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Trader Joe’s Gift Cards: Where To Buy, List Of Stores That Sell, Availability

Purchasing Trader Joe’s Gift Cards: Gift cards are a convenient way to pay at retail/grocery stores. They are convenient because they allow the recipient to choose their own item or product to buy.

They can also be used for a wide variety of items, which means that the recipient is likely to find something they like.

Additionally, gift cards are often reloadable, which means that if the original card runs out of funds, the recipient can add more money to it.

Looking to buy a gift card? You can find gift cards for sale at a variety of retailers, or you can buy them online.

Read the gift card policy of the retailer before you buy to make sure that the card can be used in the store or online.

Generally, all retailers have a gift card policy to protect the consumer.

The policy will state what can be done with the gift card if it is lost or stolen, how to reload the card and expiry dates.

It is important to read the policy so that you understand what you are buying.

Wondering if the retail store in your neighborhood sells Trader Joe’s gift cards? Don’t worry! this article talks about everything you need to know!!

Who Sells Trader Joe’s Gift Cards?

As per Trader Joe’s Gift Card Policy in 2022, you can purchase the gift cards only in its physical stores. So, you won’t be able to buy them at any 3rd-party retail stores.

According to this policy, customers can only use the gift cards in the physical stores and not online.

So, if you are planning to send a TJ’s gift card to someone living far away from a store, it is not possible.

In fact, it’s waste of time as the recipient will not be able to use it.

The bottom line is that you can only purchase Trader Joe’s gift cards in its physical stores and not online.

Also, the recipients can only use them in the physical stores and not online.

There could be a few reasons for Trader Joe’s to have this policy. One reason might be that the company wants to avoid any potential fraud cases.

By having the gift cards only available in physical stores, it makes it harder for scammers to steal the gift card codes and use them online.

Another reason could be that Trader Joe’s wants to eliminate any potential problems with using them online.

However, one downside to this policy is that it might be harder for people who don’t live near a store to use the gift cards.

How To Purchase a Trader Joe’s Gift Card?

In order to buy a Trader Joe’s gift card –

  1. Find & visit a Trader Joe’s near you
  2. Go to the gift card section of the store
  3. Pick a gift card you want to buy
  4. Add any other items to your cart
  5. Go to the checkout counter
  6. Hand over the cash at the register
  7. Take the receipt

Don’t forget to ask a store associate about using your physical Trader Joe’s gift card. First, check the front and back of the wrapping to see any important details.

On the gift card, you will find the denomination, expiration date (if any), if it’s reloadable or not, and where you can use it to spend the money on it.

Can I use a Trader Joe’s gift card at any Trader Joe’s?

Yes, your Trader Joe’s gift card can be used as a payment method at any Trader Joe’s store.

So, for example, let’s say that you bought a $50 Trader Joe’s gift card at a store near you in Huntsville, Alabama.

Then, one day, you went on a trip to St.Petersburg in Florida. You can use that physical card to pay for shopping at a nearby Trader Joe’s without any issues.

So, your Trader Joe’s gift card is valid for use at any other Trader Joe’s store in the United States.

Can I send a Trader Joe’s gift card online?

As of 2022, Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer e-gift cards. So, you cannot send a Trader Joe’s gift card online to yourself or friends/family.

Trader Joe’s gift cards are available only in the physical format currently.

Even if you purchased a Trader Joe’s gift card online on stores like eBay, Gift Card Granny, etc., those cannot be redeemed online or in-store.

Trader Joe’s honors only physical gift cards that were issued to you by itself. So, if a third party is selling Trader Joe’s gift cards online or in-store, those are fake/invalid.

Can I get a Trader Joe’s gift card at CVS?

No, CVS Pharmacy doesn’t sell Trader Joe’s gift cards. The only place to purchase a Trader Joe’s gift card is Trader Joe’s itself.

If you are at a CVS for shopping and searching for a Trader Joe’s gift card, you are just wasting your time looking for something that isn’t available.

I’d like you to make a Google search for “Trader Joe’s Near Me” to find and visit a Trader Joe’s location nearby.

Stores That Don’t Sell Trader Joe’s Gift Cards

List of places where you can’t buy Trader Joe’s gift cards –

These are some popular retailers that don’t carry Trader Joe’s gift cards. So, if you are in need of a Trader Joe’s gift card, just visit your local Trader Joe’s store.


Trader Joe’s gift cards are available to buy at all Trader Joe’s stores across the United States. The grocery chain doesn’t sell its gift cards online and also, you won’t find them at any other third-party retailers including Amazon and Walmart. If you want to purchase a Trader Joe’s gift card, you just have the option to buy a physical card and not an e-gift card. The denominations of Trader Joe’s gift cards can vary from store to store.