows you to bring your own food, coolers, and ice chests. However, visitors cannot enter the park with alcohol, glass containers, cigarettes, fishing poles, hoverboards, pushed tricycles, bikes, knives, firearms, scooters, radios, whistles, blades, musical instruments, roller skates, hula hoops, selfie sticks, and toy weapons.

When Does Phoenix Zoo Lights Start?

The Phoenix Zoo ZooLights starts at 5:30 PM in the evening and ends at 10:30 PM. During these hours, you get to experience many animal sculptures and light shows.

Does Phoenix Zoo Membership Include ZooLights?

No, your Phoenix Zoo membership doesn’t include ZooLights. However, as a member, you will get an exclusive invitation to this special event. So, even members need to purchase a separate ZooLights ticket. But, supporting memberships like Friend, Partner, and Guardian Conservation Society come with member appreciation night at ZooLights.

What Is The Best Zoo In Phoenix?

The Phoenix Zoo is the best zoo in Phoenix. However, the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is a close second. So, if you’re looking for a great zoo experience, you really can’t go wrong with either of these two zoos. You may also want to check out the Desert Botanical Garden, which is a great place to see native plants and animals.

How Long Does The Phoenix Zoo Take?

The Phoenix Zoo is a large zoo, so it can take a few hours to see everything. However, if you only have a limited amount of time, you can still see the highlights in about 3 hours. So, if you’re short on time, don’t worry – you can still enjoy a great zoo experience. If you have more time, though, you can take your time and explore everything the Phoenix Zoo has to offer.