Publix Cash Back: Can you get cash back at Publix? (3 Payment Options)

Cash Back At Publix: ATMs are not the only way to get cash. Many grocery stores offer a cash back option with purchases.

The POS will ask you how much cash back you want and then it will print a receipt for the cashier to give to you.

Then, take the receipt to the cashier and they will give you the cash. Wondering if Publix offers cash back?

Keep on reading this article to find out Publix cash back policy, limits, and payment options with which you can avail the service at a Publix near you!

Does Publix Do Cash Back?

As of 2022, Publix offers cash back to its customers. According to Publix’s cash back policy, its customers can get cash back by paying with debit cards and checks.

The policy allows for a maximum cash back of $100 per day. This limit varies depending on the store and also the type of purchase.

For example, credit card purchases are not eligible for cash back at Publix.

So, it’s best to pay with a debit card or check when you want to get cash back when shopping at Publix stores.

You must contact a customer service representative at your local Publix store if you want to know the exact cash back limit and payment options available.

Because, the cash back policy of Publix may vary from store to store!

Some stores may have a higher limit for cash back, and some stores may only offer cash back when you use a debit card.

So, it is best to contact your local Publix store if you have any specific questions about the cash back policy.


In order to get cash back, you can visit a Publix near you at any time between 7 AM and 10 PM Monday through Sunday.

So, during business hours, Publix does cash back. Remember that the actual opening and closing hours may differ from location to location.


To get cash back at a Publix near you –

  1. First, find & visit a nearby Publix.
  2. Add items to your cart as usual.
  3. Then, when you go to pay, choose to use your debit card.
  4. The POS will ask if you want cash back; click yes.
  5. Select an amount, or type in how much you want.
  6. Get your cash back from the cashier, or it will come out of the machine if using self-checkout.

This is a very easy way to get some extra cash on hand, and there’s no need to worry about store credit or loyalty cards. Just be sure you have your debit card with you!

Many people forget that they can get cash back at the grocery store, so be sure to keep this in mind the next time you go shopping.

Publix is a great option because it tends to have lower prices than some of the other big chains.

You can shop for groceries, get cash back, and save money – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Payment Options

Publix accepts debit cards, credit cards, and some checks as a form of payment method. However, only debit cards and personal checks can be used to get cash back.

Credit cards are not an accepted form of payment method for cash back at Publix. Even Discover Cards cannot be used for getting money back!

You can also make contactless payments at Publix using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

You will still be eligible for cash back when you pay using a debit card that is attached to your digital wallet/mobile wallet.

Cash Back Limit

Cash back limit at Publix is as follows –

Payment MethodCash Back Limit
Debit Card$100
Personal Check$25
Apple Pay$100
Google Pay$100
Samsung Pay$100
Table Representing The Publix Cash Back Limits On Different Payment Methods

Remember that the cash back policy of Publix differs from store to store. So, it’s likely that you may find a Publix location offering less cash back than what is mentioned here.

And also, the cash availability in a store is a deciding factor for cash back limit. So, this limit may be increased or decreased as per the availability from time to time.

Some Publix stores offer a maximum of $50 cash back whereas some big stores can be seen providing up to $100 cash back on grocery purchases using eligible payment forms.

Debit Cards

Using a debit card to pay at Publix? You are eligible for getting a cash back of up to $100 on your purchase.

All you need to do is swipe your card and choose the cash back option at the register.

The POS machine will ask you if you want to receive cash back, and then it will ask how much you’d like to get.

At Publix, you can also get cash back at the self-checkout if the store has them.

In order to use a self-checkout machine, scan all of the items you are purchasing and then choose “Get Cash Back” on the final screen.

You will then be prompted to enter your PIN. After that, you can choose how much cash back you’d like to receive.

Remember that not all debit cards are eligible for cash back. Be sure to check with your local Publix to see if your card is eligible.

Generally, most popular debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.

Credit Cards

Publix’s cash back policy doesn’t let customers get cash back when they pay using a credit card. In fact, many retailers don’t accept credit cards for cash back.

However, you can check with a Publix store associate to know if the store takes any particular credit card type.

For example, some grocery stores take Discover Card and offer cash back. So, it’s best if you ask about the same in person or call the store in advance.


Have a personal check you want to use to get cash back at Publix? Publix requires a valid government ID such as your passport or driver’s license to accept the check.

Only then, can you write your check at Publix to pay for your groceries – just make sure to include the amount of cash you’d like to receive in addition to the total of your order.

Don’t forget, there’s a $25 limit on how much cash back you can get at Publix with a personal check.

So, for example, let’s say that you are buying groceries worth $100, and you want to get $25 back in cash. You would need to write a check for $125.

The cashier will give you the cash once they have verified that the check is valid. Take the cash and receipt and you’re done!

Cash Back Fees

As per its cash back policy, Publix doesn’t charge any fee on cash back. So, it’s one of the best ways to get cash to get rid of ATM fees.

Without paying any additional fee, you can get $50 or $100 cash back or any other denomination like $5, $10, $20, up to $100 at Publix when you purchase groceries.

Cash Back Minimum

Publix doesn’t have a minimum limit on cash back. So, just ask the cashier for any amount of cash (up to $100) when you pay with a debit card or check.

Cash back minimum is the least amount you can get as part of Publix’s cash back program. As there is no such limit, you can enter the required amount (on POS) or ask the cashier.

However, some Publix stores may have a set minimum & maximum cash back limits. So, it’s better to speak with a store associate for more info.

Apple Pay

Publix allows you to get cash back using Apple Pay. However, the payment should be made through a debit card attached to your Apple Pay wallet account.

Generally, you may have a credit card added to your Apple Pay account.

In such a case, when you try to make the payment via NFS or contactless, the cash back option will not be shown to you.

Even if the cash back option is available & you select it, the transaction may get declined as you are trying to pay using a credit card.

Only debit cards can be used to pay for groceries for cash back at Publix and this rule applies to all contactless options including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Other Stores

Besides Publix, you can get cash back at –

These are the stores you can head to instead of ATMs (to avoid paying a withdrawal fee) if you need cash urgently!


In short, Publix has a cash back policy that makes customers eligible for getting a cash back of up to a maximum of $100 when they use a debit card to purchase groceries. People can also use checks to get cash back but the limit is set to $25. Publix stores don’t charge any additional fee when you opt for cash back and there is no minimum limit.