Gift Cards Sold At Publix: List, Availability, Denominations

Gift Cards At Publix: Looking to buy a gift card for someone? Look no further than your local Publix store!

The supermarket chain sells a variety of gift cards from popular brands, as well as its own gift cards.

Gift cards purchased at Publix generally don’t have any additional fees associated with them. However, prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards may have an activation fee.

Publix also sells several gift cards online on its official store – You can purchase them either with your credit card or debit card.

In-store purchases can be made with almost all major forms of payment, including cash, cards, and checks.

But, remember that, as of 2022, Publix only accepts personal checks and payroll checks as a form of payment method.

Keep on reading to find out the list of gift cards brands available at Publix stores under several categories including Entertainment, Food & Restaurants, Travel & attractions, automotive, etc

What Gift Cards Does Publix Sell?

Publix sells third-party gift cards in denominations of $10 to $50. However, the amount of the gift card will vary by brand.

You can ask the customer service desk about any specific brand gift cards and their availability.

In the case of Publix gift cards, the denominations range from $5 to $500. But, again, this may vary depending on the store.

So, be sure to inquire about specific gift card denominations at your local store in advance by calling the customer care number.

Here’s a list of gift cards sold at Publix:

Travel Gift Cards

List of travel/attraction gift cards at Publix –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
Universal Studios$10 to $500
Disney$15 to $1000
Uber$25 to $50
Seaworld$5 to $500

These are the 3 attraction, theme/amusement park brands’ gift cards available at Publix. Uber is the only travel brand that is currently being sold (at the time of writing).

Food & Restaurant Gift Cards

These restaurants’ gift cards are sold at Publix –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
IHOP$5 to $50
Pizza Hut$10 to $100
Subway$5 to $100
Wendy’s$25 to $50
Applebee’s$10 to $500
Cheddar’s Scratch KitchenVaries
Bahama Breeze$10 to $100
LongHorn Steakhouse$25 to $150
Cracker Barrel$25 to $50
TGI Fridays$25 to $50
Starbucks$15 to $50
Texas Roadhouse$10 to $100
Chili’s$25 to $75
Domino’s$15 to $100
The Cheesecake Factory$10 to $100
Quiznos$25 to $75
Taco Bell$5 to $500
Panera$50 to $100
Darden Restaurants$10 to $50
McDonald’s$5 to $50
Dairy Queen$10 to $25
Papa John’s$10 to $100
Panda Express$10 to $100
P.F. Chang’s$5 to $500
Coldstone Creamery$5 to $250
Joe’s Crab Shack$20 to $200
Hooters$25 to $250
Olive Garden$25 to $1000
Bonefish Grill$20 to $250
Bob Evans$10 to $250
30 food & restaurant gift cards sold at Publix

Mobile Networks Gift Cards

List includes –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
Virgin Mobile$10 to $50
Verizon$5 to $250
T-Mobile$10 to $50
3 mobile network brands’ gift cards sold at Publix

Gaming Gift Cards

List of gaming brands’ gift cards –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
PlayStation$10 to $100
Google Play$10 to $50
Xbox Live$10 to $50
GameStop$15 to $500
Xbox$5 to $50
Apple App Store$10 to $500
6 gaming brands’ gift cards sold at Publix

Automotive Gift Cards

List of automotive brands’ gift cards available at Publix –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
Shell$10 to $50
Chevron$15 to $50
Texaco$10 to $100
ExxonMobil$25 to $100
5 automotive brands’ gift cards sold at Publix

Entertainment Gift Cards

List of entertainment gift card brands at Publix –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
Regal Theatres$25 to $100
iTunes$15 to $100
AMC$15 to $50
3 entertainment brands’ gift cards sold at Publix

Prepaid Gift Cards

List of prepaid gift cards sold at Publix –

Gift Card BrandAvailable DenominationsActivation Fees
Visa$10 to $250$3 to $6
Mastercard$10 to $500$3 to $6
Publix sells Visa & Mastercard gift cards

Other Retail Stores’ Gift Cards

List of third-party retail stores’ gift cards Publix sells –

Gift Card BrandAvailable Denominations
Target$10 to $200
Amazon$15 to $100
Crate & Barrel$10 to $500
Nordstrom$25 to $500
Lowe’s$10 to $100
T.J. Maxx$10 to $500
Macy’s$10 to $1000
Best Buy$10 to $100
Justice$20 to $500
Barnes & Noble$10 to $350
eBay$25 to $200
Bass Pro Shops$20 to $500
Kohl’s$10 to $100
Old Navy$5 to $200
HomeGoods$10 to $250
Marshalls$10 to $200
Bed Bath & Beyond$25 to $200
The Children’s Place$10 to $200
18 third-party retail stores’ gift cards available at Publix

Does Publix Sell Walmart gift cards?

No, unfortunately, Publix doesn’t sell Walmart gift cards. You can buy physical cards directly at a Walmart near you or a Walmart eGift card on the brand’s online store.

In fact, you cannot buy Walmart gift cards at any other third-party retailer including Amazon. Because, Walmart exclusively sells them only at its stores.

Does Publix sell 7-eleven gift cards?

No, Publix doesn’t carry 7-11 gift cards.

7-Eleven gift cards can be bought at a nearby 7-11 store or online on

Gift Cards Not Available At Publix

Publix doesn’t sell gift cards of Costco, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Wawa, Meijer, Lyft, CVS Pharmacy, Safeway, JCPenney, Grubhub, Ross, H&M, and Pottery Barn.


Publix does sell gift cards of several third-party brands besides its own-brand gift cards. You can find gift cards of amounts ranging from $5 to $50 usually at Publix stores but the availability of these denominations varies from store to store.