Check Cashing Harris Teeter

Does Harris Teeter Cash Checks? (Policy, Types, Limits, Writing A Check)

Harris Teeter Check Cashing Policy: Supermarket chains like Harris Teeter have a check cashing policy in place.

This policy is basically a set of rules that customers must follow when cashing checks at their grocery stores.

Generally, the policy dictates how much a customer can cash and what types of checks are accepted.

A check cashing policy typically imposes a limit on the amount of money that can be cashed at any one time.

However, some retailers may not cash checks at all, while others may only cash personal checks.

Supermarket chains that do cash checks typically charge a fee for the service that varies with the check type, the amount involved, and also the state where you live.

If you live near a Harris Teeter, you must probably be wondering what their check cashing policy is.

Keep on reading to find out if Harris Teeter cashes checks and if so, how much they charge, the types of checks they cash, can you use checks to pay for groceries, and a more detailed review of the store’s check cashing policy.

Does Harris Teeter Cash Checks?

As of 2022, Harris Teeter does not cash checks. However, as per its check-cashing policy, the store’s employees can cash their payroll checks.

So, if you’re looking to cash a check, Harris Teeter may not be the best place to go. Try a local bank or another grocery store that cashes your personal check or payroll check or government check.

In case you are a Harris Teeter employee, you can cash your payroll check at any of the store’s locations.

The policy is subject to change, so be sure to check the Harris Teeter website or contact customer service for the latest information.

Contact a store associate working at your local Harris Teeter for more information regarding the store’s check-cashing policy.

Harris Teeter Check Cashing Policy

This table helps you get an idea about Harris Teeter’s Check Cashing Policy In 2022 –

Check Cashing For CustomersNot Offered
Check Cashing For EmployeesAvailable
Types of Checks CashedPayroll Only
Cashable LimitFull Salary
Paying With ChecksAccepted
Cash Back With ChecksUp to $25
Harris Teeter Check Cashing Policy

So, basically, Harris Teeter doesn’t allow its customers to cash their checks at its stores. But, its employees can cash their payroll checks.

There is no limit on how much that can be cashed as employees can take their weekly or biweekly or monthly wage as a whole.

Types Of Checks

At Harris Teeter, you cannot cash –

  1. Personal Checks
  2. Third-party Checks
  3. Payroll Checks (customers)
  4. Stimulus Checks
  5. Tax Refund Checks
  6. Cashier’s Checks
  7. Two-party Checks
  8. Government Checks

You cannot cash any of these checks at a Harris Teeter near you. So, it’s best to visit a cheap check-cashing place like Walmart, Kmart, Food Lion, etc.

Paying With Checks

Fortunately, as of 2022, Harris Teeter accepts checks as a form of payment method.

So, you can buy groceries and prescription products at Harris Teeter Pharmacy stores using your personal check.

As per Harris Teeter Check cashing policy, customers will be able to pay with their personal checks for purchasing anything from the store.

Check Verification

Although cashing checks is not possible at Harris Teeter, you can still use your personal check to pay for shopping there.

When you try to pay with a check, Harris Teeter will run it through its third-party check verification system (maybe Certegy or TeleCheck) in order to verify its validity.

After verification, if it’s not a bad check, the cashier will take the check and hand over the remaining amount after the payment.

So, you can simply write a check to Harris Teeter for making a payment at the register!

Just don’t forget to carry your driver’s license as the store may ask you for any government-issued photo ID.

Cash Back

Want some cash on hand? Don’t want to pay the surcharge & withdrawal fee at an ATM? Harris Teeter is always an option you have!

As of 2022, Harris Teeter does do cash back when you pay with debit cards and checks. If it’s a personal check you’re paying with, you will be eligible for a cash back of up to $25.

For example, let’s say that you added items worth $75 to your shopping cart. You can write a check to Harris Teeter for $100.

The cashier will cut the $75 from the check and give the extra $25 to you in the form of cash!

That’s it! This is how you can get cash back at Harris Teeter with a personal check.

Ask the cashier about all types of checks that Harris Teeter takes, just in case you have a payroll check or stimulus check, or any other government check on hand!

Stimulus Checks

As per Harris Teeter’s Check Cashing Policy, customers are not allowed to cash their stimulus checks. But, there is an exception for VIC members.

VIC is a Harris Teeter loyalty program that you can sign up for and get a VIC card with which you can get low-price alerts, and coupons that can be used at the time of in-store payments.

VIC cardholders are eligible to cash their stimulus checks for free at the nearest Harris Teeter location.

So, if you’re not already a member, sign up for VIC and e-VIC benefits on the official website of Harris Teeter.


At Harris Teeter, normal customers cannot cash checks whereas the company’s employees are eligible to do so. And also, VIC cardholders are an exception from this check cashing policy as they are allowed to cash stimulus checks. As per the current check-cashing policy at Harris Teeter, you will be able to write your personal check to make a payment while shopping at its stores and get maximum cash back of $25.